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Microsoft eyes slice of Raspberry Pi with free Windows 10 sprinkled on top

Harry Tuttle

Usual M$ trojectory: Embrace, extend, extinguish

I echo the other comments concerning the education sector: M$ doesn't want kids knowing how to develop on a Linux platform. Their "free" (gratis) software here is a loss leader in this respect.

Truly free software allows you to inspect how it works, change how it works, and share your changes.

What we see here from M$ is closed, proprietary software at that comes without financial cost (for now).

Twitter 'martyr' takes airport joke case to High Court

Harry Tuttle


Ahhhh! You just said:-

'"You've got a week and a bit to get your shit together otherwise I'm blowing the airport sky high!!" '

You must be a terrorist!

[Oh sh*t, I just said it too ... ]

ISPs under pressure to control online porn

Harry Tuttle
Big Brother

Free content filtering software is available

I've got 3 kids. I'd use something like this for their Interweb access


(They're all under 5 at the moment, so have no use for Interwebs)

I certainly don't agree that the Interwebs should be censored when material is within legal boundaries for adults. As far as I'm concerned the default setting on the Interweb ought to be "adult". Other settings should have to be implemented manually by those who require them.

Berners-Lee: Facebook 'threatens' web future

Harry Tuttle

TBL means "open standards" NOT "give all your personal data away"

He means you are not able to dump some sort of a file e.g XML, of all the data sites like facebook hold about you, so that you can analyse / import it into another system.

i.e there is no open standard for exporting this sort of data so users are increasingly locked in.

Sites that hold your data have no interest in creating such a standard as they jealously guard the data they have collected about you, and only provide you with a small subset of it: Not enough to transplant your custom elsewhere, should you feel like it.

I feel sure he does not mean "any third party should be able to access all the data they hold on an individual, on request." Access does NOT mean a by third party, but the individual the data relates to.

Mark E Smith pens World Cup ditty

Harry Tuttle

Not appreciated

What next? Ratzinger becoming a rap singer?!

Steer clear of priests of all stripes, if you ask me...

Facebook re-write takes PHP to an enterprise past

Harry Tuttle

Depends on the quality of HipHop's design

~~~~| Stage(1) ~~~~~~~~Stage(2)

~~~~| HipHop ~~~~~~~~~~GCC

~~~~~| PHP ----------------> C++ ------------------> Binary

We know stage(2) is mature, stable, reliable, powerful, flexible.

What do we know about stage (1) ?

'Cyber Genome Project' kicked off by DARPA

Harry Tuttle

The Mighty Oz!

Whoosh of flames and booming voice: "The Mighty Oz can trace everything you do online, Dorothy! Naughtyness will be tracked down and stamped out!"

Just watch the floorshow and ignore what's happening behind the curtain.

UK.gov uses booze to lure London kids into ID scheme

Harry Tuttle

Flawed security due to biometrics

Biometric data is flawed for a few of reasons:

1) Biometric data isn't secret - you leave it everywhere you go.

2) Its not hard to copy - sure its hard to create from scratch i.e. synthesise - but not too hard to duplicate. Fingerprints are relatively easy if you have a nice example of the originals. Hand someone a drink in a de-greased glass.

3) You can never revoke your biometric information even if you realise that it has been copied. You can't decide to change your "biometric password".

Linux coders do it for money

Harry Tuttle

The price of freedom

I have contributed more money to the Free Software Foundation than I have ever paid for non-free software, combined. (I am a subscription member at $10 a month, and have been for years)

Its the freedom I like, not the cheapness.

Rogue phishing app smuggled onto Android Marketplace

Harry Tuttle

I always look for the GPL licence

That is not to say that because the developer releases under the GPL they are above suspicion, but downloading / viewing / compiling the source oneself, certainly makes me feel more secure.

This applies in any situation, not just on the Android marketplace :-)

Sadly, most of the rest of humanity, seem to have very little interest in the source code behind the software they use.

RIPA III: A legislative turkey comes home to roost

Harry Tuttle
Big Brother

Instant imprisonment

The Police could find (or put) an "encrypted file" on anybody's storage devices.

Then this person magically disappear for 2 - 5 years when they can't provide the keys for it.

How convenient for the authorities eh? Instant imprisonment of anyone who steps out of line.

Filesharing laws to hit websites and newsgroups too

Harry Tuttle

Hard to take seriously

If media can be reduced to a sequence of 1s and 0s, that sequence can be duplicated and repeated.

If the original sequence can be obscured by cryptographic techniques, it will be impossible to identify.

Whilst these facts remains, illegal copying will continue.

Why not try passing laws to make it illegal for the oceans to be affected by the gravitational influence of the moon?

It would be better to put time and effort into different models of distribution of A/V media, rather than try to keep alive the dying business models of the 20thC

Microsoft throws $1m open-source party

Harry Tuttle
Gates Horns

Trust - thats your problem right there.

"people will need to take Microsoft on trust, and that's not something Microsoft enjoys a great deal of in open source"

Oh, you noticed. I wonder why that is?

I thought one of the most popular Free Software licences, the GPL, was "like communism" and "a cancer", according to a certain Mr Balmer

Government unbans dirty vids but bans 'legal highs'

Harry Tuttle

If evolution is made illegal ...

... only criminals will evolve.


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