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The Cube: Apple's daftest, strangest romance

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loved mine

it was as tricked-out as i could go without bending the case: the 32mb graphics card, 1.5GB RAM and a 1.4GHz powerlogix processor upgrade. it lasted me from christmas 2000 through to may 2009, when i finally bought an imac to replace it, and handed the old girl over to mum & dad to write emails on. 9 years of useable service is not too bad, even for an expensive initial outlay.

it's a shame it didn't quite get some of the advances apple made soon after: integrated bluetooth & better wifi to make it almost completely cable-less, for example. i'm sure that was in jobs' original plan.

Mac OS X Lion debuts in July as $29.99 upgrade

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oz tax

looking forward to paying AU$49.99 (currently US$53.66) for this $29.99 upgrade :/

Apple 'orders 12 petabytes of storage' from EMC

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of course

i recall seeing a photo years ago from pixar's render farm of sun e4500 servers where the machines were "racked" on nice timber pedestals with spot-lighting to enhance the visual experience.

One-third of Aussies 'are pirates'

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no more pstn

you don't need pstn anymore. but the price & selection leaves a lot to be desired, cf: NetFlix

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ob. princess bride

"...and australia is entirely peopled by criminals..." - vizzini


oops - did i just contribute to the problem? well call be roberts!

When one oligopoly screws another

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online app stores additionally egregious

the new apple mac app store shows just how obvious this regional uplift is:

aperture 3: AU$99.99 US$79.99

keynote: AU$23.99 US$19.99

graphic converter: AU$46.99 US$38.99

BBEdit: AU$119.99 AU$99.99

...all more than a 10% difference.

remember, electronic delivery means there's not even any shipping charge!

NetApp beating out EMC

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i think you're getting snapmanager confused with snapvault:

- snapvault: keep your snapshots on disk for a long time & not much used-up storage space; possible tape backup alternative

- snapmanager: integrate with your application (sql/oracle/exchange/sap/etc) to give storage resource management (clone/provision/snapshot) to the application admin rather than relying on the storage admin

Attack code for Firefox zero-day goes wild, says researcher

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@AC 2010-02-19-05:17

you can download the source here.


you can refer to the open source information here:


"All Mozilla software is open source. This means that it is not only available for download free of charge, but you have access to the source code and may modify and redistribute our software subject to certain restrictions as detailed in our license agreements."

Oz man coughs to DD-jub job advert outrage

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re: time-frame

obviously he used the shared user & password that their company had set up with seek :P

this good attitude by border express probably has more to do with their being a regional company than an australian one - there are plenty of uptight PC cretins here in the cities :/

Desktops are seen as unimportant until...

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The machine that goes ping!

One approach for ensuring a reliable upgrade cycle is to not own the equipment, but to lease it & include a refresh component to the agreement.

That way, equipment becomes an known operating cost rather than a capital cost & can in many places by used as a tax offset without having to fiddle about with depreciation.

(beer - because it's only rented, too)

NetApp brushes up entry-level

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@AC 15:37

The 24-disk SAS shelf is already announced:


NetApp's missing bits: Don't we need a switch infrastructure?

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@andrewG - cifs already available

CIFS is already available on GX 10 - no need to wait for DoT 8 cluster mode