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Video game cloud streaming shaken up as Nvidia loses more big names, Microsoft readies its market killer

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Ubisofts service, Uplay+, is NOT a streaming service. its subscription, yes, but games are all downloaded to the pc, not streamed.

PlayStation Network hack launched from Amazon EC2

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do your research!

well, yes, sony has said when it will reopen. full functionality by the end of the month with some things working before then.

Blu-ray barely better than DVD

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more details needed

what was the testing methodology here?

Were the screens the same size? were the DVD's played on a standard def TV or were they upscaled on an HDTV?

Windows Phone 7: 'Different, delightful'... and unfinished

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since when do verizone operate in the UK?

Is your office World Cup sweepstake legal?

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in other news.........

people all over the country declared Susan Biddle to be an idiot, and went ahead with what they were gonna do, ignoring the noise coming out of her mouth!

Intel: 'We won't wait for software'

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ok, now this might be be being a retard, but stop me when i'm wrong.

These chips aint released. the chips they say they have sent out, these are sample, chips they dont get paid for?

they say they have shipped - "tens of tens of tens of thousands"

well thats at least a million. they reckon they have shipped at least a million chips, for free?

Am i the only one thinking there is some hyperbole at work here??

US software pirate fined $210K for auction sales

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so, let me get this straight. you can take software worth $12k, and sell it, and get fined $210k, but if you take 24 songs, worth around a doller each on itunes, and give them away, well that bumps up the fine to $1.92m??

am i the only one who is delighted they dont live in america??