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SkyFire flees iTunes store

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Not totally brain-dead?

Until his not-so-clever but not totally brain-dead customers put their little thinking caps on and realize - "hey - if I had any other smart phone - I'd have the ~real~ Flash..."

MS to unveil fresh Flash challenge next week?

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The exact opposite is true.

What a moronic statement. Flash has led the way in innovation for the past decade.

Where do you think online video would be without Flash?

Where do you think Apple got all of the cool little animation tweens for transitions with the iPhone. The same animations that all smart phones now use and are becoming staples of Ajax pages as well. Flash had been doing that for 10 years before the iPhone. Who the hell do you think INVENTED the RIA?

And Flash is better than ever and here to stay. My advice? Learn ActionScript 3. Have some fun with Flash - if you have the programming chops.

Microsoft: Silverlight safe against HTML5

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More HTML5 exaggerations

The author states... "HTML5 offers an open architecture that all can build and help maintain and that is genuinely cross-platform."

"Genuiely coross-platform"? Really?

HTML5 relies on javascript. Javascript is not cross-platform. Developers must jump through many hoops to get it working cross-platform and it still doesn't function the same and never will.

That's why whenever you try to load up a complex application in the browser that goes well beyond mark-up, you get messages like - "Sorry - you must use IE8, Firefox or blah, blah, blah."

Google hugs Adobe harder with Chrome-PDF merge

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I'm going to call your mothers

I'm so sick of you sheep who can't mention the word Flash with qualifying it with a derogative like (if awful), etc. Why is it awful? Because Steve Jobs said it was?

C'mon, you can think for yourself.. it takes just a little more effort - but you can do it.

Flash fills an important need and always has. That's why it has been the single most ubiquitous piece of software in the World for many years. More than Windows. More than Javascript. More than anything.

And Flash will continue to thrive because browsers will NEVER implement standards completely. There will always be business reasons not to. Of course there are bad examples of Flash - just as there are bad examples of javascript, 'C', LISP, and every other Programming language.

The next time I hear one you twerps out there bashing Flash when all you know is HTML and a little javascript, I'm going to call your mothers and tell her to take away your internet privileges.

Google mocks Jobs with Flash on Android

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Don't mess with Flash

Steve Jobs - meet a million of the best and most creative Web Developers in the World. And when you're ready - if you're still relevant, we'll be there for you too.

Non-Flash video surges onto the web

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Even Forrester understands that HTML5 is NOT AN OPTION

Does anybody seriously believe the web is going to start being more HTML-like and less richly interactive? This argument against Flash is just silly. Here's an example of the future of media interfaces on the Web...


Notice even though it's all Flash, the URL changes with each asset page. That's for SEO.

Even Forrester understands that HTML5 is NOT AN OPTION.


Now, I assume some of your readers are software developers. For those of you that are able to go beyond a markup "language", the Flash community welcomes you with open arms. Let me assure you, it's a helluva lot more fun coding in Flash that trying to make JavaScript work in 10 different implementations across platforms and browsers.

For you HTML'ers... hey, Flash still needs a container - for now...

Open-source Sugar snared by Jobsian code block

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"leverage" vs. "use"

Yes but "use" only has one syllable. "leverage" has three.

Sounds wayyyy more intelligent.

Mozilla: 'no plans' to bundle Flash with Firefox

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Google's Embrace

Flashers welcome The Google Embrace!

Now c'mon, we all know plugins are the only true solution to cross-browser - cross-platform...

Let's just all be buds and promote what's good for The Web.

SilverLight too - the new Web can easily accommodate both.

Flash is The Future...

Do you think web pages are going to be more HTML-like or more iPhone-style liquidity - like you get with Flash?

Google mocks Steve Jobs with Chrome-Flash merger

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From Adobe:

"This the result of the collaboration between Adobe and Google and more will come from this collaboration, so stay tuned."

Hmmm... What do suppose is going to power GoogleTV?

Anybody like to guess?

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Kiss it.

I saw this response on Google's blog. I think it sums it up pretty nicely...

For all you flash haters and HTML5/Javascript elitist, KISS MY SHINY FLASHY CHROME COATED BEHIND!!

Ex-Sun man Bray takes on paranoid Android role at Google

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Apple's idiotic stance on Flash

No. Google is down because of concerns over dropping out of China.

But, in fairness, you're right. One day doesn't prove anything in the market.

BTW - AAPL now down 2.1%

Still, Apple's decision to piss off the most creative Developers in the World - Flashers - is going to cost AAPL dearly. Don't say I didn't warn you...

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Don't mess with Flash - or pay the price

Jobs has mad a HUGE mis-calculation.

AAPL stock down 1.5% so far today. The beginning of a loooong slide.

Steve Jobs Flash rant put to the test

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HTML5 ads would be worse.

The ad arguments against Flash are pretty moronic.

If Flash somehow magically disappeared, do you think advertisers would stop advertising?

They'd just switch technologies to javascript. And then you wouldn't be able to block the ads like you can with Flash.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - 2010 is The Year Of The Flasher:

Join or get left behind.

iPhone ego clash costs Flash at Virgin America

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Quit whining and start making something cool

Instead of whining about Flash - some of you could be learning ActionScript and taking part in the fun. You'll have to have an aptitude for writing software - so some of you won't be able.

It's a wonderful, very supportive community. We'll help you along.

C'mon - you know deep inside Flash is not going away. Do you think User Interfaces are going to get more like HTML? Download the Flash 10.1 beta. Get yourself a smart phone and start making something cool...

Either way, I and a million other Flashers are... it's not too late.

Opera beta bear hugs plug-in-free video

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Flash innovates - Standards follow...

HTML standards will continue to add stuff and improve at a rate that keeps them about 5 years behind Flash...

Flash's proprietary nature, ironically is a HUGE advantage in that it can innovate and be ubiquitous in 8 months... Standards take 5-6 years.

Every cool feature in HTML5 was inspired by Flash.

This setup is not changing anytime soon. That's very good for our beloved Internet.

Adobe to Jobs: 'What the Flash do you know?'

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Let me try to explain how software works...

For a suppose techie site, these people are well... technical dumb-asses. Let me try to explain how software works...

A SWF starts off as a blank slate. Then, developers of varying skill levels write code...

A highly skilled coder will write lean, fast and bug-free code...

A less skilled coder might write bloated, slow and buggy code...

Maybe Jobs should leave out the JPG standard since some people post huge JPG files.

Don't talk authoritatively about software when you don't have a freaking clue!

Adobe sounds off on iPad's Flash slap

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Jobs Horns

HTML5 is a looong way off...

Ask yourself what the percentage of browsers in the World can render HTML5.

Then ask yourself how many people are still running IE6 which came out 8 years ago.

Then tell yourself HTML5 will not be viable for another 8-10 years.

Sorry - that's the way "Open Standards" work. You'll have to deal with that horrible, mean 'ol Flash for many years to come.

Men more different from chimps than women, say boffins

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Every Christian I know acknowledges this

I'm a Christian. But I acknowledge "human beings are in general very similar indeed to chimpanzees". Gophers, roosters and penguins too.

I don't know one Christian who doesn't acknowledge that.

I understand it's fashionable to bash Christianity among brilliant intellectuals like you people obviously are. It just gets a little old, predictable and boring.

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Right... Intolerance is a sure sign of intelligence

I'm sure you and the author must be freaking brilliant and have all the answers to the unanswerable.

Please share them with us...

Joel Fiser

Was the swipe at Christianity necessary?

What a jerk-off you must be.

HTML 5 is no Flash or Silverlight killer — yet

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Flash is better BECAUSE it is proprietary

Proprietary is better in this case. Here's why:

Anyone who has actually developed web pages for a living, knows how painful it is to make your pages look the same across browsers and platforms.

Flash looks the same across browsers and platforms - BECAUSE it is proprietary.

Flash will always be light years ahead in terms of cutting edge features - BECAUSE it is proprietary.

Flash's Actionscript will always be far ahead of Javascript - BECAUSE it is proprietary.

Flash will always perform better - BECAUSE it is proprietary.

Time to get off of the 'proprietary is bad' mantra. Let's examine the technologies on their merit.

RIM joins WebKittens litter with Torch-Mobile buy

Joel Fiser

Google indexing Flash is like Google indexing Javascript.

Flash is a platform for displaying content. It is not the content itself. While some beginner level Flashers embed actual content (text, images, etc) inside a SWF, professional Flashers load configurable content at runtime using JSON, XML, etc.

Using Progressive Enhancement, professional Flashers create an experience that can be read by search engines, screen readers and users who don't have the Flash plugin. Using this method, only users with the Flash plugin see the Flash display. Search Engines Spiders don't have the Flash plugin - so they see only text - and index it.

This is not new. We've been doing this for at least 6 years.

RIM realizing that they need Flash to provide a complete experience leaves just one notable exception among the major smart phones - Mr Steve. He has cleverly milked his users for what he could - but now he'll have no choice. Flash on the iPhone within 1 year. He has to or become irrelevant.


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