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Why Qualcomm won – and why Tim Cook had to eat humble Apple pie

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Re: The FTC lawsuit will continue

I agree, yesterday's joint settlement does not affect the FTC's lawsuit against Qualcomm.

Also, saying that "Qualcomm won" is a bit ridiculous. The agreement between Apple and Qualcomm makes both companies winners.

First of all, the amount that Apple is paying Qualcomm as part of the agreement has not been disclosed, but as in all similar out-of-court settlements, the amount is likely substantially lower than what Qualcomm wanted.

Second, Apple is gaining quite a lot in this agreement. Qualcomm and Apple put out a joint press release yesterday, signed by contacts from both companies. What is interesting are the two bullet points at the top of the release:

1) Agreement ends all ongoing litigation, including with Apple’s contract manufacturers

2) Companies have reached a global patent license agreement and a chipset supply agreement

Point 1 announces that the agreement is not only with Apple, but also with "Apple’s contract manufacturers" (who were in litigation against Qualcomm with Apple, since they were being negatively affected by the "Qualcomm tax" and the double-dipping that Qualcomm was doing.). This agreement not only clears the way for Qualcomm and Apple, but also the various suppliers that were affected by Qualcomm's actions.

Point 2 states that as part of this agreement, Qualcomm is providing to Apple "global patent license agreement". This means that Apple now licenses Qualcomm's valuable technology patents (back dated to April 1, 2019), and that the licensing is fully international. This allows Apple to use these Qualcomm technologies in the creation of its own 5G chips, on which Apple has recently started development. This provides a shortcut for Apple to create their own 5G chip using Qualcomm's 5G technologies, in the same way that Apple has licensed technologies from ARM to develop the A-series chips.

In an article yesterday: "[Apple] is in the process of developing its own 5G chips for use in future iPhone models. Reports suggest Apple has between 1,200 and 2,000 engineers on the project, including recruits from Intel and Qualcomm, who are working toward a solution predicted to debut as soon as 2021." (And in the interim, Apple has a mutually agreed up contract with Qualcomm for them to supply their 5G chips for Apple's products)

It also appears that the money that Apple is giving Qualcomm will likely be reimbursed to Apple over the course of Qualcomm's supplier contract with Apple: "Apple paid a sum to Qualcomm as part of the contract, though the company could regain those funds in rebates if the agreement is structured after Qualcomm's typical contract terms."

Both companies win. The only "loser" here is Intel. Intel announcing today that it is stopping development of 5G chips (AFTER Apple acquired licensing of Qualcomm's technology patents), because Apple would have been its only client for those chips, but NOW (AFTER the agreement between Qualcomm and Apple announced yesterday) that prospect has vanished.

Apple to devs: Code for the iPhone X or nothing from April onwards


It's about the screen ratio

It's really not about the "notch", but more importantly the new screen ratio that is on the iPhone X, and will be on all future iPhones.

Apple: Sure, we banned VPN iOS apps in China, but, um, er, art!


Laws of the land

You may be surprised to learn this, but ALL foreign companies (including Apple) must adhere to the laws of the country in which they do business.

Companies that break the law, in China or in any other country, face prosecution.

iPhone X: Bargain! You've just bagged yourself a cheap AR device


Why do people buy the iPhone X?

"Apple fanbois being fanbois"

"And yet... these apologists for Apple..."

You obviously have a HUGE chip on your shoulder regarding Apple, its products, and its users.

If you were talking about people who spend more to buy a BMW instead of a Kia, I greatly doubt that you would be calling BMW buyers "fanbois" and "apologists" because they spent more money on a higher end product with higher quality and better user experience than they would get with a Kia.

In only a few weeks Apple has sold an estimated 15 million iPhone X, and projections are for close to 100 million to be sold in the year. That is a lot of people for you to denigrate, and for you to irrationally consider to be mindless fans of a new product.

As with high end cars like BMW, high end smartphones (like the iPhone X or Note 8) are more expensive because they offer more, and are much more expensive to produce than low-end phones.

So why are so many millions of people spending so much for the iPhone X?

Here are a few of the unique selling points:

- The iPhone X has the fastest (by far!) CPU and GPU Geekbench benchmarks than ANY other smartphone (even faster than many laptops)

- The iPhone X has the first 3D face scanning system using infrared projectors and scanners

- The iPhone X has been rated the best photo camera of ANY smartphone by DxOMark

- DisplayMate tests revealed "The iPhone X is the most innovative and high performance Smartphone display that we have ever tested."

- The iPhone X is the first smartphone with a top to bottom display giving a large display phone in a small package

- The iPhone X is built for Augmented Reality, and because there are thousands of different AR apps available for it

- The iPhone X's both rear cameras (wide angle and telephoto) have optical image stabilization and fast lenses

- The iPhone X can shoot photos with various Portrait Lighting modes

- The iPhone X offers privacy and security since, unlike Google, Apple doesn't make its billions of dollars invading your privacy and selling your personal data.

- The iPhone X provides owners with the best user experience (best support, instant operating system updates for years, best resale value, etc.)

Not everyone wants (or can afford) to buy high end products, but those who do, don't make their purchases blindly. And often, people who do not understand this, or who are envious of those who can afford high end products, tend to insult those purchasers in order to sooth their own "hurt" egos.

Aww: Apple won't be HomePod for Christmas


The delay of Apple’s HomePod may have nothing to do with Apple’s ability to deliver new products on time (to meet Apple's own arbitrary deadline for release). In fact, it is probable that the announced delay may have nothing at all to do with Apple.

The phenomenal demand for some of Apple’s recently released products, including the Apple Watch 3, iPhone X, and iPhone 8 Plus, has taken Apple (and everyone else) by surprise. Apple’s suppliers have been put into “overdrive” trying to churn out these products, as well as Apple’s other products like iPads and MacBooks that have been increasing in popularity (as evidenced by the recent quarterly report). And with the iMac Pro, another major new product, to be released in December adding to suppliers’ loads, it is highly probable that those assemblers have reached a limit in production capacity, even with the hiring of additional seasonal workers.

The most likely reason why Apple has had to delay the launch of the HomePod is that Apple had to prioritize its suppliers’ production load. The HomePod (rather than the iMac Pro) was the most likely candidate to delay in order to not unnecessarily slow down production and delivery of Apple’s other important products.

Apple’s suppliers have a finite capacity for assembling and delivering Apple products, and no contingency plan can overcome those limitations. If for example, we take just one Apple product, the iPhone X, and realize that the silicon fabricators, parts manufacturers, shipping and delivery, and assemblers are currently producing millions of units of that one product every week, it is easy to imagine just how challenging it is for Apple to meet demand for all of its products simultaneously.

I think that it is highly probable that Apple has already completed all of the R&D requirements for the HomePod hardware and software. The HomePod is likely ready for production right now, but Apple had to make a strategic decision to delay that production in order to better fulfill the timely deliveries of Apple’s other products.

Apple is in the enviable position of having to delay a new product to allow the expeditious delivery of Apple’s more crucial, and more sought-after products.

China cools on Apple's high-priced iBling



"I wonder why they stay in the market at all."

Yes, it's true. Apple Inc. is "DOOMED®". They will never sell another iPhone ever again in China... Or anywhere else in the world for that matter. And since the entire Apple company has spent its entire 40 year existence selling just one very unpopular product (the iPhone... Remember the 1984 iPhone "failure"?), Apple will never be a success.

This is why over the past 40 years Apple has gone from being the largest most profitable company in the world, to being the smallest and least profitable company as it is currently. This is because the people at Apple have never been able to innovate, and they don't know how to run a company.

I highly recommend that Andrew Orlowski (who wrote this article and knows what he is talking about) be made CEO of Apple IMMEDIATELY. Only he has the knowledge and experience to finally make a success of Apple Inc.

Apple nabs smartphone top spot from Samsung, but for how long?

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Profits beat market share

Canaccord Genuity reported last week that Apple captured a whopping 92% of the smartphone industry's profits in the last quarter.

Do you really believe that "market share" is more important than profits to Apple or to anyone else???

Hypothetical question: If you had a business, would you choose to have only 18% market share of the worldwide industry, but that gets you 92% of the entire industry profits... Or would you rather have a larger market share, but get 0% of the profits (many smartphone companies are actually losing money, and Samsung which is one of the few companies other than Apple making any profits at all, only gets about 5%)?

Apple is making life terrible in its factories – labor rights warriors


Uh, hello!?!

Dear Mr. Register, your article makes no sense at all, and unfortunately the author is clueless.

The fact is that Apple DOES NOT own or run ANY factories.

Apple has its products assembled by contracting to the same "factories" that also assemble products for many other companies, including: Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, and MANY, MANY other companies.

Those foreign factories are owned and operated by other companies. The client companies that have their products assembled there are only clients.

Ding-dong, reality calling: iPhone slump is not Apple's doom


Re: Revenues

You are right. There seems to be an irrationality in some people's views about Apple being "doomed" because it "only" sold 51 Million iPhones last quarter.

Some facts:

This is the first quarter in the 9 years that the iPhone has been for sale that Apple didn't have a "record-breaking" quarter... If that makes Apple doomed, then what is Samsung (the next largest seller of high-end smartphones) which has been having decreasing sales of Galaxy phones and profits each quarter for the past 2 years?

At last count, Apple makes 94% of the profits of all mobile phones sold worldwide. Is this the sign of "doom"? (Samsung makes about 5% of all profits, and many other companies are struggling to break even, or losing money and dropping out of the race)

SiliconValley.com recently reported that Apple ranks no. 1 by far in revenue, and is making 40% of the profits of the tech industry. Last year Apple raked in $234 billion in sales. Trailing far behind in second place was Alphabet (Google), at $74 billion.

Apple currently gets most of its revenue from iPhones, but in the past that was from the sale of iPods, and before that from the sale of Macs. Apple (unlike other companies that continue to flog the same products) is always adapting and changing its business model to grow. Over the past few years, the revenues from Apple's services have gone from a tiny portion to a huge source of income. In yesterday's financial report, the revenue from services has grown 20%, and is now worth more than the income from the sales of Macs and iPads combined! And it has been reported that Apple is developing additional new sources of income (cars, VR, etc.).

With these facts in mind, only an irrational person would have the misguided opinion that Apple is "doomed". It is an indication of reality avoidance.

LEAKED: Samsung's iPhone 6 killer... the Samsung Galaxy S6


You don't need to be a genius!

"Wireless charging is great (wake up Apple) so it’s no surprise to find it here, but it is slow."

Apple (or any other sensible company) won't "wake up" to a sub-standard technology. Wireless charging has always been much slower than direct charging.

You either want to be a "cool kid" and have slow wireless charging, or you want to get your mobile device charged QUICKLY by simply plugging it directly into a charging cable (rather than resting your device on a platform connected to a charging cable).

It doesn't take a genius to realize which is the best option for people who don't want to wait longer than necessary to get their device charged!

Apple's Watch is basically electric perfume


Re: Surprisingly disappointing (because of a lack of awareness)

Some articles just compare the looks of Apple's smartwatch to the looks of other smartwatches (with a few nods to some other aspects) but miss the point of the product.

Is the Apple Watch imperfect and overpriced? Yes!... but so was the first iPhone in 2007, and in 2007 there were many bloggers that just looked at it superficially and didn't get what was really innovative about it.

Yes, there are other smartwatches out there. But this one is actually useful. It is also the first smartwatch that doesn't look like you have a huge geeky square or circle that completely overpowers your wrist. But even still, the looks should not be the major focus.

The Apple Watch’s uniqueness and strength, like other Apple products, is its “usability" and "user experience”. Sadly, these terms are meaningless to people who use products that don’t excel in these areas, and so they have no idea of their importance (and also why people love their Apple products so much).

The Apple watch has a well developed ecosystem in both current and future apps, as well as in services, sensors and other hardware features that are not available on any other smartwatch.

Like the first iPhone in 2007, it will take some time for certain people to "get it". Also, like the first iPhone, Apple’s competitors will eventually include some of those features and services into their own smartwatches… Eventually.

But this is just the first version of the Apple Watch. As has happened with all other Apple products, each year will bring even more refinements and features.

Most other smartwatches have been unsuccessful in sales because consumers just view them as expensive, nerdy gimmicks. But the Apple watch will sell in the millions in the first year, because it is an actually useful, useable mobile device that is worth its cost.

Is it an iPad? Is it a MacBook Air? No, it's a Surface Pro 3


The Emperor's New Clothes

The Surface Pro is really just a tablet… as much as Microsoft wants people to believe different. It’s like the story of The Emperor's New Clothes. The clothes are not there, but people (except for a child) have been convinced that it’s there.

The reality is that it is a multi-touch tablet, that runs a desktop operating system (Windows 8) instead of running a more appropriate multi-touch tablet operating system. The unfortunate thing for people who buy it is that they assume that all of the software that runs on the Surface Pro will be multi-touch too… just like on the iPad. What they find out is that since the Surface Pro runs Windows 8, which is a desktop operating system, the software applications that they will run on it are not multi-touch tablet apps! They are the same non-touch apps that require a keyboard and trackpad/mouse that they use with their desktop computers. So if they want to actually use the Surface Pro to run their 3rd party desktop apps like Autodesk, Dreamweaver, VideoStudio, QuickBooks, etc., then all of a sudden that $130 floppy keyboard “accessory” becomes a necessity.

All of the hundreds of thousands of apps that run on the iPad Air are multi-touch, and designed specifically for the iPad… and there is an equivalent (or better in some cases) iPad app for any Windows app that can be run on the Surface Pro.

So, considering that the Surface Pro is really a thick, heavy, expensive, multi-touch tablet that has very few multi-touch applications to run on it (mostly just the apps that Microsoft supplies with the tablet) there is no comparison between it and the iPad Air.

And to call the Surface Pro with the floppy keyboard attached to it a “notebook”, would mean that we would need to start calling the iPad Air with an attached keyboard a “notebook” too, for the same reasons!

The big difference is that there is a much wider choice of much better keyboards, for less money, with the iPad.

When you think about it, both the MacBook Air and the iPad Air are thin, light, and powerful mobile personal computers. In fact the iPad Air is used by almost all of the Fortune 500 companies… and now with IBM’s partnership with Apple, the iPad’s presence in business will grow even further.

When one considers the terrible sales of the Surface Pro, and the Billions of dollars that Microsoft has lost trying to sell it, and the incredible success and huge numbers of iPad Airs and MacBook Airs being sold, it really makes it clear that hardly anyone buys into Microsoft’s sales pitch that the Surface Pro is a better tablet than the iPad and a better notebook than the MacBook Air.

'Oh my god – Mark Zuckerberg wants to meet me'


Mario Ortelli: "The Swiss have got no great interest in working with Apple"

Mario, have you actually interviewed executives at the various Swiss companies to find out if they were interested in working with Apple or not, or is this just you spouting your own negative bias???

I highly suspect the latter, since many luxury companies (including Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Jaguar) are working on products in partnership with Apple... and they are proudly promoting that partnership.

But if in the event that you actually do come across a luxury product company that says that they would not work with Apple, it's probably because they are like nerds who know that they have no chance of getting a date with the hot girl, so they tell everyone that they would never want to go out with her (to save face). :-)

iPad Air not very hot: Apple fanbois SHUN London fondleslab launch


Other fanbois putting down Apple fanbois ;-)

"Latest slab selling like cold, unattractive cakes on Day One in Blighty"

<sarcasm>That's right, no one will be buying the iPad Air. It is a total failure in every way. Apple will need to claim a loss of a billion dollars as Microsoft did with the Surface. No one is buying the iPad Air... really!</sarcasm>

(Eyes rolling in reaction to the absurdity ;-))

TWO can play this 64-bit mobile game, says Samsung, crossly


Re: Why oh why

The benefits of the iPhone 5S 64-bit environment (64-bit A7 processor, running 64-bit apps, on 64-bit iOS 7) are HUGE!!!

There is an article on All Things D today that explains what a radical improvement this is. Here are a few quotes from the article:

“The fact that the A7 has twice as many processor registers means that more operations can occur without the processor using main memory, which is slower to access,” Carl Howe, VP of research and data sciences at the Yankee Group toldAllThingsD. “This means for that, for some codes, the A7 will be twice as fast (or faster, depending on how many memory accesses the original code had) to run code, because the processor doesn’t have to use main memory as much.”

“The ARMv8 instruction set is clean-slate approach with many improvements. Even without 4GB of RAM, the A7 should make it easier to build larger applications like PC-class games and programs. Apps can now become real desktop-class programs and games.”

"with the 64-bit A7, Apple has made it possible for developers to take the 64-bit apps they’re written for the Mac and bring them to iOS 7 with relative ease. And that is a huge benefit"

“This will not be true with Android, by the way. The Android Java app and native app environment will need support from Oracle, who owns the Java environment as well as 64-bit support from the Android kernel. Android has a lot more moving pieces to coordinate, and will take longer to go to 64-bit.”

Seven all-in-ones that aren't the Apple iMac - and one that is

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Why the unfair comparison?

Why the unfair comparison???

I notice that you were comparing the 27" iMac with the slower i5 processor instead of the one with the 3.4GHz i7 Quad-core processor against the other all-in-one desktops that have i7 processors.

Were you aware that the iMac also is available with the i7 processor (for similar price), or were you intentionally giving the non-Apple computers with i7 processors an unfair advantage in your scoring???


Why the unfair comparison???

I notice that you were comparing the 27" iMac with the slower i5 processor instead of the one with the 3.4GHz i7 Quad-core processor against the other all-in-one desktops that have i7 processors.

Were you aware that the iMac also is available with the i7 processor (for similar price), or were you intentionally giving the non-Apple computers with i7 processors an unfair advantage in your scoring???

Peak Apple: Foxconn contemplating life after Cupertino


Morons of the world, unite!

"The Taiwanese company is responsible for the manufacture of Apple's hardware."

... AND Google, AND Microsoft, AND Dell, AND motorola, AND Sony, AND Nokia, and Many others.

But any time there is a problem at Foxconn (a company not owned by Apple, or Google, or Microsoft, or any of its other clients) the morons of the world make fools of themselves by blaming Apple?

It's time for those people to get themselves a brain cell.

You hear that, Mr Cook? Samsung's profits have gone UP


Don't know what you want?

Apple's revenues went UP substantially in the past quarter... it was the company's margins that reduced total profits.

But this is exactly what the anal-ysts have been clamoring for. They have been demanding that Apple lower its margins and sell less expensive products.

So what happens when Apple does what those people want? Those same people start complaining that Apple's margins are lower! They really don't know what they want.

There has been a demand for Apple to sell more lower-priced (and lower margin) products, and they have done this by introducing the iPad mini and selling more previous generation iPhones.

Even with the reduced margins, Apple's revenues and profits are MUCH larger than any other tech company in the world. Samsung's revenues and profits are PUNY compared to Apple's.

Samsung can only dream of making the money that Apple does. ;-)

Apple raids Xerox YET AGAIN - for its chief beancounter


Xerox is a business, not a religion

"Apple raids Xerox YET AGAIN"

If by "raids" you mean "pays to license technologies", then you are absolutely correct.

In fact, Apple would love it if their competitors would "raid" Apple's technologies like that... instead of stealing it. ;-)

Microsoft said to be building Apple TV adversary


Microsoft made an iPod rival called Zune (Dead)

Microsoft made an iPhone rival called Kin (Dead)

Microsoft made an iPad rival called Surface (Not doing well according to Microsoft)

Now they want to build an Apple TV rival?

Microsoft should put more effort into their software (to make it better than it has been), and stop trying to compete with Apple's hardware.

Eric Schmidt: Ha ha, NO Google maps app for iPhone 5


Re: iOS users don't need maps…

Actually it's Android users who blindly follow others when they are told lies like:

- you'll be able to upgrade your 1 year old phone

- you'll get your upgrade on the day it's released

- Android is "open source" (except for all the technologies from other companies that we license... or don't ;-)

- Android is a "stable" operating system

- Etc., etc., etc.


the iOS version of Google Maps was always lousy

There are many better mapping and navigation apps for iOS than just Apple Maps and Google Maps. iOS users do not miss Google Maps in the least, especially since the iOS version of Google Maps was so lame (it didn't have turn-by-turn navigation, or other features).

Will Samsung's patent court doc leak backfire spectacularly?

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Samsung is doing everything it can to lose this case

"The divulged information included a few Apple internal memos and the designs for Samsung's F700 mobe, which predates the iPhone."

Point 1: Those "Apple internal memos" actually support Apple's case, since the "Sony influenced" design was actually contracted by Jony Ive (Apple's designer) in 2006, and the design was not used for the iPhone. Apple also has shown an earlier 2005 design they had that WAS used as the design for the iPhone.

Point 2: Samsung's F700 phone is NOT anything like the iPhone's patented design, and the interface is nothing like the iPhone UI. Even if it was similar (which it is not), Samsung's F700 design came out in February 2007... one month after the iPhone was introduced.

Judge: Apple must run ads saying Samsung DIDN'T copy the iPad


Oh the irony!

Apple has been asked to print an apology to Samsung that Samsung likely will not want to see. Apple could take this opportunity to include quotes from the court's final decision, like:

***The ruling states that the iPad "design looks like an object the informed user would want to pick up and hold. It is an understated, smooth and simple product. It is a cool design."

The ruling also determined the difference with the Samsung tablet was "They do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design. They are not as cool."

Therefore we apologize to Samsung for ever implying that they were able to duplicate the iPad.*** ;-)

And since the UK Judge kicked out a Samsung injunction enjoining Apple to stop claiming its competitor copied iPad in the Galaxy Tab, Apple should also add:

***Apple disagrees with the judgement, and strongly contends that Samsung has copied the design of our products. We will be appealing this decision.***

Sleek new Macs violate fanbois' Retinas with display garbage


Anna, Anna, Anna

The more often and compulsively you search for minor problems to inflate out of proportion, to slag Apple and to be insulting to users of Apple's products (whom you call "fanbois"), the more desperate you make yourself appear to others.

Ironic that you are displaying your own anti-Apple "fanboi-ism" (or more accurately "fangoil-ism") in your attempt to label others that way.

It's also interesting to note that Apple users love the products they use, and have little interest or time to slag users of other products (unless they are responding to irrational rants like yours). But people such as yourself who seem to make it their personal crusade to slag Apple and its users, never have the same enjoyment with whatever non-Apple product they have settled on using.

One can only assume that your rants are based on jealousy. After all, if you were totally happy with what you use, you would never want to waste your time vociferating against others (and making yourself appear vacuous).

CANNIBAL! Apple's 7.85in iPad will EAT 9.7in iPad sales


Aliens attack!

"Apple's 7.85in iPad will EAT 9.7in iPad sales"

Wow! A non-existent, fictitious Apple product will eat into sales of the hot-selling iPad. Who knew???

Using the same lack of logic in forming an opinion: "Aliens will Attack New York City Tomorrow" (You heard it here first, folks. ;-))

Even Apples sometimes have worms in them, admits Cupertino


Re: iOS PCs?

Some facts for you:

1. Although Windows users keep calling Flashback a Mac virus, Flashback is NOT a “virus”. It is a Trojan, and there have been Trojans for the Mac (but not many) in the past. Unlike viruses, Trojans must be installed by the user on his/her own computer.

2. In the 12 years that Mac OS X has been in use by tens of millions of users, there has NEVER been even a single Mac virus in circulation.

3. Apple’s statement before this change is still true: “A Mac isn’t susceptible to the thousands of viruses plaguing Windows-based computers.”. This is completely true as long as you are running Mac OS X. But… if you run Windows on a Mac (either in Boot Camp or in emulation), your Windows OS can get Windows viruses. Even though Windows viruses do not affect Mac OS X, it makes sense that this would be removed since some people do run Windows on their Macs. Apple has no way of stopping Windows viruses from infecting Windows installations.

4. The “After” statement is also true. OS X does “keep you safe from unknowingly downloading malicious software on your Mac”. However it is impossible for any company or person to stop anyone from unwisely downloading a Trojan and installing it themselves, if they make the bad decision to do this.

Winter for webOS, winter for Droid, but springtime for iPad!


Real numbers

There is a BIG difference between "shipping" numbers and "sold" numbers.

Apple sells every iPad & iPad 2 it makes/ships. Demand has always outstripped supply. So every one of the 9.3 million iPads globally last quarter were actually sold to end users.

Manufacturers of competing tablets only give the numbers they "shipped" not "sold".

For example, Samsung told the media that it had shipped 500,000 Galaxy Tabs. They stuck to this number for the longest time, until recently when they admitted that only 20,000 Galaxy Tabs were actually "sold" to end users.

Knowing this, Apple's "68 per cent of the market" is most probably much higher than that in reality.


You may not realize this...

You may not realize it, but Apple's iPad design patent dates back to 2004... 6 years before Steve Ballmer showed off non-working mock-ups of iPad competitors!

Kinda makes you go "Hmmm". ;-)

Apple delays 'retina display' iPad 3 to 2012


Rumors vs. reality

Apple has NEVER stated that an iPad 3 would be released this year. In fact, they have NEVER even used the term "iPad 3" or discussed future iPad releases.

What we have here is one rumor disputing another rumor, in a long chain of rumors about a rumored product.

There is no point in getting caught up in all of these rumors. In the end, Apple will release its next generation iPad only when Apple releases it... not when rumors say it will.

Behind Apple's record sales are signs of desperation


Apple's competitors wish they could be that "desperate" ;-)

The writer of this article is either ignorant of the facts (and reality in general) or he/she/it is just trolling for hits and will do anything ridiculous to accomplish that.

Starting with the article title "Apple's record sales are signs of desperation"... What!?!

Record sales increases (while all other competitors are losing sales) is a sign of desperation? If that's desperation, Apple and its investors must be hoping it can be more "desperate" in the future.

"And the iPad... is not yet proving that the category itself is a winner". You can't be serious. Is this meant as a joke? News flash: April Fool's Day was 3 weeks ago.

You base your premise on this nugget of ___ : "The iPad sold 4.69m tablets, fewer than the 6.1m predicted by analysts or the 7.3m of the holiday quarter."

Hello!?! The quarter reported on ended March 26, 2011. The iPad 2 which purchasers were holding onto their money for, only went on sale in the US on March 11th (the first shipment sold out nation-wide in 24 hours!), and it only went on sale in select other countries on March 25th (the day before the quarter ended).

Most intelligent people realized that the numbers would be low for this quarter even before the iPad 2 went on sale, but apparently you did not understand this.

The iPad 2 sold over a million units in its first day on sale (in the US only). By comparison, the original version of the iPad, crossed the one-million mark 28 days after its launch.

With the iPad 2 selling 28-times faster than the original iPad (which was the fastest selling consumer device of all time) this, to you, bizarrely is an indication that the iPad "is not yet proving that the category itself is a winner". ???

Next you write that Apple is displaying it's "vulnerability' by suing companies that steal its intellectual property. That is insane! Any company will rightly sue another company that steals rather than licenses its patented IP.

You try to support this ridiculous notion by using FUD to understate the situation, by saying Apple "allege copying of the colors and rectangular shape of the Apple products." Either you again do not have any understanding of why Apple is suing Samsung, or you are intentionally trying to mislead your readers.

You only need to look at the side-by-side comparison photos on the Web, to see that Samsung blatantly copied both the hardware design and the user interface design of the iPhone in the Samsung Galaxy phone.

Your article continues with other similar misleading information.

You might be hoping that your readers are buying all of this nonsense, but most people are more intelligent than that, and the result of your article is that you have lost any credibility as a writer.

Apple under threat from ... Windows tablets



"The battle will commence in 2013"

OK Apple & Google, stop advancing your tablet operating systems, and wait a few years so that Microsoft can catch up to you ;-)

Of course, we can expect the strong possibility that Microsoft won't have Windows 8 ready in 2013... or 2014... or...

But everyone just stand still so that Microsoft can try to compete with you. Because we all know that the world REALLY wants to use Windows on their mobile tablets. Just look at how many Windows tablets have sold since Steve Ballmer presented all sorts of Windows tablets at CES 2010... 13 months ago!

Uh yeah, never mind that.



"The battle will commence in 2013"

OK Apple & Google, stop advancing your tablet operating systems, and wait a few years so that Microsoft can catch up to you ;-)

Of course, we can expect the strong possibility that Microsoft won't have Windows 8 in 2013... or 2014... or...

But everyone just stand still so that Microsoft can try to compete with you. Because we all know that the world REALLY wants to use Windows on their mobile tablets. Just look at how many Windows tablets have sold since Steve Ballmer presented all sorts of Windows tablets at CES 2010... 13 months ago!

Uh yeah, never mind that.

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Tablet or Netbook?

"In future, I suspect we'll see "tablets" with physical keyboards"

You mean like large Blackberry phones (top half a screen, bottom half a keyboard)?

Imagine the 7" Samsung tablet with a 3.5" screen (like the iPhone) and the other half covered by a keyboard. Would you actually want to buy something like that???

Not very likely.

The other option might be to have a keyboard & trackpad slide out from under the 7" or 10" screen, but doing this you double the weight and thickness of the tablet, making it less portable... and ending up with what we currently know as a "netbook".

So do you want a multi-touch tablet or do you want a netbook?

Microsoft digs Macs in back-to-school ads


You are absolutely correct.

There are no viruses for Mac OS X, and never have been since it came into use ten years ago.

Thanks for pointing that out ;-)

Belgian boy's iPhone 'explodes'



In other news, a Dutch boy stuck his finger in a dyke… and she loved it ;-)

Apple sneaks malware protection into Snow Leopard


Mac OS X already secure

Apple adds even more security to an already secure OS, and some devious people use this to convince the clueless that Mac OS X is now MORE vulnerable to malware (instead of the opposite). "We am in Bizarro World."

For a good explanation of why Mac OS X is so secure, read this: