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Mum given young nympho's phone number

Damian Jauregui

Virgin screw up again...

So, what about Big Susie and Kylie? Who will compensate them for their lost business? :o)

Bretons turn on Britons

Damian Jauregui

From Scarborough!

After living in Scarborough myself for years, I would feel like doing the same their car! :o)

About that TV service, Mr Branson...

Damian Jauregui

Virgin - NTL - Telewest

Please don't forget, NTL exists because it bought up CableTel, who in turn bought up Diamond Cable, etc. and was the company behind Virgin.Net in the first place (and which online originally). Virgin.Net is operated like the rest of the Branson empire, i.e. I will take 50% for the use of my name, you will take 50% for doing all the work, oh yes, please don't screw the punters too much, it is my name after all. Peace out baby!


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