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What made us human? Being armed with lethal ranged weapons


Obviously you guys don't know about the 'real' science

Because if you had been paying attention to the great wisdom of our Republican nominees, you'd know that it's not possible that rape is part of what makes us Human. Everybody KNOWS that the body has ways of shutting down pregnancy so you don't get pregnant from 'real' rape. Sheesh!

Iran: Our nuke facilities still under attack by US, Israelis 'and MI6'


Re: Act of war?

Last I checked, storming your embassy, taking your diplomatic employees hostage, and killing both diplomatic employees (who have diplomatic immunity) and US Marines was an act of war.

Pretty sure peace was never declared......so they're pretty much an open target!

Superhero oil-burping algae will save the world


They are already working on this issue in an environment where there is lots of space and lots of sun....the Arizona desert. Seems a perfect place to grow algae. And there are lots of deserts about the globe.


Actually switchgrass is ten times more efficient thatn corn to make ethanol. However, the corn growers have a bigger lobby and therefore more subsidies.

London rioters should 'loose all benefits'


another option

perhaps exiling them to some other place--an island perhaps......with Dingos and Crocs maybe?

Dead bloke reanimates in mortuary


It's not just in South Africa....

I worked as an organ transplant immunologist in Seattle and we had very advanced med tech and there was someone who came in as an organ donor and woke up during a blood draw and wound up going home. He was back a few weeks later, but hey...a few more weeks are a few more weeks!

Euro commissioner tells Facebook it has nowhere to hide


But I was sure that.......

"our World Wide Web [which was invented by Sir Tim Berners Lee at Cern in Geneva]"

.....Al Gore invented the internet.......

Paramount buries Dune remake


an excellent adaptaion of Dune

Try the SciFi channel adaptation miniseries. It was excelent.

And it actaully did all four books in two miniseries. Dune and Dune Messiah in the first (titled 'Dune'), and Children of Dune and God Emporer of Dune in the second (titled 'Children of Dune').

And it was mostly European actors , iifc.

US forces drop dead drug-poison killer mice from helicopters


Tylenol |= codeine

Tylenol that you can buy over the counter in the US does not contain codeine. Codeine is a controlled substance and can only be bought via prescription. There is a drug called Tylenol 3 which does contain codeine. It makes happy faces............

Bill Gates backs ball-busting ultrasound


ultrasound detection != ultrasound treatment

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@ Ben R.

the ultrasound used for a "treatment" (most likely sports related) is very high powered and intended to sonically treat deep muscle tissue. Muscle tissue is also particularly dense and hard to beam sound through. Both reasons for high powered ultrasound.

the ultrasound used for detection (like in seeing your babies) is low powered and intended only to return a soundwave to form an image. It also has to go through nice soft skin and an amnio sac and therefore doesn't need penetrating power (I know, I said 'penetrating'.....). Just think--women don't get their babies squeezed out when they go in for an ultrasound.

the ultrasound being considered for the "bal-busting" treatment only has to go through the very small amount of soft tissue in your scrotum and testes and so is the low-powered kind, so no worries about busting your nuts in any way other than the figurative.


problems with the male pill

@ bassey

the main problem with the "male pill" is not that women don't trust men (they may not and probably shouldn't). The main problem is that to make a woman infertile (temporarily) requires you to prevent ONE egg being released during one particularly small window of time once a month, while to make a man infertile (temporarily) requires you to suppress the production of MILLIONS of sperm EVERY DAY of every month, constantly. One tast is much easier than the other.

Not to mention, a woman does not ovulate during pregnancy. So we had a very obvious model to recreate to make the "female pill". Men NEVER stop producing sperm. Not even when their balls are old and grey and shrivelled..........

Kentucky woman breastfeeds sheriff's deputy


Am I the only one thinking......

.....aren't there people who pay to have this done to them?

or so I've heard anyway.

Mechwarrior maker claims Microsoft 'destroyed' studio's culture

Thumb Up

MW alive and well

For those missing these games, there is a MechWarrior 5 in the works (and not by M$). Although as a private enterprise it may take awhile to come out for real.....

And for the AC wanting the original boardgame, that is back as well. It's by Catalyst Game Labs and can be found if you google battletech. They have done a very good job updating and expanding things.

On a personal note, I never had a problem with any of the games. Loved them all, from MW2 to MW4 and the MechCommander's as well. Worked great, MW4 was actually the best--despite comments to the contrary, and btw I am well over 10 years old.