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Carriers vs cops: Australia's spectrum conundrum


Easy, lease back option

The emergency services owns 1/3 of the bandwidth, rents half of it to the telcos and in an emergency they whip it out of the telco system and use it exclusively.

Whether its two or three competitors is irrelevant, it still gives Telcos far too much control.

Killer piranha stalk Folkestone pond

Jobs Halo

Love those Euphemisms.

For once my work hasn't blocked out gutter based comments infesting TheRegister.

Microsoft phones coming next week?

Paris Hilton

Kids are tech savvy today

Right, just like they are car savvy, they can get in and drive, guess where the windscreen wiper is and find the drink tray. Does that really make them savvy?

All the teenagers I know fall into two categories, computer lovers (gamers, computer students) and computer users (every other kid in the first world who has music on their phone and sends 100+ texts a day).

Computer users are limited to whats on the device or what their friends use... no open source sorry. So I guess Microsoft is marketing in the right direction then.

Paris, cause thats the group being marketed to...

Handset makers, the criminal's friend


So many things to be disturbed by

The police don't need to get into my locked phone. If I have been hit by a bus, and my phone still works, my immediate contacts are listed on the main info screen.

So if the Arab phone operator had been better at their job they could have installed any creepy piece of software?

I am obviously drunk, reading a Register article that is siding with lazy cops.