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Windows 10 makes big gains at home, lags at work

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2 issues

There are two main issues.

1. A small, but not insignificant, number of upgrades go south. I've not had problems with machines that ship with 10, but I've had fix more upgrades than I would've expected.

2. Respect. Show some Microsoft. I, my company, or clients paid good money for the existing computers and we are relying on them to get things done. Nag a little - that's OK. But what [blankty] [blank] [blank] you [blankers] at some point Repect the fact that I (or the client) have chosen to decline the free up grade for a good reason - or bad - and the problems with having an old OS are on me. It could be inertia, liking the look of Win7, or it could be an office full of machines that have to connect to an application that requires IE-10 or lower. I might already be [blanked] off at the application vendor who still has no timetable for getting off IE-10 when you decide to it's a fine time to nag me YET AGAIN while getting sneaker and more insistent, making hate not so much Win10 as Win10Upgrade badgering ...and leaving me no choice but to go rant on el reg.

Evil NSA runs on saintly Linux, Apache, MySQL

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Add a fifth freedom

4. freedoms 0-3 are not to be used to deprived persons of Freedom

SPICEWORKS FAIL: Are we ready for ‘social’ network administration?

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Can I have bigger all caps for my WTF please

Even if the security flaw didn't exist, why would unrelated third party logins ever be allowed for admin access?? particularly this kind of admin access???

There is so much Fail in just the _concept_ of what Spiceworks implemented.

My opinion of Spiceworks has been quite high, however, as I have reflected on this debacle I realise the greater part of this is the community of knowledgeable, helpful members.

Google sells .car, walks away from generic domain names

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It feels like gTLD is the new version of the 90s domain name land rush. Register on an impulse first, ask questions about the usefulness later - .phd was contested? Seriously?

Verizon: FINE OK, you can now rid your life of our stalker supercookies

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While the reps do not know what an UIDH is, they are equally appalled.

After explaining what it was and why I wanted to opt out, the conversation basically went like this:

"For ALL Verizon phones?"

"How do I check my phone?"

"Can you hang on a moment..."

"HEY!! Oh my! Please hold sir, I will find out how turn this off"

She fixed it for both of us

Zombie SCO shuffles back into court seeking IBM Linux cash

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Re: RE: It's April 1st somewhere.

Nuke it form orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

Smartphones merge into homogeneous mass as 'flagship fatigue' bites

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While it does feel like smartphones have moved into the "late Pentium" stage...

How does :

>Even Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone 6 exhibited the dreaded “flagship fatigue”: although sales >were up, the uptick was nothing like as great as in previous years.

Square with having hoovered up more money in a quarter than any company before?

I'm happy to believe it's going to be a different story next quarter, but right now it seems to be at odds.

Hey, America. Canada's watchdog just slapped net neutrality rules on wireless internet

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No invading foreign countries and 5 hours of good television?!

- where do I signup?

ps. Please put no snooping on the todo list, get that done and you're golden.

Free Windows 10 could mean the END for Microsoft and the PC biz

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How did one of my clients find El Reg?!?!

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Re: WTF.....- "supported lifetime"

^ This ^

Microsoft may have decided that they need a short term give away to make more money long term.

However, they have such a history of squeezing every last penny out our budgets that it's hard not to ask what the catch is. If people are suspicious of a Microsoft give away, it's only because they have conditioned us to be.

That said, I'm hoping this is as good a deal as it is presented.

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Re: WTF.....

1. I think you are correct.

B. Microsoft worked very long and hard to earn my dislike. One hand on the wallet until both shoes have dropped.

DoJ's extra-territorial data demands: now Ireland is baulking

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Re: Surprisingly Late To The Party?

> Ireland is NOT a US state

You may find that's at odds with American World View™

You CAN'T bust into our login app's password vault, insists Roboform

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Re: Cloud = No

Have you tried 1Password? Would it fit your needs?

It has a lot of features and OSs covered - though it's not cheap (but is frequently on sale)

Microsoft's anti-malware crusade knackers '4 MILLION' No-IP users

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I would've thought Microsoft could understand having a product that's the victim malware abuse.

DOCX disaster recovery: How I rescued my wife from XM-HELL

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All Worthwhile

The rate of reading comprehension on this article amazes me, and provoked you to the above post.

However, for me it was all worthwhile for that last line.

So much laughter here.

Ta, Trevor!

Redmond is patching Windows 8 but NOT Windows 7, say security bods

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If that's the treatment Windows 7 gets, I wonder how the unloved Windows Vista fares.

We still have machines to support that are running Vista.

Charity: Ta for the free Win 8.1, Microsoft – we'll use it to install Win 7

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Re: I love the comment here.

I will counter your anecdotal findings with my own.

In the last 3 months of WinXP replacements we had to OK to put in just 2 (two!) Win8 machines, and that was because they wanted lightweight ThinkPad Yogas. They also requested to have them boot to desktop - not the most ringing endorsement of Tiles.

Win8 may not be as bad people believe, from where I sit however, people are avoiding it.

Your files held hostage by CryptoDefense? Don't pay up! The decryption key is on your hard drive

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This is exactly right.

I've seen CryptoLocker; it's network aware. It got all of the user's files, plus all the files on shares the user had rights to.

Spooks vs boffins: MIT bods say they've created PRISM-proof encryption

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There is much to say on this, but...

let me say how great the headline is :)

Spooks vs Boffins

+1 El Reg

Tornado-chasing stealth Batmobile set to invade killer vortices

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Not nearly as exciting...

Wouldn't some sort of RC camera/instrument drone be the thing to build today?

It could still be controlled from the Tornadomaster 9000 van for maximum social badassness, and emergency "oh, crap, it's headed straight for us" use.

Apple fanbois DENIED: Mac Pro deliveries stalled until April

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"That's no dustbin, ..."

FWIW company I work for ordered one in late December, it arrived last week.

It looks like a small, though roundish, monolith from 2001. The setup instructions even have a step for opening it to look at the insides before hooking up the cables. +1 geek. Pretty cool, but then I'm not the one out of pocket for it. Love it or hate it; either way it's not boring.

They've taken my storage hostage ... now what?

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Been there...

About two weeks ago I was called in to consult* on a cryptolocker infection.

It was ugly, like Trevor describes, users with local and network share files. All encrypted because it's network aware. They were running two daily backups, but just overwriting and no off-site media. Both backups had run and only had the encrypted versions. We turned up a 14 month old copy of the data from when a new server was put it. It was hard to tell the owner that was the best that could be done, and he took it pretty well - probably already knew.

*confirm their existing/former IT vendor's verdict.

Amazon yoinks Dora and SpongeBob from Netflix for MEELLLIONS

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While I agree with you, let me say...

Hey Swiper! No swiping!!

Smartphone and tablet displays: Reg readers weigh in

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You lose 60 to that darn Apple tax...

P2P badboys The Pirate Bay kicked out of Greenland: Took under 48 hours

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Maybe they could locate in an "anarcho-syndicalist commune"

...if approved by the Executive Officer of the Week.

Would that be .mp?

Foxconn's revenue down on slowing iPad, iPhone sales

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Thumb Up

Re: Let's think about this

Yes! This is a more coherent version of my thoughts while reading the article.

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Re: Can Apple really be 60-70% of Foxconn's revenue??


DougS' comment is on target.

With PC shipments falling off a cliff, why jump to blame iPads and iPhones?

GoPro accused of using DMCA to take down product review

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Grasping at straw

When you do something stupid, then make a transparently bogus claim you were trying to do something different yet stupid -

you go from looking stupid to looking an arse.

Bromium launches security-through-virtualisation tech in the UK

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$ £ € ¥

The price of the product seems to be of the "if you have to ask..." level.


Outages plague Hotmail and Outlook users

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Re: Any coicidence here that yesterday was patch tuesday

If there is any justice in the world; I so hope you are right!

GoDaddy gone, daddy: Websites go titsup in server assault

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Given the general thrust of their marketing, I'm surprised GoDaddy doesn't go down more often!

Dalek designer Ray Cusick passes away aged 84

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Thanks, Mr. Cusick

for adding so much to my world

Intel releases source code for NAS test app

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Re: apparently

I hadn't heard of either one, but IOzone looks very interesting.

Thanks for the link.

Ballmer's lightened pay packet is the least of his problems

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Windows Meh-ight

I work with small businesses, and the upgrade to Win7 is just under way with 64bit snags. A lot of small shops run their business on some little db app.

If it's QuickBooks, the pain is reduced as Inuit wants you to buy a new version each year anyway.

But if it is a application targeted toward managing something like a law office, veterinary practice, etc. I can tell you it's very common for the application hasn't been ported to 64-bit yet or the owner hasn't ponied up for the new major point upgrade. With the economy in neutral, expenditures are conservative in small businesses.

Beyond that, the end users really, really dislike change. Even the minor changes to Office '7-10 or Win7 get push back. Mostly these people don't want to screw something up because they're unsure of proper new way to do an old task. Some of it is also frustration at just wanting to get their work done. Once they get it sorted, it's OK - but, when picking the replacement I am usually told to get the old familiar not the new hotness.

I don't have strong opinions on Win8. However, I am paid to make people productive. Neither me nor my bosses get paid to push new because it's new. If there isn't major advantage to the new version is will ramp up slowly. cf. WinXP. The consumer market may go crazy, but if I had to guess most of those people just want a tablet that's priced entry ipad or less right now.

More of Kim Dotcom's booty released by court

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It'll be interesting to see what comes from all of this.

Often by trying to eradicate something you end up with a new harder to kill variant.

... that pesky law of unintended consequences and evolution can be a PITA.

Google+ mission creep continues with Hangouts slotted into Gmail

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Re: A Crime to be Pro Google?

Some have data caps on more than just mobile.

> Default is to upload over wifi.

US flags from the 1970s SEEN ON MOON

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NASA faked the moon landings so completely they sent men to the moon to plant evidence the missions happened!

Atari turns 40: Pong, Pac-Man and a $500 gamble

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Re: Atari joysticks

The first time I rolled the score in Space Invaders the pain in my hand was getting pretty intense.

Robust, indeed, those joysticks logged a lot of time without fail. And while not the best ergonomically, I liked them much better than the Nintendo controllers that came later.

Cloud data fiasco forces bosses to break out the whiteboards

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Look what happened to dslreports. Bad luck can strike anyone.

New NASA snap of game developer's electric cart FOUND ON MOON

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Apollo sites shown

Actually, the LRO imagery of the Apollo sites is available and really interesting.

Get your conspiracy theory squashed here:


Android to pwn iPad market share by 2016

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Network Effects

OK this is about business and the opinions of those signing the checks. I don't know how important it will be in the tablet wars where the consumer market is more important, but I would think some of this think would carry over and makes me suspect IDC's predictions.

I was just part of customer facing tablet (iPad) deployment. Android was a non-starter. One of the reasons - The perception (or reality) is that accessory market is iPad. Not that there aren't accessories for Android tablets, but the breadth of options for the iPad is so much larger.

Additionally there is a belief that there is long term plan for where the iPad (software and hardware) is going. If we went with iPads there would support and upgrades. Replacing tablets in months down the road would be as easy as buy more iPads. Rightly or wrongly, Android tablets are viewed as the flavor of the month. Here today, gone tomorrow for any particular model. This could be a reflection of the Android mobile phone market.

Plus, the three letter Cxx executives admire what Apple has achieved as a business, and would like that successful themselves.

Eyes on stalks: ancient predator a real monster

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Death Prawn?

Why are Android anti-virus firms so slow to react on Carrier IQ?

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App running, but hiding itself...

If your anti-virus isn't giving a informational warning about this (at the very least), then what use is it?

No. Really!?


Regardless of the software's ultimate intent - It is HIDING itself.

I have a problem with that.

Bankers plot telco bypass for payments

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While the banks and telcos are squabbling with each other...

Apple will announce a new iPhone where Apple gets all the NFC transaction revenue, leaving banks and telcos only their existing fees.

(You may not like Apple, but wouldn't it be worth it to see bankers and telco execs cry?)

Notorious rootkit gets self-propagation powers

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Port 53

Kaspersky doesn't mention if TDSS is making the rogue outbound DNS connection on port 53.

If so then firewall rules whitelisting DNS servers will interrupt the dropper mechanism.

Though I wouldn't be surprised if this has been anticipated and they are using 80 like everything else that doesn't want to be filtered.

Oracle U-turns on Hudson open source control

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What's in a name

I had the director of one of my clients refuse the change (so far) because she thought the name LibreOffice sounded awful. If OpenOffice dies then it may be another story, but for now she feels that it easier to convince the general public (this is a public facing institution) that the replacement for Micrsoft is Open not Libre.

Legal goons threaten researcher for reporting security bug

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a) What compensation?

«Acidgen also provided suggestions for fixing the flaw»


b) What deadline?

«He also told the representatives he planned to disclose vulnerability details publicly once a patch was released.»

Russian Vostok capsule sells for $2.9m

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Zvezdochka survived! Fasicating history of dogs in the Soviet space program here:


(standard wikipedia accuracy disclaimers apply)

I had to laugh at Bolik who ran away just before her flight.