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Google taps Gmail for more clicks with ad tweak


I like the ads

I have a Google Apps Pemier subscription with the adverts TURNED ON!

I actually find them useful, if I'm interested in a topic, google serves up relevant adverts which on many occasions have presented with the information or products I'm looking for, even saved me money by directing me to another site.

Google to mobile industry: ‘F*ck you very much!’


El Reg - Time to listen huh!

Quit with the Google is evil crap...

Sure they do the odd bad thing, so do all mayor corp' but they also do a lot of good things, unlike a lot of said same major corp'.

Just try (for once) to be unbiased towards Google ok???????

Yes I am a Google fan Boy...so sue me!

Gmail users howl over Halloween outage


Only interested in bad news about Google?

Funny that I only ever hear bad news (or at least recently) about Google here, not a mention in the last couple of weeks about Google's 3rd quarter results, Jaguar Land Rover and the City of Los Angeles both going Google...all of these have mysteriously gone unreported.

A day in the life of an email manager



move over to google apps...and use Gmail...worries over.

There’s no escaping the cloud


@ Scott 70

No I don't expect all IT departments to go to the cloud and I accept that my target market will find it easier to move over to it. perhaps if companies with an 'Infrustructure of magnitude to maintain' may also find it cost effective to move to the cloud.

However there are real advantages for moving to the cloud (fully or partly) for organisations of all sizes and many are implementling roll outs of 10's of thousands of users.

All i'm saying is to dismiss it out of hand is a tad short-sighted.


Protectionist are we?

It would be interesting to find out how many of the 'cloud is bad' brigade are working in IT positions which would be under threat if their employer moved to the cloud.

I for one say 'Cloud is Good'


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