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Vodafone struggles to get iPhones out

Dave 145

Late Deliverys....

Is there an App for that....

2009's Top High-End Touchscreen Phones

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Eye phone!!!!

How can this be the best phone of this year. Reg i like you always have buty for this you suck, The HTC HD 2 is WAAAAAYYY better than the iphone. It is faster, the screen is as responsive and as for the app veriety there is loads for this phone.

Yes the Windows Marketplace sucks but there are any more site dedicated to offering FREE apps, and there not bound to STUPID rules like apple. To cap it off once and for all, IF there is a software fault you can easily roll back the OS to one that worked and if you dont want you are not forced into updating everytime you connect your phone to iTunes.

Spyware threat haunts squeaky-clean iPhones

Dave 145
Gates Horns


Now try that on a Windows Phone. Go on, I dare you, Can't do can you. Microsoft maybe paiinted as Evil but at least thier mobile OS kick some serious security ass. And you can develep and install what you want for it without restriction.

Apple on the other hand has to test every thing and approve it before letting you install it on THEIR phone.

The biggest flash drive in the world

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It's a backup of there "Personal entertainment" cough cough :D 60GB/s Makes for perfect HD streaming if you ask me.


Maybe this is the next step towards a better backup solution as tapes and ordinary HDD just dont provide the bandwith or storage required. With this i could backup my PC in just over 30 seconds

Blogging vicar casts Tina Turner into hell

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I was brought up the church for many years. Now i have the choice i dont do because for me religion is pointless. I'm not saying i dont believe in a god because there has to be a "higher power" or how did we come into existance, I mean the stuff that stareted life existed for millions of years, then suddenly came together.

Anyway back to the point at hand, I got married in a church for the reason that as I believe in a "God" that a church was the best place for me personally. As for my funeral i am still undecided as to be buried or go out in flames (either cremation or on a big pile of wood) for either i think i would have a preist, and Rev Ed makes a good point that if there is no spirtual value then he should be made to go.

Helpdesk Heroes or unappreciated geeks?

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Paris Hilton

Serial Number

My Favourite at the moment is, when asking a user for the serial number off the sticker on her machine we got the response. "I'm sorry but I'm not Technical and cannot do that".


Paris because well, errr.... yeah sums it up quite well really

Toshiba reveals Cell TV specs

Dave 145

How BIG!!!

"1333 x 966 x 400mm" Please tell me that this is a typo and the TV is not over a foot deep!!!

Intel vows PC virtualization skoolin' for OEMs

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That why I use an AMD Processor and for one they have supported VT since the Athlon 64.

Intel have taken a postive step to get OEM's to open this up which is good, but to be fair who would buy a Sony laptop anyway. It's overpriced tat and just wants to show how small a C*ck they have, any one that buys a FS was just asking for it!!

Apple's iPhone loses carriers money, claims researcher

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"It's hard to believe that the iPhone hasn't raised O2's profile among mainstream consumers"

Oh but it has. It's made a "we hate you" campaign. Since the launch of that "thing" O2 haven't picked up any of the good phones. It got the HTC Diamond as the Ignito but that was almost 6 months after everyone else, and it's not picked up the TouchPro 2 either. Also to add insult to injury they have upped the prices of there current handset so most of the phones you could get free on an 18mo £35 p/m contract are not free on 18mo £75+ or 24mo £45+

USB overseer ready to certify SuperSpeed kit

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Illinois bright spark sparks car inferno

Dave 145

Only in America

And they wonder why we call them Stupid!!!!

Microsoft names the day for iPhone come-back punch

Dave 145


@ Grease Monkey. WM is possibly one of the most secure OS out there. Have you ever seen a virus or hack on a real smart phone (not including apple as the browser has more holes than a blaock of swiss cheese)

And you dont buy Windows Mobile it comes preinstalled and configured from maufacture.

Google applies patch to nasty Chrome vulns

Dave 145

Up to Date

Thats why real people use chrome 4.0.202. Google are slipping if the beta is 2 full versions infront of the release

Three-way fight for Real's iPhone-Rhapsody application

Dave 145

Just like.....

I think this is a great move from real. Google have had there app essentially rejected and if they reject the Real one as well maybe people will see that apple blows. Its either their way or the highway. Now where i have i seen this before.... oh thats right.... its the same way the chinese run there country. You have use what they want and only what they want.


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