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Software engineer jailed for 2 years after using RATs and crypters to steal underage victims' intimate pics


Re: "had been recently diagnosed with autism"

Im well and truly on the spectrum, not in the mild sense and fully clinically diagnosed in my 40's

its a broad brush so cant speak for the rest of them, but if I was asked that question, the answer he gave would be so far down the list of replies...

but then im also not interested in kids and even cute young teachers are not really acknowledged in that way - my kids are their age!

Us Aspy/ASD types can function in a very neural typical way and many of us do not have any sort of criminal urges!! So also chalk me up as another that sighed and rolled his eyes at another criminal suddenly being diagnosed as Autistic

These instant diagnosis also grind my gears... from consultation/referral to diagnosis took several years for me being an adult and all via organisations i had to chase and contact myself... i maybe a cynical old git, but al these criminals that 'only recently' were diagnosed cant all have been petitioning the various medical teams for years, the system can be gamed so I feel they are about as honest as the whiplash cases that used to arise after an accident...

Apple's M1 MacBook screens are stunning – stunningly fragile and defective, that is, lawsuits allege


Re: Not bought a Macbook

I work in a cluster of schools and the amount of laptop screens that are damaged by people leaving a pen on the keyboard, or closing the screen with a wadge of paper bristling with paperclips and staples, in it are astounding!

but these are the same people that invariably walk about with the power lead in the socket and wonder why their laptops fail to charge one day...

As another vendor promises 3 years of Android updates, we ask: How long should mobile devices receive support?


Re: support for what?

B) much the same way you set up an account on the register...

Even my 80yr old dad can just about manage that on his phone!


Re: "support" is a sales "feature"

"This begs the question why a group of nerdy blokes in basements can manage that, but a corporation with $32 billion in profit last year can't."

I think you've answered you own question!!!

Musk see: Watch SpaceX's latest Starship rocket explode while trying to touch down


Re: Asleep on the job

you had one job... one f**king job... do the countdown... every one knows to launch a spaceship you count down from 10... and you couldnt even get that right!!!

Microsoft pokes Cortana's corpse to give her telepathic abilities on Windows 10


do you stand up, walk to the TV and change the channel, or do you use the remote??

I have a meeting in a bit, Ill do that from the summer house, but instead of shivering in the cold, I have preheated that zone and turned the lights on, without having to let the cold into the main house...

but saying that... Ive not barked that command into a computer... thats just weird!


Im a busy user of my google assistant - TV, Lights, Vacuum, zoned heating, remote controls, device in every room, in the car, etc and I love the simplicity... i run out of anything, i just tell google to add it to my shopping and my fleshy assistant will then collect that on the next shopping run, dimming the lights or turning everything off when I go out, adjusting the temperature in any room or shuttin off the lights in the summer house when the kids forget!

but... the few times i have tried using an assistant on a computer i feel daft! its wierd! much like voice calling on a computer, it just feels wrong.

the idea of extending search accross local, network and cloudy file repositories I'll take that, but id rather do that by tyoing into a search box.

The car you buy in 2025 will include a terabyte of storage. Robo-taxis might need 11TB


Who Pays? we pay!

Bought a Brand new Evoque last november - along with its SIM&data plan... not enough data for any usefulness, but not quite enough data to make it through the month on a couple of times... Ive had some OTA updates to the dash and infotainment, but im sure its phoning in with all manner of telemetry to use the rest of it

Oh Mi: Xiaomi shows off 80W wireless charging, claims battery fully fat again in under 20 minutes


I can charge my phone wirelessly in the car holder, with the display on max, while using navigation and streaming spotify over 4G via bluetooth to the cars entertainment...

and thats an ageing Galaxy S7edge... its not charging fast, mind and it does get rather toasty!

BBK mixed-grill realness: Realme's pair of 7s are two more reasons not to spend over £300 on a smartphone


but batteries arent much cop... yes, when new its not really necessary and a nice novelty, but when the thig is a few years old and the thing has more than a few charge cycles under its belt, the ability to give it a quick fix of electrons is very handy.

It really is your last chance to see anything at Cineworld for quite some time, and this big-screen bork speaks volumes


I really want to see something at the cinema, but at home I have a nice big screen, decent surround and sub for LFE, everything is tuned, calibrated and no neighbours to bother.

Something new and loud, bring it on! but I just cant stomach paying more than the Bluray to watch something old, that while nowhere near what the cinema can give me, my home experience is more than adequate...

If tickets were closer to a fiver for an old film, then yes Id visit with a few mates...

Microsoft to charge $200 for 32 GPU cores, sliver of CPU clockspeed, 6GB RAM, 512GB SSD... and a Blu-Ray player


4K displays arent cheap?? im not sure where microsoft are buying their TV's from these days, but whereever it is... they are getting ripped off!!! Currys have a 50" 4K TV for £320

Id hazard a guess that most new TV's are 4K, not because someone has demanded the spec, but because there seem to be more 4K units than Full HD these days.

I do see the argument that lower res&higher framerate will be a reasonable trade off for spending less for the casual gamer.

but I cant see the software houses discounting the titles for people with lower spec hardware, so the saving becomes moot after youve bought a few £70 games

Apple to keep Intel at Arm's length: macOS shifts from x86 to homegrown common CPU arch, will run iOS apps


Re: Cock of the walk one week, feather duster the next

well, if we are willy waving....

My SGI Octane2 was about £30,000 new

My older Silicon Graphics (not SGI) Onyx Infinite reality workstation was closer to £300,000

apple, smapple... far out design was the late 90's!!!!

UK COVID-19 contact-tracing app data may be kept for 'research' after crisis ends, MPs told


Can be sold for 'research' market research?

Pseudo anonymised?

No right to delete?

Reasonably secure?

The value of movement data for 60-80% of the population? Someone will be making money there!

I had reservations, now I'm pretty sure I'm not installing, but other than the paranoid and reg-readers (I wonder how big the Venn diagram overlap is on these two demographics?!)

I can see pretty much Everyone else will be installing it...

'Non-commercial use only'? Oopsie. You can't get much more commercial than a huge digital billboard over Piccadilly


Re: What is non-commercial

surely though... being used on a giant commercial, is commercial use!

Eight-core 3.8 GHz CPU. 12 TFLOPS GPU. 1TB NVME SSD. 16GB RAM. Not a half-decent workstation, it's the new Xbox


Re: SSD worries

It maybe custom, which is a shame and in my mind daft. but the SSD will well outlive the console... Ive had less SSD's fail on me than spinning disks, even had a bunch of consumer ones in a RAID on a production HyperV server, after 2 years they were still 98% health - 4 years later one is still the main drive in my home server.

as for easy to replace a console drive? im not sure about the XBox, but the PS4 is a user replaceable part.... it just slides in the side, no funny screws, seals or firmware.

BT's Wi-Fi Disc ads banned because there's no evidence the things work


Re: "Only we guarantee Wi-Fi in every room"

We started using wifi last millennium! I remember being at a trade fair, we were running Nortel kit with a similar 1mbs speed, even Apple weren't wireless back then!!!

If I remember it was somewhere around £1.2k for the pcmcia card, the access point was a similar amount and also needed It's own pcmcia card!

It was magic sharing a dial up modem over wireless at home though!!!

Vivo's APEX 2020 concept smartphone grabs life by the gimbals to shoot stable snaps


Re: Why not have internal OIS on a phone?

Plenty of phones do have internal OIS It's been about for at least 6 years... certainly on the iPhone 6 and upwards, the Lumia 920 had it and most mid-tier android phones these days.

Binning off ois i suppose allows for a more robust module and i guess would be marginally smaller/allow a larger sensor for same footprint.

Software stabilisation is getting really good.. the go-pro hero7 video is scarily smooth

Your phone wakes up. Its assistant starts reading out your text messages. To everyone around. You panic. How? Ultrasonic waves


tricking assistants isnt particularly new... wasnt there a TV ad a few years back that kept waking up XBoxes, or something...

with the effort needed to successfully pull off this attack, Proximity, knowing which assistant is enabled(or not) voice matching (even with AI assistance) the end result - unless spooking someone for the lol's, is a pretty meh amount of access to a device - a possible phonecall to a premium rate number? but that would probably be worth less than the time invested... maybe you could get it to open a door - but then you would need to know your target had an enabled lock and then, a brick and window would be easier...

I know - proof of concept and all that, but I use google quite a bit and the information I can get out of it - knowing how and where said data is - is pretty inconsequential!

Dual screens, fast updates, no registry cruft and security in mind: Microsoft gives devs the lowdown on Windows 10X


Its not windows as people know it - Change the name...

Ok, so looks like they are taking the Android/iOS approach, sandboxing everything... pros and cons to all that doing away with the registry and forcing UEV of sorts onto the user also isnt a bad idea, but... the name has to be a clear change from Windows - to the uninitiated Windows is windows - be it XP, 7, ME, Vista, 10 - there is a familiarity that people expect - RT, S, Neo all sound like the familiar evolutions of the same comfortable experience so people will get wigged out when they cant load stuff, or cant copy and paste, save things to desktop or any manor of ordinary everyday tasks that are now changed.

Make it different and call it something different so the user expectation is managed. then - once its there, FFS just stick with it! dont can it after 18months... it takes a while for things to settle and people to warm to them.

B-but it doesn't get viruses! Not so, Apple fanbois: Mac malware is growing faster than nasties going for Windows


Re: It's an obvious target, no?

yep.. support... well, my 2011 Macbook pro, last OS update is the one before Mojave...

It wont update due to my graphics card.

My 2011 Panasonic Toughbook - same CPU, etc... running Win10 1909

I needed to install Apple configurator on the Mac - not graphically intensive, but I cant download as my OS is too old. - solution, buy a new Mac

or borrow a new mac, log in and purchase the app through the store...

then on my old mac, it will allow me to download and install from the store, the latest older version that will work.

Old Macs are no better, no worse and certainly not more magical than ol PC's of the same age

S20 Ultra 5G: Samsung unfurls Galaxy flagship with bonkers 108MP cam, 6.9-inch display


Its never going to be as good as a real camera with a decent sized sensor... but what it is, is better than nothing, or better than the ok camera that was on the last phone you had.

Ive a Panasonic LX100 - a great little camera and it takes photos that are head and shoulders above my S7 camera - the 'feel' of the images, portrature especially. A smartphone certainly cant aproximate background blur as well as real aperture blades produce it, but HDR, low light and ease of use, the camera phone will outshoot the real camera a lot of the time...

DxO reviewed the Xiaomi note 10 which uses a 108mp samsung camera module and it looks pretty darn good for a camera phone!

the sample photo - its not a staged publicity shot, but looks like a hasty snap at the booth, use the camera properly and I expect it will produce much better results

Leaks point to Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with mammoth 108MP camera and ... what? 16GB of RAM


Re: How big is the imager?

Have a look at the current off the shelf Samsung 108mp camera...

It maybe a bit of a marketing gimmick, but DXO deem it worthy of the best phone camera currently on the market...


Hate speech row: Fine or jail anyone who calls people boffins, geeks or eggheads, psychology nerd demands


Its about time!

everyone else is being hard done by... now I can feel marginalised and special!!

not really! i'm a grown up!

and to think someone has probably financed her more generously than ive been, to turn out this nonsense!

LightAnchors array: LEDs in routers, power strips, and more, can sneakily ship data to this smartphone app


Re: Sounds like a good idea, but...

oohh... thats got the brain thinking.... add some gyros, accelerometers, lasers, ir and temp sensors etc... think of the beautiful stats!

trigger ferocity

adhesive deployment velocity

tip to source distance

deployment angle

adhesive at tip temp

adhesive at material temp

glue viscosity target

jesus, im getting a hardon at the possibilities!!! may need a slightly bigger LED!!

Samsung Galaxy S11 tipped to escalate the phone cam arms race with 108MP sensor


It's the same sensor array as used on the Xiaomi note 10... currently the best smartphone camera out there according to DxO... beating the iPhone 11pro.

The sensor is significantly bigger than the current bunch of phones too so bigger pixels too.

Your duckface better be flawless: Huawei's Nova 6 mobe has a needlessly powerful selfie camera


Re: Duckface?

I totally agree! nothing beats a girl with a natural smile...

as you say, the pouts are just unattractive!

Doogee Wowser: The S40's a terrible smartphone, but a passable projectile


Re: Some good rugged laptops from yesterjob.

I had an XPS rugged laptop as a replacemet for an aging CF-30 and it was a delight with a fast Core2duo (P9600 possibly) so fast, with a decent resolution screen... but just not as solid in any way as the Panasonic...

Thats now long gone and Im rocking a Getac V110 which is ace! you could barely tell its a rugged from its performance, it is chunkier than a normal 13" laptop, but no bigger than a mid range 14"

But I still have a CF-31 for when the going gets real dirty! (and a FZ-M1 tablet!) cant beat Panasonic for sheer strength - and bulk!! :)

Facebook iOS app silently turns on your phone camera. Ah, relax – it's just a bug, lol!?


Re: Bulletproof

I totally agree with your insight, I too thought that Facebook could go the way of myspace, AOL, friends reunited, MSN Messnger, etc... but its just so ingrained in so many users lives that I cant see anything bringing it to its knees... you cut off one head and it will grow two more....

Next year's Windows 10 comes bounding into the Slow Ring, which means 19H2 waits in the wings


Re: Can't even update Windows!

that 30gig disk is likely to be painfully slow EMMC drive too.... *shudder*

Ive a few 'friends' that have these devices... upgrade time is very painful!

Sure, we made your Wi-Fi routers phone home with telemetry, says Ubiquiti. What of it?


I'm a fan, find performance good and the controller head and shoulders above ruckus, trapeze and Aruba...

I'm also not totally against phoning home with performance and diagnostic data... BUT I like to know and make the choice... hiding the fact is a bit naughty

Plusnet is doing us proud again with early Christmas present for customers: Price hikes


Re: Easy to moan...

Id have to agree here, been with them for the past 3 years now... not quite the cheapest, ive not had to call them much, the call centre is UK, but on occasion ive had a long wait...

They allow the use of your own equipment, supply static IP for a sensible price and are in general as good as everyone else...

I managed to haggle a good enough discount on my last renewal so best of a bad bunch I suppose!

Good news: Microsoft is doubling your OneDrive storage for more than double your money


that is more to do with your associates having a lax grasp on their internet behaviour than onedrive!


I don't see the hate for cloudy storage...

I rotate between about 7 different devices depending on my need, all my documents and photos are stored on onedrive - on each device default save locations are onedrive with files locally synced for hot folders and files on demand for cold folders... it works... no matter which device I grab I have all my data at my fingertips... I dont have to worry about getting drives out of a safe, syncing them with what I hope is the most upto date machine im using - I used to run owncloud, but without colocating anther machine im back to a single point of failure... coupled with my upload speed which is significantly lower than what microsoft offer!

I have an offline cache for all my data - which I transferred to another machine the other day and that came down at line speed, yes it took a while, but thats what going to bed is for!

I suppose there is the chance that microsoft will just fold one day and all my data will disappear... but I abandoned a box of physical photos at an ex's many years back - they are long gone, its an arse, but not the end of the world!

Apple hits back at devs of axed kiddie screen-time apps


Maybe i'm missing something here, but surely using MDM is the correct way to monitor and control device usage - and to control and monitor usage it would be necessary to Manage the Mobile Device so any interference is MDM. Privacy concerns abound, but thats the rub when you give someone else full control of your device.

One of the reasons Daughter has an android is the fact that we have a choice of MDM management solutions, that she cant disable, that works across all the software and integrates with the other devices that she is allowed to use - which are all managed via a single pane of glass.

With the restrictions that Apple has on software running in the background and interacting with other applications wouldnt that be the only way round the restrictions as well as preventing the user from just disabling it (as one could do with all the MDM (Apples included) uptill a year or so back).

Apple iPhone sales down by double digits, Mac sales knifed by Intel CPU 'constraints'


Everything is 'Good enough'

It is fun to have the latest shiny shiny, but realistically its just not needed... PC's, Phones, Internet speed, for average Joe its mostly upgrading for sh1ts and giggles...

As the chap above points out - Haswell or above Core i series CPU SSD and a slug of memory, VS current gen - yes there is a speed difference (mostly due to NVMe SSD's) but its not so great... same with phones, iPhone 6, Galaxy S7 four years on and they are fine... replacements are down to aesthetics or batteries.

These days Im replacing laptops because warranties have expired or there is budget to do so... not because i need to!

The difference between October and May? About 16GB, says Microsoft: Windows 10 1903 will need 32GB of space


It's not ideal, but it's no worse than Apple...

Osx Mojave, obsoliting the pretty much anything older than 2013 and those were considerably more expensive than a $130 laptop.

Surprising absolutely no one at all, Samsung's folding-screen phones knackered within days


Re: Maybe it's not possible

I'd like a telephone that I could also use as a camera...

Well, that's just madness... thats two wildly different useage cases! here have two separate devices...

I think extendable screens will be great and with any luck reliable and cheap enough in the next few years... A Psion 5 sized device with a fold out keyboard and 12" screen would make for an excellent tool.

What a flap: SIM swiped from slain stork's GPS tracker used to rack up $2,700 phone bill


Charity lacking in IT sense??

But they have developed and deployed a miniature tracking device....

while in house IT may not be to blue chip standard, they did manage to find enough skill somewhere to bring this project to fruition - if the data tracking module was designed and built by the charity, then one would assume the knowledge would be there to use a SIM that would have some controls on its use...

If, and i expect this is the case, the tracker was bought in, then during the sales and training for the unit someone should have impressed on the security features of the product and supplied details of validated carriers and sim types.

Then... well, im no bird expert, but I would expect that if one of my subjects had failed to move for a few days that it was probably not in a good way... and after a week of no movement Id have probably written off the creature - prompting the closure process for that particular tracker.

Its unfortunate, and a learning process, but these things happen...

Microsoft ends notifications for Win-Phone 7.5 and 8.0


I dug out my old yellow 920 the other day for the kids to mess about with... there was something very familiar with the way the phone felt... warm, solid and the screen was lovely!

I do miss the WinPho times... the UI worked for me, and those blasts of colour in an ordinary world!

Kentucky gov: Violent video games, not guns, to blame for Florida school massacre


oh, and the video game side of things.... I cant remember any game, let alone all the games, where you walk into a school and shoot your classmates... as for bonus points "where you get extra points for finishing someone off who’s lying there begging for their life." I'm not sure what games he plays... but they are pretty hardcore!!!

the closest thing I can think of is the airport scene on Call of duty something or other, which was a 20 second glorified cut scene. and certainly no more or less brain damaging than stuff on the telly.


People will hurt people... there is no way to stop that, its human nature... but its the tools that are available which decides the ferocity of the attack... from fists, to knives, to bullets, the damage is exponential.

Over here, guns are heavily restricted - no handguns, shotguns are limited to 3 rounds, and certainly no high fire rate rifles...

taking a UK spec shotgun into a packed school would be devastating, no question, probably moreso than a standard handgun... but with every projectile the odds of scoring a hit goes up - 6 rounds in a revolver = you would have to be a pretty good shot to make each count, but put 30-100 rounds inside an automatic the odds of hitting more targets starts to look better...

Let the americans have their guns, gun are a great hobby and the majority of users are responsible, but maybe, like the UK limit the number of rounds allowed in a magazine - physically shorter 5-10 capacity will still allow recreational use or at a push - self defence, but in the hands of a lunatic having to pause to change magazines may give the valuable few seconds for the situation to defuse.

Yes, modification and illegal magazines would negate that ruling, but the lunatic that is busy amassing blackmarket equipment is a different sort of motivated to the disillusioned maniac that is just using readily available over the counter supplies...

Seagate fires NASty volley of 12TB spinners with lifebelt for fried data


Re: Don't buy Seagate

Thanks Seagate surfer, but the drives are all outside their warranties, the replacement refurbished drive managed about 6 months before it keeled over, the warranty on that only being the remainder of the original drives warranty... the WD Reds that replaces the Seagates have had 0%failure over a longer service period in the same useage scenario - that is enough to keep my money heading to WD and it will take something special to change that!

Yes, warranties are a fixed period of time, and nothing lasts forever, but one should realistically expect a hard drive to last longer than a year...

some people will have better experiences than others... i may have been unucky to have a 110% failure rate, but back to mentioning backblaze...

Only 251 of the 4,190 ST3000DM001 hard drives placed in service in 2012 were still in service as of 31 March 201"5" - thats about a 90% failure rate in less than 3 years! coincidentally, seagate reduced the warranty on that series of drive to only 1 year partway through its lifecycle, hardly confidence inspiring!


Re: Don't buy Seagate

Generally I would agree with you, but my own anecdotal evidence has moved me away from Seagate as my preferred Hard drive supplier with about a dozen 3TB drives failing from about 10 being bought - yes, the warranty replacements all failed too... I think I have two working drives...

Back blaze backup the Seagate story well, with their own stats... of course everything is relative, but they have a large turn over of drives, so its fairly representative.... but Seagate comes out as the least reliable...



as much as I would love some 12TB drives to thin out the pile of 3TB reds, I just cant bring myself to trust them...

Lenovo spits out retro ThinkPads for iconic laptop's 25th birthday


I dont see the appeal...

I have a T450, I think - 15" sandybridge i7 with 8GB RAM its big... aesthetically and physically... yes its got the silly think light... but nothing to write home about...

then earlier this year I have a X260 to replace it with - 7th Gen i7, 16GB RAM and a 500GB SSD... considering how small it is, its big!

I do concede, the keyboard is good... but I just cant see how people get all wet over them!

Nest cracks out cheaper spin of its thermostat


Re: Why only one thermostat?

you are totally right... its just the controller or interface box if your controller doesnt have wifi built in, but lots of the paranoid on here get freaked out by anything thats attached to the outside world!!


Re: Why only one thermostat?

I looked at Nest, Hive and eventually settled for the Evo home with hotwater and TRV's - this year my heating bill has dropped significantly compared to previous - even with the heating seeming to come onmore often.

the system learns the heatup and cool down patterns of the rooms, the rooms are zoned so the kids rooms are heated to a different schedule as ours and the living rooms, a nice feature is the 'window'mode where the TRV's can identify the temperature diffential and shut off the rads if the windows have been opened or an external door.

when we are out, a quick poke and the heating is off, then back on when we are home.

If i want to run the heated towel rails in the summer, then I can do so without heating the house... whats not to like!

yes, there are possible security issues, but stick the system on a different vlan and life is made that little trickier for a potential attack...

Windows 10 S: Good, bad, and how this could get ugly for PC makers


Windows RT???

nice looking laptop... £1000 pricey, but not crazy compared to an XPS13, Macbook, etc...

The OS is a bit odd though, Focused on school owned and managed, Metro is hard enough in a school environment and while there are store apps, nothing we use in any of our schools is available! (excluding office, which isnt a metro app, but like RT will come installed)

If aimed at student owned demographic, then again, its gonna be a hard sell - no itunes for a start!

Nice hardware, but leave windows with the usual versions! no need to add another crippled OS!

TVs are now tablet computers without a touchscreen


Re: Hardware Acceleration Required

Most modern android SOCs can handle 8bit HVEC and my Galaxy S7 can decode 10bit HVEC without breaking a sweat...

Which was a surprise as my Haswell i7 media centre with ATI7750 was having none of it! 100% CPU and a very poor quality slideshow! a new Nvidia 1050 has fixed that 10bit HVEC at 2% cpu.

Oh - smart TV? my smart Plasma has never done anything more than display the output from the AV amp since day one... the TV in my mind is just a dumb display