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Daily Stormer binned by yet another registrar, due to business risks

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Re: citation needed

And domain registrar Nic.at have confirmed that their Austrian domain name has indeed been terminated



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Re: citation needed

Yes I have visited the site to see for myself. The three quotes in my third paragraph were copied from it. I would have quoted more from that item but it was quite difficult to find complete sentences which didn't contain some form of obnoxious abuse.

I note with interest that since I posted my comment their Austrian domain address is now returning a "502 Bad Gateway" message. A story today at the Austrian news site derstandard.at suggests that the domain had been set up to block access from German and Austrian IP addresses - presumably an attempt to avoid legal issues in those countries. It also says that nic.at, the domain registrar for .at, were aware of the situation and looking into it. Perhaps the "502 Bad Gateway" message means they have been booted off this domain as well.


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Re: Dark Web Maybe

Actually the Daily Stormer acquired a new Austrian domain four days ago and are available at that as well as via the onion link. We'll see how long this new domain lasts. The registrar of their previous Albanian domain (purchased through a reseller) booted them off after a couple of days.

Do I care about the free speech of this site ? Let's see. The Daily Stormer's troubles began when they posted some vile abuse about Heather Heyer who died at Charlottesville. They blame Heyer for the consequences - losing their original domain name, being booted from several domain registrars etc. Heyer being dead they have decided her family should be "held responsible".

So they have run stories urging their supporters to engage in the online abuse of Heather Heyer's mother. "We need to TROLL STORM!" "This is war mode now. We are going on the offensive." Her mother "is going to wish she never would have fucked with the white race." This is accompanied by disgusting abuse.

Far from "defending to the death" their right to "free speech" I'd be more than happy to push them over the cliff.

HBO shocks US pay TV world: We're down with OTT. Netflix says, 'Gee'

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about 20 years after every other form of entertainment began being delivered over the internet.

20 years ago when less than 10% of the developed world was on dial-up ?

London cops cuff 20-year-old man for unblocking blocked websites

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I was wondering if this was to do with the seizure of the domain(s) for the Immunicity proxy service and according to torrentfreak it was.

Police Arrest Operator of Torrent Site Proxies | TorrentFreak

"Initially it appeared that the domain seizures were the result of a request PIPCU sent to the domain registrar, as happened previously with other ‘pirate’ domains. However, as more information came in this case turned out to be different.

City of London Police inform TorrentFreak that they actually arrested the alleged owner of the domain names. The 20-year-old man from Nottingham was interviewed at a local police station and later released on bail.

Pending further investigation he agreed to voluntarily transfer the domains to the police."


"Commenting on the arrest, FACT Director Kieron Sharp argues that these proxy sites and services are just as illegal as the blocked sites themselves. "

Firefox, is that you? Version 29 looks rather like a certain shiny rival

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I don't have any problem with change - I've spent some time changing Firefox the way I want it. I do this partly because I have a number of add-ons set up the way I like, partly because I prefer it laid out the way I want and partly because the onset of cataracts means that I'm obliged to customize colours and font sizes and set up short-cuts to deal with sites with unreadable colour schemes.

Ironically I was actually reading this thread as the update downloaded. Just as well really because the hour or so getting Firefox back to how I like it would have taken far longer without the useful advice. Cheers commentards. (It wouldn't have taken as long as that if one add-on ('RSS Icon') hadn't choked on the upgrade and stuck every available icon into the address bar). Now if my eyesight was worse than it already is, or I hadn't been pointed to the add-ons I needed, then I would still be struggling with things.

I'm resigned to Firefox changing things periodically and my having to do some housekeeping. At least unlike Opera or Chromium I have that choice. And it's good to have a tidy up once in a while. Nonetheless there are a couple of aspects of this upgrade that are more than a little tiresome. I understand perfectly well that Mozilla feels I should prefer tabs on top - but I don't. If an upgrade is going to retain some of the choices I have made in the past why does it always override others - tabs on top being a case in point. Similarly colours. Having customized the default background colour because of my eyesight why does it insist on resetting it.

And most tiresome of all if you're going to remove the Add-On bar and any custom toolbars that have been set up why keep all the shortcuts they contain and stick them into the remaining toolbars - in my case making the browser temporarily unusable while I got to grips with the new customization screen. Very dumb.

NSA denies it knew about and USED Heartbleed encryption flaw for TWO YEARS

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Not so unlikely after all

Within a day two people successfully met Cloudflare's challenge and obtained the private key from their test site by exploiting heartbleed.


Winamp is still a thing? NOPE: It'll be silenced forever in December

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Vanish ?

Used Winamp since it was launched but I managed to go 16 odd years without paying anything, so the news I won't be able to in future leaves me fairly dry eyed.

I run version 2.8 on legacy windows boxes and I'll carry on doing so until such time as I finally cut the ties with Microsoft.

Everyone's needs are different. I hardly ever use playlists and can't stand software which wants to 'organize' my files - including the bloatier versions of Winamp of course (I mean really just fuck off with that). I just want a simple player that handles a range of formats. Winamp isn't perfect but it has some very useful features. Tried lots of others but never found a player I preferred until I came across 1by1, a freeware directory-based player, and I still use Winamp for single files and podcasts.

Winamp (at least the paid for versions of it) may disappear from mainstream shareware sites but it's only going to "vanish from the web" if AOL bothers issuing take down notices to the various legacy software sites which already host every version of it. Those versions which don't need a paid for license will still function as well as they did from new downloads. Might want to grab any plugins or skins before Winamp.com is switched off though.

Thousands! of! Yahoo! Mail! users! driven! crazy! by! revamp!

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Re: You can use the old interface by editing the URL

Actually you can make that the default interface in the Yahoo Mail Settings as someone pointed out above.

Click on the menu icon (top right next to the identity avatar), choose settings and go to the 'Viewing email' tab. At the bottom choose 'Basic' as opposed to 'Full featured'.

Apple iOS 7 makes some users literally SICK. As in puking, not upset

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Re: IOS7.0.2 email issues

Well, you had the makings of an excellent pun in 'blackberry way' - shame you spoiled it by throwing in a reference to the wrong pop group.

Lotus 1-2-3 turns 30: Mitch Kapor on the Google before Google

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Interesting account - however you seem to have wiped the Commodore Pet, which also ran Visicalc, out of history, although it was rather more significant for business users than the Apple ever was. Agree Supercalc was much better than Visicalc.

For me it was Visicalc > Supercalc > Quattro Pro for Windows - which my former employers were still using up to a year ago. (I still use it occasionally for personal use). I don't agree that Quattro failed to make the transition to windows. It wasn't the first spreadsheet to have tabbed pages with straightforward internal links but it was the first usable implementation of them, and it was the first windows spreadsheet to have them. It was also the first windows spreadsheet with contextual menus. (And in my opinion its original macro scripting language was a lot easier to get to grips with than its rivals or the Perfectscript (ugh) which Novell introduced). All irrelevant ultimately since Excel adopted its rivals innovations and overtook them. Well except in one regard - I've never warmed to the basic design of the Excel GUI in the way I did Quattro's.

Google annexes Bibliothèque Nationale de France

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Something not quite right about this story...

The Bibliothèque Nationale de France haven't agreed a deal whereby Google digitizes texts. They already have their own digitzing scheme with over 750,000 texts already online and freely available at gallica.bnf.fr. (An effort which puts our publicly funded libraries to shame, particularly since Microsoft pulled the plug on its deal with the British Library and others and took the texts that had been digitized under that deal offline).

Presumably this is some kind of partnership allowing google to include the stuff already online at gallica in its google book search. Which is not the same thing at all.