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Jony Ive: Apple isn't here to make money. And students shouldn't use computers so much


Money, money, money

All companies exist to make money, if they didn't they would soon go bust.

Some just have a higher markup than others, charging too much for a product that they could sell far cheaper. Only thoughtless buyers let them get away with it.

NHS: Go digital or you won't get paid, warns Kelsey


If they can't

force care.data on the GPs, they will force it on YOU anyway.

These people work for you, you are their employer and they treat you like crap, shoving your face into their corrupt mess. Disgusting, that they intend to sell fully identifiable databases of patients records to anyone who wants them for a few quid. Once passed on to a shell company they can be resold to neighbours, stalkers, insurance companies, nutters, etc. without any recourse to the original distributer, care.data. They take you for fools, don't let them or you will be the fool!

Doctors urged to adopt default opt-out approach to care.data scheme


"ensuring medical records flow seamlessly from one hospital to another as people move around" has never been the intention of care.data. Tracking diseases and research are simply misleading sidelines and a cover for the true intention of care.data. Most researchers and medical personnel in hospitals won't have access to it.


Re: If it was respected

Care.data would not have helped your dad at all. Medical personnel, such as hospitals, GPs, A&E, health professionals, emergency services, etc. are banned from using care.data to provide care.

The only intended use of the database is to provide private companies with identifiable, full medical information. The proposed merging of Summary Care Records with care.data at stage 3 will enable the purchase (without checks to security or usage) of identifiable full medical histories to companies and individuals who have a few quid. The misleading mantra that insurance companies won't be given identifiable medical records is simply laughable, as a company buys them, then legally sells it on to another part of the group.

NHS England are supposed to be in need of £6billion, so why do they keep wasting money on a failed, immoral idea?

Universal Credit CRISIS: Howard Shiplee SHIPS OUT of top job


Advisory capacity

This means working as a consultant for less than one day per week rather than the original five.

Pros - paid the same for one day as previously five.

Cons - finding something to do for the other four.

UK.gov data sell-off row: HMRC denies claims it'll flog YOUR private info


New definition of Sharing:

Government selling off, (ie. Sharing for money) any and all confidential/identifiable information to any private company who request it without any checks or rules regarding usage or security.

See also section on Care.data fiasco.

Top Brit docs wade into GP data grab row, demand 'urgent' NHS England talks


Lock, stable, horse, bolted

... in any order, if 'ministers have said that they will learn from the mistakes of the care.data pamphlet drop' .is anything to go by.

GP surgeries MUST DO BETTER on data handling, says ICO


Re: How to opt out:

Under phase two, Summary Care Records will be merged with care.data. This will make all records identifiable and anyone will be able to buy the records for a few pounds. Think DVLA, only with your identifiable full medical records.

Banned from any access will be GPs, hospitals and health professionals. It is about selling your identifiable medical records on the open market for spamming and gossip.

Only iPhone fondling rose at Xmas: Were non-Apple fans in a turkey coma?


Misleading figures again, as only USA ads are counted. The rest of the world doesn't exist for biased fanboi reporting.

Come on El Reg, give worldwide data rather than limited guessing from only one country.

Android, Chromebooks storm channel as Windows PC sales go flat


Not exactly

It is only the figures for the US. The rest of the world buys differently to one single country, which makes the figures look very suspect as a way of informing people of sales. It is the equivalent to using one companies figures to say that all companies have the same financial results.

Highly misleading, unless you are made aware of the difference. Poor reporting by El Reg for once.

FLIGHTMARE! Inflight cell calling debuts, dealing heavy blow to quality of life



DWP denies major IT problems with One Dole To Rule Them All system


Re: same old same old

The way they could get ESA to work was by contracting Atos to reject 94% of severely disabled or dying people. Only by being at 4% capacity would the system ever work at all.

Online dole queue tech 'not grounded in reality', say councils


And people with the same mindset

said exactly the same thing about the Titanic. The taxpayers will be fleeced again. The same people did the trials on ID cards and they were cost saving, in on time and ever so successful and they got a huge bonus for failure. Same again, as long as that failed PM, IDS is in charge.

No one will suffer except for the claimants, but they can starve (probably will anyway) as long as the government paper-shuffling wallahs get paid huge bonuses.

ICO sets cookie-law flouters deadline - to open an HTML editor


Time to move all my websites to the US.

I have kept them hosted here, but the UK will have to do without my finance from now on. Again the UK is maliciously targeted by the corrupt EU in another attempt to ruin our lead in IT, the politicos are too busy on their knees pleading for jobs on the gravy train.

Cookie law, absolute rubbish, dreamt up on a wet Friday afternoon by a bunch of overpaid foreign jobsworths.

New nuclear fuel source would power human race until 5000AD


Reality check

According to the National Grid, at the moment Nuclear has an output of 8.2GW, wind has an output of 0.8GW.

That makes a ratio for nuclear at 10 times wind on a typical day. Too much notice is taken of wind maximum capacity rather than actual output. Wind power is like buying an expensive pint of beer and being served a few dregs in the bottom of the glass..

Climate change behind extreme weather, says NASA


Doesn't add up

'100 percent of the money rebated to all legal residents' . Amazing, the first tax in the world with zero administration costs. No-one paid to collect it, no-one paid to check on the amount, no-one paid to distribute it. If climate change is as accurate as his economics, then he is way out on his theories. Another piece of pseudo science, mumbo-jumbo without any reality involved.

Jobless yoofs! Get on your bike, er, mobe, and look for work


And the real cost?

By the time the council has debated it, gone through all the paperwork, paid all the staff to check on what was needed, asked a dozen jobsworths to research it, asked another dozen to shuffle the paperwork, it will cost the council about £750,000 to implement it. Progress at last.

Microsoft: Gmail rival Outlook.com will 'look good on your iPad' 


Major problem

Having tried Outlook.com and I soon went back to Hotmail. Very tiny text in light grey against a white background makes the site almost unreadable. What is with this crazy idea that everyone has telescopic vision and their noses pressed hard against t a 50" screen.

CO2 warms Earth FASTER than previously thought



someone makes conclusions from suggestions as stated in the text, then they are not just desperate, they are hopelessly wrong. Just another computer model operating on the 'rubbish in, rubbish out' theory.

New UK immigration IT system late and £28m OVER BUDGET


And now...

..it has to be promotion, pay rises and large bonuses at HMBF for a job well done. Another reward for failure covered by long term, civil service contracts.

All overseen by MPs, too many of which stuff the House of Commons. It is time for 450 of these parasites to go.

Welcome, friend, to Metroland


I love the Met Office

with their, 'Crucially, Met Office forecasts save lives' mass delusions of grandeur.

I also notice that they are breaking the new cookie law as the cookie info is not 'prominent' on their pages, but tucked away in a bottom strip of other info. Won't do at all...(wonder what they are on, I need a dose of it to get over the rain and flooding that they didn't forecast.)

Euro Parliament kills ACTA treaty before court can look at it



repeal the stupid cookie laws. The UK are the only country bothering as the gov seeks £1,000 fines from small websites to pay for MPs expenses.

Gah! EU data protection will STIFLE business, moans gov.UK


Why will it be

completely ignored by all the other EU countries as completely unworkable and interfering?

Ah, I see, the UK gov wants to fine people to get money out of anybody in the UK at any cost to the economy. Just another anti-UK law by dim politicos in the EU. Time for us to leave, come on Dave, give us a vote on In or Out.

BT to fibre up another 98 exchanges, puffs 'FTTP on demand' offer


It ain't necesserally so...

We have had FTTC installed locally and the internet speed stayed exactly the same. I was informed that I could pay an EXTRA £240 per year for the last bit of connection to be fitted on my line in the cabinet, which could possibly increase the speed a little, I declined to be ripped off.

So much for a non-existent upgrade.

Mozilla plans multi-engine search results, native iOS browser


When will they ever learn?

We have seen the problems and thousands of complaints when iGoogle introduced a left-hand column.

Mozilla need to get in tune with what users want.

Climate scientists see 'tipping point' ahead


And the next one please?

First it was Global Warming, when that turned out rubbish predictions it became Climate Change. Now that is found to be rubbish, we have:

Blast of trumpets.....Climate Disruption.

And the next one will be???

Would putting all the climate scientists in a room solve global warming...


I was wrong!

"People underestimate the power of models. Observational evidence is not very useful,"

If the model says that it should be sunny and I walk outside to find it pouring with rain, then it really is sunny. Now which should I believe?

DWP ditches Fujitsu and reappoints HP


Millions lost forever

Millions more down the drain by the DWP. It is no wonder that it tries to rip-off severely disabled and dying people when they waste such amounts of taxpayer's money.

Mid-Atlantic Ocean temperatures peaked in 1998


Only one thing

is sure. The temperature goes up, the temperature goes down, the taxes will always go up and up to pay for the nonsense of a tiny amount of the normal, fluctuating temperature change.

Speed-cam stats to be published, indicates gov


Fiddle and fraud

is easy with speed scameras.

Prior to speed scams being set up, all accident figures within a 3km. radius of the site are used as justification. Even accidents on distant roads or on neighbouring housing estates are quoted as 'at the proposed camera site'. After the speed scams are installed, any accidents only on the same road on a length of 0.5km are then considered as 'at the camera sites'. Close to where I live, there were no fatal accidents on the actual road with the cameras prior to installation, following there were 2 fatalities. The local Unsafety Partnership claim that they were installed to save lives and refused to remove them. The cash collecting scameras are still in place after 8 years, despite more and more accidents 'at the sites'.

Don't believe any released figures unless you can check the validity of accident causation, as only 7% of all accidents are due to excessive speed and then a small proportion of those actually exceed the speed limit. Having told motorists that speeding is a major cause of accidents (NOT), the government can't say they have wasted billions on the wrong safety issue.

Poor IT contributes to DWP errors


Fraud versus Error

By putting the fraud and error figures together DWP hides their biggest problem. Error is running in excess of 5 times the fraud level, which shows up the incompetence and indifference of DWP assessors entering the information. By spending millions on adverts and carefully planted 'news stories' that infer every severely disabled or dying person is a fraudster, the £6bn in errors are routinely hidden from the public. A recent major report into how disabled people are assessed concluded that the system is fraudulent, with many trick questions and disability reports being altered in favour of the DWP.

Even on an older system, if the information entered is correct then the payments will be correct, it is just number crunching. The whole system is UNFAIR and they know it!

US may disable all in-car mobile phones


Misleading figures

He quotes the total number of distracted accidents, not the number that were distracted by mobile phones, which would be only a tiny minority. This is seriously misleading and to abuse such statistics shows the weakness of his case. In the UK, the figures for mobile phone distraction are well under 1% of all accidents. In some areas they are so low that they are quoted as 0%.

How many people would die if motorists were not able to call for help on their mobiles if there was a major accident or serious injury? Disabled people whose cars breakdown, they would be unable to call for help and would be left to suffer for hours by the roadside due to this anti-tech nutter?

He is just another anti-everything politician with no real experience of life. Shame on him.

Times celebrates disappearing readers

Dead Vulture

And ...

I am sure that the Times' advertisers are 'very pleased by the response' as well.

Potential customers seeing our advertising went down overnight from 22.9 million monthly to about 200,000 monthly. Sales may drop a little; like off a cliff top.

Tribunal orders DWP to release IT contract details


Question this ......

You do have to ask what other hidden commercial secrets there are between the DWP and Atos. I s there an agreement that Atos won't get this or any future IT contracts unless they fail over 90% of severely disabled and dying applicants for ESA and Disability Living Allowance? Thus making the system ultimately more costly for the taxpayer by DWP/Atos ripping off vulnerable people for £billions.

A tribunal of the 'great and good' and carefully selected friends, will never give the truth to ordinary member of the public.

UK.gov fishes for ID ideas


Billions wasted

on the super, new ID card system that no one needs or wants.

Ideas! Firstly, force it onto the public sector who already have secure ID cards. Then the 'lower orders' will be coerced by lies and carefully placed, biased news stories, just like the ones used for Employment and Support Allowance. Then give doctors and civil servants a bonus for everyone who signs up to use an ID card, just as is used for the number of ESA disabled people failed.

Only then will we have the ability to control the unwashed, thick headed mass of peasants. They won't know what hit them and then it will be too late as we already give our favourite companies fat, 6 year contracts, while we can claw some back in party donations and treats.

The government already fails virtually everyone who applies for ESA. If we can rob severely disabled and dying patients so easily of their rightful allowances, ID cards can be imposed without any problem. Go forth and control the great unwashed who you can then track with their ID cards. Yours will be free, if you are members of the 'correct' political parties, peasants will be charged as much as we can squeeze.

'Heat or eat' for many will become 'heat or renew yearly ID card'. Sorry eating not allowed as the DWP says you are too fat anyway.

Half of UK road users support usage-based road charging

Dead Vulture

Just another con

When the M6 Toll opened it needed 72,000 vehicles per month, mixed traffic, to break even. Currently it has 41,000 per month, mainly cars, and operates at a colossal loss. The only way it can continue to stay open is that the government pours money into it with 'research grants' from the MfT. This press release is just another little drip from propaganda.gov to con the peasants out of their taxes and to prop up lame ideas.

Anyone who believes that pay-per-mile works to the benefit of drivers is deluded. This is just another EU based plan to subjugate us into poverty, the idea came from the gravy train, unnecessary jobsworths of the the Germany/France alliance.

Don't be misled by the juggled figures or expect to pay less for using the roads. This government wants to privatise them and sell off what YOU own, that is their game, just look at the huge rises in the cost of train tickets to see the future of pay-per-mile.

London tenders for speed cameras


Just like Nottingham

where they can drive a stolen car to an estate, stop at mate's house for a beer, roar around at high speed, then off the estate and home. Average speed on the cameras, 5mph.

No police to worry about, the cameras will catch the real 'threats to society'. Doesn't work, does it.

RAC prof: Road charges can end the ripoff of motorists


The predictable future

Who would be the head of this independent 'government funded' committee, perhaps a 'retired professor of transport and infrastructure' who would be paid several times the PM's salary.

How many Billions would it cost to set up and guess who would be paying for it? Anyone who believes that the costs of use would also be low or stay the same, needs to look at the high tolls on the loss making M6 Toll propped up by under the table funding from the DofT.

The poor and middle classes would soon be priced off the roads to keep them clear for the politicians and 'retired professors' using their free passes on exclusive 'Zil Roads'. All motorways and major roads would be reclassified as Zil One or Zil Two. Zil Two would be quickly cleared for the junior politician's motorcades and their mates/WAGs as appropriate. Zil One would be for our senior political masters only.

Would we be screwed? You had better believe it, if you let them!

Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle unite with massive patch batch


Update: Oh No! Restore again.

Updated all patches and restarted. Now I am unable to access any folders on the desktop. When I click on a desktop folder all I get is MS Onenote opening full of blank pages, the desktop folder options all appear to be messed up, so Restore gets used again.

UK population to abandon Midlands


Time to go!

81% want to leave the Midlands. I can't wait for them to go as I live there and it would be a much quieter and better place to be.


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