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Backup: It really should be easy

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Bit more than that...

If you follow the letter of the Microsoft Licensing bit, and are paying the better part of 7-800 quid for a CRM and SQL license per seat, you're looking at £35-40,000 in licensing costs for 50 users, and that's before you factor in the development time and hardware. Then the cloudy version starts making a bit of sense. Robbing bastards either way though!

BOFH: The poncy director's cut

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http://www.askoxford.com/asktheexperts/faq/aboutgrammar/oriented says:

Which is the correct spelling: 'oriented' or 'orientated'?

It really doesn't matter: it's a matter of personal taste. Orientated is currently preferred use in general British use. Oriented is prevalent in technical use, and in the US.

Our University lecturers used to get really round up about that!

Android app puts signs where they should be

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Paris Hilton

Well I wonder...

...if this can / will be supplied with an on-screen suction cup for the iPhone / Android, like every satnav has now. It's not like you'll frequently change your route after you've set off and the video says you can voice command it, although I know how reliable that can be from Windows Mobile :(

Mind you, a suction cup is quite difficult to download so you'll still get the odd cheapskate moron ploughing through the pedestrians using this in the handheld style regardless, I suppose... and if it's as pants in the UK as the Avangelist says it'll probably have those arrows pointing the wrong way up one way streets and all sorts.

I believe Paris has been well mapped though...