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Browser makers open local storage hole in HTML5

Ted Dannington

I appreciate you used the word "cookie" to try and give non-savvy users a clue about what's happening, but look at all the retardation you've caused in the comments. Cuhh.

This is not "cookies", in the slightest. This is "local storage", a very different thing with a very different purpose. Hence it being different. Cuhh.

Firefox to spit out third-party cookies

Ted Dannington

Re: Too little, too late

"tabs" do not 'exist' (as an abstraction in anywhere near the right places in the tech stack involved in browsers rendering webpages) in order to not have information shared between them. You can't make a cookie not appear to one from nosuchsite.co.uk and not another.

Wii-U boat torpedoes Nintendo's '¥20bn profit' into ¥20bn loss

Ted Dannington

Re: I really wish people would stop doing this

Read again: "217 million smartphones". Phones. Not tablets. Tablets are just a portion of that. Gnnhh.

Fujitsu reveals data transfer protocol 30 times faster than TCP

Ted Dannington

Re: Yet another bad research paper

Or rather; because those owning it don't know how to sensibly monetise it.

Twitter's Tweetdeck must 'file accounts or be struck off'

Ted Dannington

Re: My question is @Lee

Except, if they block it they'll get instant bad press and a bad rep. If they slowly "kill it off" in an underhanded way, there's a good chance the fallout won't be so severe.

CERN confirms neutrinos don't break light speed

Ted Dannington

Re: great

You also spell "definitely" with an "a", so that sort of gives an idea that this applies to anything you say:

Competence level: ignore.

Fixing Android mobes costs telcos millions

Ted Dannington

News/Screen/Games-wipe reference spotted :D

Mozilla outs un-Google site sign-in prototype

Ted Dannington

The title is a requiem, and must contain abstract references to its warning message

*I* tend to assume that anyone browsing without JavaScript in 2011 is incompetent. Incompetent at living in the real world. Incompetent at not living in a fantasy world where JavaScript can bring down the entire internet.

Herp, de derp, de do.

ANONYMOUS: Behind the mask, inside the Hivemind

Ted Dannington

Well, Maybe.

Maybe the majority of the denizens on /b/ are this, sure, these days. This has not always been the case. Only since Chanology has the idiotfactor really gone through the roof.

And the Original Fagsters are still around. Maybe not on /b/, but they're still around.

Ted Dannington

OhInterNet is a scar on the inter's nets

Don't go linking to ohinternet, guys :(

Use http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Lulz

Italian and Swiss cops cuff 15 Anonymous suspects

Ted Dannington

Herp de Derp de do

I'll should OF you in a minute.

Councils and police to publish speed camera data

Ted Dannington

Herp de Derp de do

Oh dear chap, do try living in the real world at some point in your life.

Laws can change. The act of speeding (so defined as merely "driving faster than the little number at the side of the road") is not an absolute offence; breaking into someone's house is. You're trying to draw an analogy between something which doesn't *in and of itself* *always* harm someone else, and something which does.

"Speeding" doesn't *necessarily* cause accidents. Driving too fast for the conditions might; not paying attention to the road ahead and your immediate surroundings might. These are not the same, and the incidence of overlap is irrelevant.

Analogy fail.

Microsoft pounces as Mozilla shuns enterprise

Ted Dannington

Oh Contreally

You *so* work for Microsoft.

Not saying that as an insult, but son, you need some more training on this "how to spread positive influence without looking like you're being paid to do it" job you're on.

A *lot* more training.

World braces for domain name EXPLOSION

Ted Dannington

Oh Please

Oh, *please*.

Your analogy is so invalid I'm falling asleep right here. Was there a perfectly functional existing system like the internet already in existence when the internet was invented? No, no there wasn't. So your analogy of your stupid "dashcom" alternate DNS system to "the internet" completely falls over.

Your sole argument being invalid, we're then still at the state of the previous poster being the last word on this discussion. These retarded ideas have been tried before, and failed, for the same reason this one will. Mostly: because they're retarded. There is no problem to solve (from the end users point of view, which is where the votes will be cast, as it is they who provide your currency (aka traffic)).

Facebook quietly switches on facial recognition tech by default

Ted Dannington

You can still pollute, though

How does it know what YOU look like? By other photos you're tagged in. So, you can still pollute it, by making sure YOU are tagged as plenty of things that aren't YOU.

HBGary's nemesis is a '16-year-old schoolgirl'

Ted Dannington


>Organised Criminals

Please get out more.

Nominet forgets what the first .uk domain name was

Ted Dannington

Tod Donnongton

>Really Sarah, who cares who cares? Not me anyway. Not even enough to finish writing this co

You are instantly and permanently* my new favourite person ever.


RIAA and Anonymous sites both downed by DDoS assaults

Ted Dannington

Required Title Ting

I'm sorry but I wasn't aware that every single person launching their LOICs had been proven to be partaking of illegal filesharing. Whatever proof you have of this, which I'm assuming you do have given the self assured nature of your posts, would be very good to have presented to all of us so we can all be as informed and hence righteous as you.

Deliver away.

Alternately, given that you have no idea of the correlation between illegal firesharers and the people using DDoS as protest methods, you could stop being such a silly sausage.

Zuckerberg leapfrogs Jobs on Americans' rich list

Ted Dannington

Oh Noes A Comedy Title

This is not a bubble. This is how life as we know it is going to continue. Nobody is going to do to Facebook what Facebook "did" to MySpace because the people now using Facebook and giving it the bigger status were never using MySpace in the first place. They have a platform which works for them, and aren't jumpship sorts, always looknig for what's next. They are everyday tech-un-savvy sorts. Unless Facebook does something to turn its audience off, its audience will stay there indefinitely. The in-crown and focus of attention may shift to some bright new darlings but Facebook is the defacto social network for your average normo.

Twitter flaw creates micro-blogging mayhem

Ted Dannington

Living In The Then

I guess it'd be nice if everything were laid out in a nice tabular format too, and if CSS didn't make everything so different and hard to read! What's all this user-participation on the web about, while we're at it?

OnMouseOver is a perfectly valid and useful tool. It was dumb of them to leave a hole open, but not for doing hover-based things. Hover-based things can make stuff miles faster. Try using X-mouse for a while, then living without it, and you'll see.

SciDB: Relational daddy answers Google, Hadoop, NoSQL

Ted Dannington
Thumb Down

So many type-ohs...

There's this new thing they just invented called proof reading - if you'd like to employ me to do it I'd be happy to, if it avoids having to do it anyway when reading an article. Yeesh, you guys!

Google squirrels into human brains with Scribe experiment

Ted Dannington

Here Is My Title, As Required

It's possible to get it stuck in an infinite loop, as I amusingly had it do to me yesterday. I still really don't see the point...

'Larry and Sergey's HTML5 balls drained my resources'

Ted Dannington

FAO: Blingwads

So, all you people, including the article's author, who have proclaimed this to be some "HTML5" thing - did you not bother view sourcing? I did, and I see a bunch of javascript-controlled DIV tags. I see no HTML5.

Derp. Derp everywhere.

Loud sex a human right, says loud sex woman

Ted Dannington

@ Jason Bloomberg

No it's pretty clear cut. The right of the other people to get to sleep and be able to function properly is greater than her right to make a bunch of noise, and it's /she/ who should be purchasing sound proofing gear as it's her noise affected the other people, not them deciding to be disturbed by it. If you say she has no choice in making these noises, they sure as hell have no choice being woken up by them, and why should they expect to have to deal with it?

Privacy policy tool failed because of browser rejection

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Oh, W3C, will you /ever/ learn?

P3P was a completely retarded waste of time from the outset. There was nothing at all to stop people from having a perfectly safe-looking P3P policy that no browser would flag a warning about, and then actually doing completely different things with user data in reality.

Unless they propose standardising every single business in the world's backend systems and call centres etc on a single platform so that P3P can interface with it and reflect what's actually happening, or, making having an honest P3P policy part of law so that lying about it will carry some penalty, it'll never work. And I really hope neither of those things happen.

Stupid W3C.

Japan torture flick sickens UK film censor

Ted Dannington


So you ban this extreme sort of thing, and you're happy. For a while everything's good, and Daily Mail readers such as yourself the nation over rejoice.

Time passes and after a while stuff on the scale of Saw and Hostel starts to look distinctly tasteless. With anything more severe being banned, these are now the most severe thing about, and surely, if Grotesque deserved the banhammer, why don't these?

Time passes and with no Saws or Hostels about, the violence portrayed in Tarantino films starts to look distinctly hardcore.

In the end you're left with Bambi, but even that gets censored as the murder scene is far too graphic.

Slippery slopes!