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Activision denies Modern Warfare 2 Russian ban


Maybe it's your perspective thats wrong...

I really don't get the outrage, no one complains when a movie shows a terrorist act and then the hero tries to stop/catch/kill them and i don't see this as much different.. It isn't giving ideas to terrorists (no more than movies) unless terrorists have zero imagination.

In the game you are trying to infiltrate the terrorist group so you act like them to prove you are one of them and by doing this you screw everything up beyond belief. The message i got from the level was that if you have to become as bad as terrorists to defeat them then things will only get worse.

I can see how russians might be offended, not by the violence but by the way it shows the populance as being stupid enough to blame an entire country for the acts of a couple of extremists (or by the way they are always bad guys in modern games). I would be offended if they displayed british people as mindlessly blaming an entire nation for the acts of some wankers..... oh wait.

@synnercal; Yes i did that (didn't fire a single shot), you don't even need to kill the police, grab a riot shield from a police officer (let one of the terrorists kill one) then you can walk through the level without killing anyone.

Lily Allen exits Twitter, bins BlackBerry



Now if she just stops making comments to TV stations, news papers and celeb mags i will be the happiest person alive.

Welcome mat because there's a party at my house and everyone that doesn't like Lilly Allen is invited!

Cornish separatists take aim at pasty students


@ Pasty muncher

do you really know what it's like not to be able to afford a house anywhere near where you were brought up?

Why yes i do, i can't afford a house full stop, or a car, insurance or the petrol to go in one but instead of whinging about it and blaming others for my own problems i am spending all my money on getting an education that will improve my chances of getting a job (in fact i will have to move if i plan to get a job as anything other than a teacher, factory worker or mental health worker, which i'm sure are valid job options where you are).

When you get to work you might get a decent days wage, and if not you can find somewhere else close by to work. We have little option - other than moving abroad (i.e. England). Good jobs in Cornwall are few and far between.

The same as anywhere else in the country except major cities, i live in a fairly large town (in fact the largest town in europe) yet the only jobs available are warehousing jobs (minimum wage only) and teaching (less than 14 - 15k a year) or hospital work (under 18k a year), everything other than warehousing requires at least a year of higher education.

My one question to you would be this, how can you expect anyone to improve their chances of getting a good job or ever affording a house if you want to get rid of higher education? Yeah great idea lets get rid of students and learning, lets make anyone with any talent in cornwall have to go somewhere else to get an education, that will help! Stupidity like this will only hasten the decline of cornwall, not help it so stop focusing on your own backyard and take a look at the rest of the country, the same things are happening everywhere.

China bans foreign investment in online video games


@ Sounds OK

I don't mind advertising (within reason) in games, take a look at battlefield 2142, it's an FPS set in various made up ruined cities and strewn around those cities are billboard which have shown anything from core duo adds to new albums. As long as they aren't full page adds or obtrusive then im happy for a games company fund servers with ad money, the game is free to play (once you have paid for the game ofc) i wouldn't like it in any subscription based game tho.

'Hack Idol' to find top UK cyberwarriors



Surely this is going to attract the wrong people. Most people who would apply to this will be script kiddies and people with low to average skill, anyone with actual talent would avoid this kind of game show crap like the plague. The biggest skill in hacking is not getting caught so whats the point of asking all the hackers to step forward?

Yank slams El Reg 'zio-fruitcake' Playmobil 'crap'


@cordwainer 1 09:50 GMT

You, my friend, have earned the esteemed position of american english to english english translator to educate us brits on some of the more unfathomable american minorities. Hence forth you shall be required to translate all the bizaare comments that the rest of us can't understand, keep up for the good work!

Tories oppose charges and speed cameras


@ PirateSlayer

Well said mate! Don't break a law, don't get a fine, if you can't manage that you don't deserve to drive.

A quote from Matt 21

...even if the government stats were correct, getting hit at 40mph is not the same as driving at 40mph because drivers generally brake if some idiot steps out into the road. It also doesn't answer the question of what the person was doing walking out in front of a car.

So you were going faster than 40mph (in a built up area) to start with?

You have to wonder how some people even got a licence in the first place.

Google strips Pirate Bay homepage from search results


Move on, nothing to see..

Search result 1 - Google removes piratebay.org

Search result 2 - fake piratebay scam site

Search result 3 - piratebay on wiki

Search result 4 - piratebay/browse

Search result 5 - piratebay/top/201

Well that was about as effective as... er.... all the other attempts at removing media from the web?

Cracks show in music industry over P2P enforcement


@ Glyn2

They're ripping us off by charging more in the UK than elsewhere

-Check out Australia.....

They're ripping us off by charging way too much to everyone regardless of where they are (how can a DVD be worth £25 one day then 3 months later it's £2)

-Because when its new not enough people have watched it and spread the word that its crap, gouge who you can then try and get rid of whatever stock is left sems to be the motto for DVDs.

And why did Lily "The talentless tart should be left in a sack of Bream to die" Allen think she's got the right to say anything on the subject,?

-Because like most celebs shes ready to grab any bit of publicity she can get... i wonder more about why any one would bother to put her opinions in their publications

Badgers because they , like the music industry, are vicous and tend to attack anything in their way rather than adapt or work around it. (Also, unlike the music industry, they have a cool theme tune... mushroom mushroom SNAKE!)

Hackers serve up pre-release malware to Mac fanboys


Barely news worthy

Malware released for a new system close to release, what a suprise. Malware writers always go for the popular new releases in the hope that they can get on to a system before any oversights (which there always will be at the begining) get patched.

@ AC 12:12 Lots of people (idiot or skinflints) will visit dodgy sites in an attempt to get a product cheaper or free, even when the product costs very little. Thanks for the laugh about all viruses being written by anti virus companys, best one i've heard all week! Remember NO (not even my beloved linux) system is fool proof and arrogance leads to downfall.....

Mininova flattened by Dutch court


Re, They should do what The Pirate Bay has done

It's already been done, the pirate google is basically a search bar with filetype:torrent added to each search. I will enjoy the upcoming legal battle when/if google is asked to remove torrent files which it has no control over, it will make an interesting court case.

UK population to abandon Midlands


Re; Winshite


It seems the goal of living in London is never to speak or make eye contact with anyone you don't know. I had the unfortunate predicament of being lost in London and found that everyone i tried to ask for directions either totally blanked me or looked at me like i was stupid and walked away before i could say "excuse me, could you...." after 15 minutes of being ignored on an extremely busy highstreet i simply forced the next person walking by into a door way and demanded some directions...

"St pauls cathedral? thats a long way, you need to catch a tube"

"How far?"

"Ohh a long way"

"How far?"

"Maybe a mile?"

Needless to say i was stunned, a mile is 15 minutes walk, 20 if you dawdle.....