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LINX 'downed by ethernet loop' on external network

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it depends on how you isp is routing traffic to those sites.

BT biz broadband staggers to its feet after 4-hour titsup

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not noticed anything happen here. in fact its working better than ever

US spy drone hijacked with GPS spoof hack, report says

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Black Helicopters

is it just me

or does this sound very similar to the plot of the james bond film, tomorrow never dies, where they alter the gps to send a ship of course.

only this time, its being done wiht drones.

IKEA cuts ribbon on 'I've Got A Screw Loose Street'

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Paris Hilton


Last time I checked, it translated literally as 'I'm Missing A Screw'

Paris icon for obvious reasons

Explosion in iPad factory kills two, injures more

Martyn 4

This sounds like

it was an I-ed

BOFH: Every silver lining has a cloud

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Good as ever. I needed that to get through the rest of the day.

A fifth of Europeans can't work out how much a TV costs

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@ Steve Davies 3

and the reason these shop assistants use the calculator, is because even though the are capable of working it out, a lot of the customers insist that they cannot possibly have got it right.

Why did my server just die?

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to those saying why windows

Just want to tell you that the checkouts in tesco where you have the operator do the work are mainly running on windows 95. and the stores that have self scan are only just using XP

another place i know of is still using windows 2000 on a til system that was put in this year.

Queen set to outlaw ID cards today

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title - what title?

"Photographs, fingerprints and personal information that were submitted as part of the application process for an ID card will be destroyed within two months

more like

"Photographs, fingerprints and personal information that were submitted as part of the application process for an ID card will be copied to cd and lost within two months

UK start-up pitches touch-to-sync tech for watches

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this reminds me of those

syncronise watches and time check moments in some movies

BOFH: Pain fear games

Martyn 4

@ seanj

oh yes, it does still exist.

who the heck wants paintballs anyway, they go everywhere but where your aiming them

Co-op cashier's breasts overcharged for fruit and veg

Martyn 4

Re: Re: Did the prices go..

yes, her tits down made the scales go tits up.

still, nice to see HR are being supportive to her now.

UK ICT classes killing kids' interest in tech

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not surprising really

given that the GCSE course focuses on how to do transitions in powerpoint, and move the text about in word, its hardly surprising that people lose interest.

its also a key reason as to why school it technicians find so much crap in those broken down pcs. seeing how many crisp packets you can put in there through its front vent before it breaks is about as exciting as some lessons get. unless someone has found a new proxy that is

BT layoffs boost profits

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@ac 11.01

you dont even need it for 08 numbers

use saynoto0870.com and you can get the geographic number.

and if its a 0800, go to 0800buster and call that way


the pint? paid for with the savings on those calls

iPhone thief nabbed by GPS, cops say

Martyn 4
Black Helicopters


it can work both ways. it can help you find somewhere or something or it can help someone/something find you.

black helicopter? yep. to find you

MS confirms Windows shortcut zero-day flaw

Martyn 4

more to the point

what kind of admin would allow users the facility to even be able to use the usb ports of such a machine. allowing removable storage on a critical system is just asking for trouble.

if its not needed for it to work, why the heck is it enabled?

Spanish firm raided in logic-bomb backdoor probe

Martyn 4

erm... a title?

i thought this is what microsoft had been doing for years

Satnav pensioner smashes into 1953 Rolls

Martyn 4

and in other news

the owner of the only other one left is delighted to hear of its sharp increase in value...

Sony puts the USB power in your pocket

Martyn 4

old tech

the freeloader has been doing this for years now.

and it has the solar panel in addition to a battery pack and being able to provide power at the USB voltage.

mines the one with the freeloader in the pocket

Google brings @gmail.com back to Blighty

Martyn 4

what problems?

been sending and reciveing from @gmail since 2006 now and not had any problems with it at all.

ATM hacking spree foiled by tip from ex-con

Martyn 4


He also put Morris in touch with a purported ATM thief named Leo, who in reality was an undercover FBI agent.

Great choice of name there. how much more of a hint did he need.

mind you, BBC used sue windle and rob marks and people didnt get it did they.

fail icon, well

MS phishing filter blacklists everything

Martyn 4

another reason

as to why i wont use IE if i can get away with it


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