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London mayor: Self-driving cars? Not without jacked-up taxes, you don't!

derek burns

the truth is out there

So what we knew all along finally comes out.

Its not about the environment but how much money we can take out of peoples pockets.

Get ready for mandatory porn site age checks, Brits. You read that right

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Without porn what use is there for 10Mbps?

Oh yeh... Linux dists of course :)

LOHAN seeks rocketeer for explosive relationship

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"My God! Why don't you just tell them I'm a toll taker at the Golden Gate Bridge! Rocket Scientist, how humiliating!"

Twenty classic arcade games

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Re: Zero

Gyruss arcade gaming with classical music!

Vodafone to let you roam in Europe at UK prices

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Giff Gaff also announced their new euro-roaming charges recently. Very reasonable for PAYG IMHO.

Formula 1

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The Lap Time can be changed to show gap behind leader or interval to the car in front..

Now they need to give us pit stop/pit lane times also!

Been using this since the start of the season, can't live without it now!

Samsung gets 'stupid fast' in gaming grab

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Saw these on youtube a while ago

Search youtube for the 'Samsung SSD Awesomeness' video

24 of these beasts in a raid array, the speed is eyewatering!