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Android app logs keystrokes using phone movements

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Another possibilty

Make the number pad that comes up to unlock the phone random i.e. numbers randomly placed so you're never hitting the same sequence, as far a layout is concerned, every time. Would take a bit of getting used to as opposed to 'muscle memory' typing of the pass code, but would be a small price to pay.

NotW accused of hacking Milly Dowler's voicemail

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I wouldn't use a copy of the NOTW or The Sun to house train a puppy. Quite frankly I'd ask for clarification from a more trusted source if I read the date on the front of these rags.

Lady Gaga puts the squeeze on breast milk ice cream

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Well I never!...Apparently I need to add a title

"Clearly Lady Gaga has the good sense to distance herself AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE from this idiot."

There's a few more things I wish it would distance itself from AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, like maybe a microphone and any kind of recording studio, or maybe even Oxygen.

Apple coughs to time zone problems

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Surely all that's needed is an app to fix this......one that tells you when your current contract is up, to remind you to get an android phone next time.

EA takes Angry Birds publisher under its wing

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Can just see it now

An endless line of Angry Birds 11, 12, 13......... with a soundtrack of whatever one album wonder indie band the NME are championing this week.

Oh, and not forgetting, Angry Birds Euro 2012...Angry Birds World Cup 2014 etc etc etc....

Hackers spoof car warning system

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A bit OTT

.....I mean all that bother just to try to con motorists out of 10p by making them think they have to use the tyre inflators on garage forecourts, when they pull in to fill up.

3 billion have suffered Slade's 'Merry Xmas Everybody'

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Ok, it's a bit cheesy but...

it beats the f**k out of anything produced by x-factor hands down. Then again a dog farting into a microphone would be a better listening experience than any x-factor sh*te.

US bests UK in iTunes Xmas giftiness

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Close call

I'd rather listen to whatever garbage we are going to be subjected to by the f**king x-factor winner than any of that. You've gotta think that us in the UK are getting a better deal, I mean it's quite obviously 8 less on the crapometer.

As Catherine Tate's Nan would say "What a load of old sh*t"

Brown launches 'Zip it, Block it, Flag it' net code for children

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The new internet generation.

"Flag: Highlight any suspicious individuals, activities or websites to the relevant authority, including site admins, teachers or even police."

Does this mean that the kids are to report to the relevant authorities, that Mummy and Daddy have been on file sharing websites?

Year Zero, we've lost the older generation, let's brainwash the young ones, "remember kids multi million dollar corporations selling you the exact same repackaged music/movies every couple of years = good, lending it to one of your friends = bad".

Appeal Court: Mod chips infringe game copyright after all

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Without fail on here...

Any story about copyright infringement of any sort, be it music, movies or games brings out the 'Holier than thou' brigade, bumping their gums about 'freetards' and 'thieves'.

Put another record on, it's getting boring. Most of them you seem so far up on your moral high ground, that I'm surprised you can breath without the aid of oxygen tanks.

If you can sleep at night knowing that you have broken no laws whatsoever in your lives up to this point, then, by all means fell free to judge other people, but I would doubt very much that you could without being hypocritical.

As the 'Sex Pistols' once sang "No one is Innocent"

btw I'm not on the side of the copyright infringers, I just get pissed off at some of the guff posted on here from the aforementioned 'Holier than thou' mob.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard First Look

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I'm always amused at this site whenever someone mentions downloading something for free all the 'Holier than thou' brigade come out with smart arsed comments about 'freetards'.

Watch you don't get vertigo on the moral highground you sit on Doug Lowe. It must be great having obviously never broken any laws whatsoever, so that you are able to pass comment on other people with apparent impunity.

Glass houses and stone throwing etc.