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Tories will scrap 'pre-crime' vetting


Penally Unsocial!

Surely anyone opposing such measures would by definition be exhibiting 'strong anti-social beliefs' and therefore be guilty of 'pre-crime'???

Opposing the government should surely be subject to antisocial behavior orders??

As Tony Blair would have said, you can't get much more antisocial than attacking the government, now can you?

Try to only think goodthoughts and support your government in their efforts to make you less unsocial.

Parallels unfurls desktop virt for Windows, Linux

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Parallels suffers from upgrade-itus

My experiences with Parallels on the Mac have been less than satisfactory.

Upgrading an Ubuntu VM to 9.04 caused it to become unuseable; apparently the way that Parallels virtualises the video hardware is rather shoddy. New versions of xorg can cause it serious problems. This has been an ongoing problem for Parallels.

I've heard that Parallels *still* doesn't have support for Ubuntu 9.04.

We changed to Virtualbox which is already cross-platform; OSX, Linux, Windows. It works a treat and its free, even for corporate users (provided that its not mass-deployed).

Oh and it seems to be somewhat tricky to get off of Parallels spam^H^H^H^Hmailing list...