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It's not our fault we don't hire black people, says Facebook


Re: So what you're saying is...

Wait. So there is no bias or discrimination at all in the employment process. It's just that "Different ethnic groups tend to follow different cultural norms ... " Realy ? So that's all there is to it ???

So if equally qualified and experienced afro-american and white american candidates apply for positions their chances are generally equal?

My experience suggests this is often just not true. I am not denying that "different cultural norms" exist and are a factor but to suggest that's it the only factor is a major over simplification. Like it or not there are many who still harbour racist views and suggestions that it's ALL down to "different cultural norms" allows them to hide their views and carry on unchecked.

Please stop over-simplifying it down to basically issues with the ethnic groups themselves. Yes - there are issues with cultural expectations and practices (on all sides) but also there are problems with the education system AND with employment recruitment practices.

Employers ( just like everyone else) should not be let off the hook


Re: So what you're saying is...

The fact that lots of people seem to agree with the post above makes me sad.

Who exactly is suggesting that people should be hired on the basis of their skin colour?

For me the issue is that when the break down of the workforce is massively different from the general population it suggests a problem. Maybe part of the problem is a lack of skills / qualifications and maybe - just maybe - part of the problem is the recruitment process.

Suggesting companies like Facebook don't employee significant numbers of minorities mostly because of a lack of skills / qualifications is a bullshit cop-out that lets people feel comfortable with the status quo and they can pretend that biases, conscious or un-conscious discrimination does not exist.

Have I gone through a time warp and found myself in the 1960s ?

Who killed ITV Digital? Rupert Murdoch - but not the way you think


Re: missing the point

Also, if they weren't involved in hacking of their competitors there must be a massive conspiracy against them in order to have separate lawsuits in France, Italy and Australia all claiming pretty much the same thing.

How much smoke can you have without fire?

Ralph Lauren says sorry for incredible shrinking pelvis


Diversity ? Don't make me laugh !

Seriously, diversity in the fashion image really ? How come the vast majority of images are of unnaturally skinning models?

And when an actual woman (Jesthar) points out one of the problems with the obession with "size zero" is that she can't find clothes to fit her an apologist for the fashion industry responds "Is it not possible that you're just an unusual size and shape" - WTF ? Putting your insult to her aside, do you have any idea how many women complain about not being able to find clothes that fit them ?

I find this argument that they are just catering to the market extremely doubtful. All sorts of industries have got themselves into a "vicious feedback loop" where they convince themselves that they, and not the consumer, knows best. This persist until the consumer revolts - the problem is though that for the comsumer to revolt there has to be a credible alternative.

Steve Swan (above) makes a good point that women's fashion is not aimed at men but the real question is who determines what today's fashion is? It seems to be an unrepresentitive elite who set unhealty standards. I suspect they operate in a feedback loop where they try to out-do each other trying to reach some internal industry ideal. And what the women in the street needs actually does not matter that much because she (the woman in the street) will want what the fashion industry creates - I mean its not like there's much choice. For any that doubt this - try to go shopping for something that isn't this year's style.


Try telling your GF/wife you like her curves !

The really sad thing is that many women are brain-washed to think that we (men) perfer these pathetic stick insects that pass for fashion models. I've actualy had arguments with women because I've stated that most guys I know don't want really skinny women and the usual response is to be met with disbelief ... at which point I just give up.

I hate the stupid assertion from those in the fasion industry that it's just about selling clothes and that the constand bomdarding of fashion industry images does NOT influence how women perceive themselves. This is ridiculous crap.

The fashion industry has a profound influence on people and there needs to be some more basic regulation.

Windows 7: Microsoft's three missed opportunities

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significant improvement over XP - for real !

Well. I think they are actually done a good job. I've recently switched to windows & (64 bit) as my main development box was running XP and it got infected with nasty virus ( that's another story ! ...)

I am honestly pleased with windows 7. Its much faster than XP (for me) and there are signficant inprovements with the UI which make it a pleasure to use. I used to find that XP was fast when initially installed and then it would slow down after a week or so. (I've tried Windows7 on a 1.0 Ghz laptop and a 3.4Ghz PC).

IMO the complaints about the hidden file extension and hidden menu are just silly and these can be enabled after a few minutes of playing around. Yes the user should not have to do this but come on - is that the best the auther can come with ? It Sounds like the author tried really hard to find three things he did not like.

I agree about the multi-touch (tried on a DELL tablet also also). The two issues that bug me are (a) Window Backup only lets you backup complete libraries and (b) there's a lack of desktop management ttools ( I can't find out how to change the taskbar or icon size and I'd like to be able to group things on the desktop).

However, overall Windows 7 is pretty good. I feel like i've got a new PC. Its faster, most things are easier and I've got much more disk space ! I never thought I'd turn into a windows fanboy !

Microsoft to encircle Google and Apple with Windows Mobile split


Spot on analysis from JS Greenwood

The analysis from JS greenwood is insightful and spot on for me. Well said.

PS - I just love some of the colorful "dick" language here:

from @DR - "..... the smeg inside Beelzebub's foreskin"

from SlabMan - ".... not a nerd's penis substitute"

Brilliant - I couldn't stop laughing.

Moles say MS to tackle iPhone, Android separately

Big Brother

I smell pokies being told

if a company takes a gamble and develops for one these proposed platforms will their apps run on the other one automatically ? Are the deliberately trying to fail ? This assumes we take the information at face value.

IMO either, the leaked information is wrong or its just marketing spin to keep their windows mobile OEMs on board until windows 7 arrives at which time they'll let 6.5 die off.