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Dark blue side of the Force used to quell Star Wars nerd clash


Life copies art?

Sounds more like the an episode of a certain US comedy?

Google tells Microsoft to yank its new WinPhone YouTube app

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Re: Apps schnapps.

I couldn't agree more. Any app which is in effect a "nice" UI and does not add anything more than that should be uninstalled and down-voted. Saves on storage and removes the need to update the app to boot.

The world and their dog are obsessed with apps 'cause they souund like the cool thing ot have when in most cases, it should really about the underlying data and services.

BSkyB to flick switch on network-level smut-'n'-violence filters


Re: Not again

There's nothing to stop you turning off the wifi on their router, using it purely as the modem part and then connecting your own router to it?

Tracy brothers are back: Thunderbirds Are Go! again in 5... 4... 3...


Just re-show the originals

I'm serious.

A few weeks ago, I showed my 4-year-old son an old Thunderbirds DVD which belonged to his older brother. I thought that he'd be unimpressed. Quite the opposite: he's hooked. I've had to get the Tracey Island and thunderbird vehicles down from the loft, buy new batteries and search ebay for missing parts.

The best April 1 gags … or were they?

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Re: Losing the Plot and a Nation........ in a very Peculiar Parliamentary Coup with No Vision

amanfromMars1 for PM, I say!

Gov decides not to have scientific advice on drugs any more

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RE email your MP

Good idea. I keep forgetting about this. I have just written to mine.

Web2.0rhea means ‘higher insurance premiums’


RE Helpful Neighbours

So Number6, what you are suggesting is that we get helpful Web2.0 neighbours to continue to post inanely on our behalf whilst we're away?

OpenSUSE defaults to KDE


Just make it work

I don't care about whether Gnome or KDE is the default: I'd change it to KDE anyway. I just want a version that works. OpenSUSE 11.1 was a complete disaster from my perspective.

BTW @Charles King: I suggest we've already exceeded your estimates by some way!


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