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Vulture 1: Plane plans planned

John 181

Ice Ice baby

Paper + Water Vapour + High Altitude = Flying block of ice!

I hope the paper is completely coated because there is a very real chance of it picking up moisture on the way up and then it freezing solid!

This is not a good thing!

Sky 3D soccer fails to score

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What about the other sports?

Dont forget the other sports that it WILL work well with.






Womens Beach Vollyball


Motor Racing


X Games

Long distance shots are not ment to be 3D, you can make them 3D by seperating the cameras by a larger distance but the fact is the brain would not handle it well and make you sick.

Dont forget that 3D home video cameras will be comming out along with the TVs!

3D TV is the greatest thing to happen since flat screens first showed up!

Next stop, Holographics TV's

Tobacco biofuel to solve energy/ environment crisis?

John 181

Fine, I will save the world!

Want to save the world

Step 1

Construct massive, very long Tunnels under a Deserts using TBMs

Step 2

Fill with salt water from the rising seas!

Step 3

Grow billions of tons of Algea


Vast areas of unused land that are not used for food production.

Solar power availiable to run the whole production process

Poor parts of the world hit by Global Warming will turn into deserts so perfect places to build Production Plants that provide jobs and investment in local economy!

Oh wait, this wont make rich evil corporations even richer!


Ads watchdog underclocks reseller's 9.2GHz AMD CPU claim

John 181

I have a 13.6 Ghz CPU

You are all confusing hz with Speed when it should be thought of as Quantity, I know it sounds backwards but its the way it is.

A hz is a marble, the Cpu is a tube, it always takes 1 second for a marble to travel down the tube, its not how fast a marble can go down a tube, its how many marbles can travel down the tube in that 1 second that is the real speed of a CPU

lets take a Phenom II 965 X4 3.4 Ghz

This will give you access to 3.4 Ghz x 4 to give you 13.6 billion cpu cycles per second!

Thus giving you a theoretical 13.6 ghz processor.

A single core 13.6 Ghz CPU can handle 13.6 Billion Marbles per second

A Quad Core 3.4 Ghz CPU can handle 13.6 Billion Marbles per second

When somone says that a Quadcore is a 13.6 ghz Cpu what they are saying is that the CPU can process 13.6 billion cycles a second in total.

Nokia launches laptop

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The Perfect Netbook

11" 1280x720 LED LCD

Dual Core Atom

2 GB Ram

500 GB HDD

Swivel Touchscreen display (Tablet Mode)


Largest keyboard you can fit!!!

Optional: Built-in LED Projector (£90 upgrade)

I think this would be the holy grail of Netbooks, if they can offer all this for around £349 then I can see Notebooks dying out!


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