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Ten Essential... Android Games



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Zen Table Tennis

From Reset Games (available cross platform), there's both lite and paid for versions of a simple yet classic game. It works reasonably well on a touchscreen phone but has its fair share of faults (read or watch the (video) review linked above) which I entirely agree with.

There are other table tennis games for android but they are graphics heavy so will run very poorly on 1.5 type release devices without all the Snapdragonesqueryness of later 2.1+ phones. Worth a look though I'd love to see a proper bug update before paying for it.

Chessdroid by Alberto Alonso Ruibal is well worth a butchers (as it's a lot more scalable in difficulty than many others - easy is proper easy etc). Makes you look smarter than you actually are when you're playing too, well worth the 99 (euro) cents. The free demo version only has one difficulty setting and that's clearly designed to humiliate the player as much as humanly possible. Clever way to get people to pay I guess...


Heathrow security man cops perv scanner eyeful


they're called breasts and everybody has them

I agree with littlemisspink's comments over at The Sun. I mean, c'mon seriously? If you want to retain your privacy and dignity, the last thing you're going to do is supply your NAME *and* photos to The Sun newscartoon. If you want lots of publicity, money, and can provide enough of a kickback in increased readership to the paper (regardless of possible newspaper's political motivation) then low grade tabloids is the way to go. I wouldn't be surprised in future to find her pictures appearing a little closer to the inside page of the paper; you definitely need an exhibitionist streak to approach a national tabloid don't you?

If on the other hand you are deeply embarrassed by one act of (probably co-operative) stupidity (benny hill style) and are truly traumatised (there are no photographic records so it's an event easily kept private?) then how best to keep the incident as low key and private as possible? Well, you don't just accidentally wander off into an xray machine do you? I mean how dumb would you have to be? These expensive machines aren't toys afterall.

Crikey. Must be stupid day 4eva or summit.

Space butterflies invade ISS


Butterfly flaps its wings...

..creates a shit storm in space.

Yeah, I felt sorry for them too. Seemed cruel really and what exactly is the scientific merit if registry reading f00ls like us (me) can easily see the inherent flaws in this particular experiment?

Maybe they should just open up a window and let them go?

Taliban attack Brit troops with explosive donkey


El ingenioso don Quijote de la Helmand y los talibanes

"..the gate guard noticed something suspicious when a group of men let the donkey go a short way from the camp and then hurried off."

Insurgents, yes. Taliban? How do you know the suspicious group of men were Taliban, did the donkey have a beard and wear a funny hat too?

'"He tried to divert the animal..."'

What, with a carrot? Or a stick?

Proto-mammals survived ancient global warming in Antarctica


Egg-laying furless cat

We want pictures!

2009's Top Android Smartphones


Android for the masses!

T-Mobile Pulse has now dropped in price to £91.34 inc VAT (£101.34 inc the required £10 top up). T-Mobile are awaiting stock but taking orders (they say new shipment's arriving soon).

Freeview HD goes live


Decisions decisions...

My TV aerial needs new cabling, a new bracket/chimney brace and lashing and all the other gubbins you need to ensure it stays in place (~ £100 if I climb up there myself). Due to the expense, danger and difficulty in sorting this out I'm wondering if I wouldn't be better off going for a freesat installation instead?

Seeing as how a satellite dish could be mounted 10 feet from the ground whilst the aerial needs to be on a roof, three stories up, is it likely to be the case Freeview HD and Freesat HD offer broadly the same services for the foreseeable future or does Freeview HD significantly leapfrog it? I live within the broadcasting area of the Crystal Palace transmitter...

Acer beTouch E101 touchscreen smartphone


AcerBate Touch

£165 for a pile of pap doesn't strike me as being particularly cheap. It's not a trifling amount of cash to offload on a whim*.

You could buy second-rate gadgets for a lot less if you really wanted to. It'd be wiser to put it towards something else though, a £20 phone maybe? Then you've got £145 to spend on something else (like a diary).

*MPs & bankers excluded of course

UK jails schizophrenic for refusal to decrypt files


Comply then die..

We are all guilty until our innocence can be proven. We must bare all to the state without complaint or redress. (RIPA 2000)

Non-compliance is a crime and therefore punishable by indefinite detention. (Mental Health Act 2007)

Welcome to the new millennium, it won't be long before the Government (Inc.) own your soul.

Amazon punters go mad for 'Laptop Steering Wheel Desk'


@Darwinism in action

"This should rapidly cull stupidity from the genepool."

Only if the driver has their kids with them. ;)

Beer drinking model to get caned in Malaysia


Conservative religious hypocrisy

I wonder who thought up the punishment? Spanking a naughty model's buttocks sounds a pretty good deal to me.