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Who are the biggest electric car liars - the BBC, or Tesla Motors?

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I've just seen avery intersting picture on another forum

The way this was charged in at least one place:


2 * 13Amp plugs paralleled into a 32Amp Cee-form. Called a widow maker for a very good reason: unplug one and leave the other in and you will get shocked, hard. A very dodgey, dangerous, bodge indeed. Something I reckon will be increasingly used as electric cars come into being before the charging network. I don't know if they're specifically illegal, but I'd hate to be the electrician who did it.

New RAF transport plane is 'Euro-w*nking makework project'

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Quite true

Much as there is much wrong with a bunch of out of touch old men with a tendency towards working whilst "tired after dinner" running the country they sadly really do seem to do a better job than the elected house....

Which probably says a lot about what we've stuffed the commons full of.

'Hippy' energy kingpin's electric Noddy-car in epic FAIL

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You've been beaten to it.

I was chatting to a phd student a few years ago who was working on fun ways to store hydrogen, which involved a) silica b) me not understanding.

It's still very much research in progress - fuel cells have a lot of development left yet before they're as good as they're going to get. Obviously no one yet knows for sure if they're going to be actually useful - that is the issue with research: if we know we wouldn't have to do it!

Cameron cocks up UK's defences - and betrays Afghan troops

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We can only hope that the army remember the cuts

and thus the tanks role the other way when ordered.

Oh how I wish.

'Squeeze green oil from North Sea by squirting CO2 in' - prof

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Makeing the carbon capature gear

Could be profitable for us as well?

Aside from finding the capital to invest I don't really see what's not to like from a national interest perspective.

People have no bloody idea about saving energy

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What you are missing

Is that it refers to the washing machine not the tumble dryer. They're saying that washing cloths at 30 rather than 60 (translate into Fahrenheit if you're a yank) saves more power than line drying. Something I hadn't thought of I confess, but think about how much water is used to wash your cloths and how much power it must take to heat it up to 60 C in a sensible time scale and you can see how it could be true.

Darling confirms telephone line tax

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It'd true

Nationalised Fibre to the home, even if sold off directly after it's done, would be a sensible option however I believe it comes under the general heading of socialism and we don't appear to have a socialist party to vote for

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini

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No Highs, No Lows, it must be Bose


Bring Other Sound Equipment.

Have you heard the Bose 302's? They are the nastiest subs money can buy. They know only one note no what the input and manage to turn that into the sound of a large mammal farting. Horrid things which very much put me off their domestic offerings.

Virgin to offer 100Mb/s broadband by year's end

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Traffic Management

The 50MB service doesn't get throttled so I doubt this will. Even the 10 and 20 only gets throttled to half speed, which whilst (intentionally) lame for downloading anything is still very usable for email \ browsing.

Of course if you live in the wrong place (Selly Oak, Birmingham) then your broadband isn't so broad: every house is a student house and they all want some thing resembling the advertised speed so instead get ~1MB, depending (slightly) on time of day. I live 20 minutes down the road and get headline speed pretty much all day every day (expect when I'm throttled, being as that I don't have the 50MB service)

Virgin Media battles privacy campaigners on P2P monitoring

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They seem to be a little behind the curve

A lot of fileshareing is these days done with sites like rapidshare \ megaupload \ other clones. An awful lot of the content of those sites is in the form of encrypted rar files. Whilst there is a very high likely hood that such files are going to be infringing there's no way to say for sure. So it looks at what proportion of BT traffic is infringing (there was a story here the other day showing the results of doing that at a university in the USA - it was lots) but does nothing for a big chunk of infringing traffic.

Microsoft delays Visual Studio 2010 launch

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Better late than slow

Better to release a product late than buggy, really more people should do it.

Yahoo! apes! Google! with! more! Web2.0rhea!

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Relevant Tweets?

There are such things as relevant tweets? I though that went against the whole point of the service?

Porn app targets your Android

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Sounds like a job I'd like

"self-righteous, ignorant and/or annoying people need not apply"

A company free of wankers, making money from wankers. I'm in.

Gmail de-goodened by contact list glitch

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Not just webmail that's being slow

I use gmail though IMAP and that's also very slow, to the extent that it times out as often as not.

Anti-virus forgetfulness fubars Fox forecast

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The art of putting together a show pc

PC's to be used live (be it power point at a corporate event or stuff to be broadcast) should never have any form of internet connection and have no unnecessary software installed on them and in the circumstances that includes AV. And Windows update. and all the other things that are utterly essential on a normal pc. Install only what's necessary to do the job at hand and test the hell out of that before anyone sees it.

Oh and disable the windows sounds as well, if there's any chance that the sound from the pc will ever be used.... BING! though a respectable pa whilst funny every time doesn't half make people look silly.


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