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AOL joins advertiser exodus from Rush Limbaugh


Re: He'll get his pink slip soon enough.

You don't understand how this works. He (and his partners) owns the EIB network. He does the show from a studio, which many radio stations rebroadcast. He can't be fired by "his radio station" because he doesn't work for one. The only way he goes off the air is if many of his affiliated stations stop carrying his program. Given that he is the #1 most listened to radio show in the U.S., it's hard for most stations to take the ratings hit that this incurs.

Limbaugh's not going anywhere. He used some poor judgment in this case, but he'll weather it. The media can't destroy him because they didn't create him - he only gets hurt when he alienates his listeners, and this incident is not nearly enough to erode that loyalty.

Mass ASP.NET attack causes websites to turn on visitors

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Ignorance on parade

That is all.



I'm an ASP.NET programmer, so I was very interested to see what the author was trying to tell me was wrong with my sites.

Come to find out, the "attack" on ASP.NET is SQL injection - a vulnerability even a rookie programmer knows how to avoid, and to which any web platform is vulnerable if its application is poorly designed.

Reporting FAIL. Thanks for the time waste, Reg!

Gay-bashing cult plans picket of Steve Jobs funeral


WBC is shameful, but what you have to remember about them is that it's really nothing more than a business. They use tactics designed to inflame and incite, then sue when somebody snaps and becomes physically violent. It's their source of income.

These people aren't representative of even the right-wing fringe. They're simply a group of scam artists.

'Amazon Tax' California decision pushed back a year


"Get it? A business sells things at the highest price they can get away with balancing the higher price against falling sales."

Yes, that's true - in a theoretical monopoly. Out here in the real world, there's competition - and competition forces sellers to sell for as low a price as they can, so that they don't lose business to their competitors.

Amazon has many, many competitors.

When you tax a market segment, you force ALL the competitors within that segment to raise their prices. They don't care, because their competition is forced to raise prices by the same amount, so it doesn't hurt their competitiveness. The only one who gets hurt by such taxation is the consumer - who has to pay more no matter where he buys the product.

In this case, since Amazon can pull out of California, they are doing so in order to improve their competitiveness - if the Californian consumer can shop online at an outlet that doesn't have to charge the tax, and therefore can beat Amazon's price, they will.

Basic economic education is so lacking in our society. This ignorance is a cause of a boatload of social ills.


Amazon wouldn't be paying the taxes. Their customers will.

That's what always gets lost in these debates on corporate taxation: Corporations never pay taxes, of any kind, themselves. They factor taxation into their cost of doing business and charge their customers accordingly.

All high taxation on corporations - income tax, sales tax, what have you - does is increase the cost to the end consumer and decrease the corporation's global competitiveness.

The problem here is not with the amount of taxes being paid to the government. The problem is the amount of money being spent by the government.

Texas grandma gets first 'Super Wi-Fi'


Exactly right

Hey, Reg - how about publishing tech journalism instead of political editorials, hm?

Westboro Baptist Church taunts Anonymous over supposed attack plan


What you have to understand about WBC...

WBC isn't a bunch of nutcases, not are they particularly religious. It's a very simple scam: they provoke people until somebody gets fed up and resorts to violence. They then sue that individual and make hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's basically a business.

They're deplorable and despicable, but here in the U.S. they can't be stopped, which in a broad sense is a good thing. The best antidote to bad free speech is more free speech.

US Navy boffins put an end to drought


Score one for imperialism

All hail the evil, dastardly, warmongering U.S. military!

US likely to downgrade Euro missile-interceptor plans


Re: Re: Re Idiotic

Slabman, your sarcasm's too thick to see through to your point.

'Salright, it's easy to pick on the big kid. We can take it. Still, it gets tiresome having to liberate and shield the world from despots time and time and time again.

If I were king of the heap, I'd put the missile shield over U.S. territories and tell the rest of the world to take a flying leap. Protect your own damn selves from Iranian madmen. Or Soviet expansion. Or Nazi aggression. Or Japanese imperialism.

Unfortunately, that's just me.


Re: Idiotic

"...and America would become a 3rd world country with Serbian style racial, religious wars."

Jesse, you deeply misunderstand us. We have our own squabbles, but, like arguing siblings watching out for one another, there's nothing like a little existential threat to unify Americans. Most non-Americans can't relate to this impulse.

As for the topic at hand, nothing makes me happier than seeing us save our hard-earned tax dollars instead of providing the protection the Europeans refuse to provide themselves.


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