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Ethernet standards for hyper-scale cloud networking


Re: Backup...

I don't think there is an immediate need for all targets to have fcoe ports. The switches support both fc and ethernet ports. So use the switch to convert for now. Fcoe is just encapsulation of FC frames so it isn't much work at all for the switches to convert between the 2 protocols.

IBM tunes up Java for z196 mainframes


Re: 24-31-64 bit

"The final push to 64 bit really hasn't happened yet (dispite what IBM says). its real tricky to get in and out of 64 bit execution. Dispite IBM's hullabaloo there are still areas( large) that just do not allow 64 bit addressing to work. One of my favorites (and talk about not getting it right) is IBM's ICF catalog"

You must be using the wrong operating system and applications ;) Just kidding.

It's really easy to make 31-bit or 64-bit applications on Linux. It's just a gcc flag. The current version of RHEL and SLES are 64-bit only kernels with compatibility libraries for 31-bit apps.


Re: 31 bit?

Actually everything is 32 bit. That leading bit in an address distinguishes between 31-bit and 24-bit mode. This makes compatibility really easy because all addresses have the mode encoded in them.

Sun's IBM-mainframe flower wilts under Oracle's hard gaze


Re: You're described SPARC iron to a tee

"IBM lock-in? You bet. I have a customer FORCED to buy a new multi-million dollar z10 mainframe because Big Blue is dropping support for their older version of z/VM on a z9 mainframe. I can find 11-year old Sun boxes that can still support the latest release of Solaris 10."

Please define "older" because z9 has z/VM support out 'til 2013:


IBM shows off Power7 HPC monster


Re: 10Gbit/s commodity ethernet switch

"Brenner said that the hub/switch module delivered a 1,128 GB/sec - that's bytes, not bits - in aggregate bandwidth."

"What is special about that? That's a commodity switch running ethernet IEEE 802.3ae with 10GBit/s."

What are you talking about? You'd need about 900 10 gig links to get 1,128 GB/sec of bandwidth.

Sun goes over Rainbow Falls


Kebabbert is so smart

"And besides, I wonder who is technically inept? As I said, I have a double Masters, one in comp sci in algo theory and discrete math, and one in math. Ive also tried to explain to you that a cache will never be able to fit in a server work load, to no avail. You STILL believe that the Power6 is able to fit in thousands of clients dataset + OS + kernel + what not into a 24MB cache?"

There are lots of engineers over at http://www.realworldtech.com/forums/index.cfm?action=list&roomid=2 You should dazzle them with your intelligence. There's a long thread about Power7.


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