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BOFH: Where's my free fondleslab?

Daniel 31

Worse BOFH ever!

??? Honestly. Maybe its time to put the BOFH into retirement if he resulting to this crap...

Smut oglers told to opt in to keep web filth flowing

Daniel 31

I don't think that box will even be ticked by default but more like a page displaying something like


As a responsible ISP and in partnership with the government we are please to offer you an household wide option to filter out adult content. This filter will work on all devices in your home that connect though our service, including Ipods, Ipads, tablets and some mobile phones connecting via wi-fi. There is no software to install as we do the hardwork for you.

If you wish to filter this content please confirm this by ticking the box below then clicking next. You will be able to opt-out anytime by using our members portal or by calling customer services."

Something that will give the subscriber more info, makes it sound simple and gives them a clear choice.

Either way. Its a system for new customers and existing customers will be able to opt-in (Well thats BT's idea and i'm guessing the others will follow suite). Remember that these ISP's don't want to upset or offend there customer base. When I got a new mobile contract last year in which they knew I was 18 I got a text message stating that because they knew I was 18 access to adult content had been enabled on my account and if I wished to switch the filter on all I had to do was call customer services. Mobile networks are supposed to put the filter on everyone then remove it when customers provide proof of age.

Daniel 31

Well its going to work a bit differently then reported.

First off this is for NEW customers. When you sign up you will be offered to filter adult content. Its not a default on system. Its an option that will be presented to you when you sign up.

Existing customers will not be "opted in" automatically. But they will (at least BT saying they will, guessing the other will follow) offer a method to opt in if you wish.

And remember Talk-Talk offer this service already. and Vermin Media have "OpenDNS" style DNS system inplace already inorder to get some ad cash from mistyped domains, so it won't take much to offer these services.

I agree with a network level filter even if its a service like OpenDNS and a config change on your router (if its open enough to do so) to send DNS requests though its own settings not the device's choices. Some people want to keep there kids away from porn or other content they don't want there kids to see. But it shouldn't be a UK wide opt out system.

From what I've read and watched its not the end of porn as we know it, but a method to better educate subscribers about the options they have available to them

Its not the end of porn as we know it...

Android Marketplace blocked by Great Firewall of China

Daniel 31

No Martet - Broken Gmail.

Well Gmail gets its push notifications via the market app (as well as C2DM - its a constaint connection designed to keep overhead down). My guess would be this is why gmail has stopped working. Swap to IMAP with the standard email app and should be back up and running alas with the lack of push and having to rely on poll.

Just my 2 cents

Virgin Media blames Activision for Call of Duty lag problems

Daniel 31

lag.... What lag?

Virgin Media customer here, I have none of these issues. Dunno what all the fuss is about :-p

Texas cinema texter becomes foul-mouthed movie star

Daniel 31

Saw it before the news broke.

I saw this vid linked from another site before the reg posted it. Yesterday the un censored version only had 350 views when I saw it, not its close to 350,000 :-D

Troll face cause it has nothing to do where I saw the video first. honest gov ;-)

Console modders attempt to bypass Xbox Live ban

Daniel 31
Gates Horns


This is old news. You also need your CPU Key for the banned console inorder to decypt the NAND, if you got banned lately your using the lastest dashboard which has been patched so you can't extract the key from (yet).

If you did get your CPU Key when you could then you prob already know this info.

If your banned and your looking for hope then your out of luck.

It's a shame that the mod for the console is detectable when using backups, but the writers are working on that problem :)

Irate iPhone owner allegedly shows gun to Apple Store worker

Daniel 31

"The iPhone has been placed in a smartphone protection programme."

Its now disguised as a pre and is living a better life....

Sorry just had to say it... no harm meant, i have an iphone too.

Game censorship crusader sues Facebook for $120m

Daniel 31

pacman made me do it...

Yeah, Pac-Man made me pop pills, make funny noises and eat sutff lying around the place...

OH WAIT.... NO.... Sorry my bad, that was just uni :P

Anyways, can i sue facebook for just existing??? its causing me great distress.

Handset makers, the criminal's friend

Daniel 31


"but we understand that the police Phone Examination Units particularly dread receiving handsets from Sony Ericsson."

But as a phone hmmmmmmmm tech ;) i love "playing" with Sony Ericsson Phones... FFS if i can grab SIM ID's phone book, SMS etc etc etc via bluetooth why are the cops having trouble when they have the phones in there hands...

glad to see my taxes are being spent on people who know what they are doing LOL


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