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Damages slashed for US freetard


Can't just blame "the system"

Not to be forgotten it was a jury of her "peers" that produced the original award to the RIAA. It's widely known that their detection of blatant lying in her testimony was a considerable factor.

Apple cult leader emails outside world


Pretty basic stuff, really

If you don't defend your trademark and allow it to be used in generic terms, you run a very real risk of losing your exclusive rights to the trademark That's how companies lost their exclusive use of names like nylon and why Xerox does everything they can to not let photocopying become "xeroxed". If you don't send the legal letters, you ultimately lose.

Snow Leopard forces silent Flash downgrade


Ho hum

I wonder how many OS X users had the latest Flash Player version installed anyway?

Regardless, it took all of about 30 seconds to upgrade back to the current one.

Snow Leopard - what doesn't work


Reunion 9.0

The developer, Leisterpro, mentions there are a few incompatibilities and they will have a free update released next week for their genealogy software.

Apple and Snow Leopard take-downs - just say no


Isn't this standard procedure?

If they don't send out the legal notices then they risk losing the right to defend their IP in the future. This is standard operating procedure for most businesses.