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Apple gets patent for WRIST-PUTER: iTime for a smartwatch


I'm curious...

Having read through that it sounds to me that the separate electronic device is the phone, not the removable strap. If that's the case then they've effectively got a patent that blocks any and all other wrist 'watch' devices that link to a phone. This is as ridiculous as the patent they went for (didn't hear the result, if it's been announced yet) for electronic page turning to stop other devices pretending they're a paperback book.

I'm now looking forward to another yawnathon court case with Samsung.

LOHAN twangs BRASTRAP to unfetter mighty orbs


Reminds me of programmes for schools.

The BRASTRAP video has a particular charm to it, reminiscent of sitting around a 20" television, wheeled into the library at school to watch episodes of Look & Read. How, as children, we used to look forward to finding out what would happen next to the Boy from Outer Space, or what horrors lurked in the Dark Tower. Thankfully the television series Look Around You, also brings back these halcyon days, but it's always nice to have an addition to these televisual wonders brought to us by the SPB.

Official crackdown on Apple fanboi 'shanty town' ahead of London iPhone launch


Re: What an advert for tolerance

Don't look at me - I think you're all nuts.


Re: How sad

Sod it, I'm popping into Tesco's on the way home and not only am I going to down vote anyone queuing, I'm going to tut at them whilst crossing my arms over my chest and tapping a foot in their direction.

Queue-rs - pfft.


Re: no queues on-line

That's literally* an hour, too, given last year's nightmare.

*that's literally in the literal sense, not the OED sense.

REVEALED: Google's GINORMOUS £650m London Choc Factory


Oh well...

... At least they'll have to pay building rates now.

El Reg rocket squad poised to select Ultimate Cuppa teabag



T'was as if Douglas Adams had foreseen the future of the dip and drain tea dispensing system.



I'm often called a tea snob by my mum, who thinks the ultimate cup of tea is the filth in a bag known as Sainsbury's Red Label. This devil's juice is about a quid for a landfill's worth of tea bags and the taste is probably something similar to the tea I've been reading about in Metro 2033: tea created by the mushrooms grown on the Moscow subway system 30 years after a nuclear war.

For me the ultimate has to be Twining's English Breakfast Tea. Don't let the name put you off: this is truly an all day affair. Rich, golden in colour and thoroughly satisfying, it's the tea that tea would drink itself. Assuming of course that tea is sentient and not a cannibal.

Soylent days and soylent nights


It's no wonder...

That they invented suicide booths in the world of Soylent Green. The only surprise it that, with a diet of this type, they weren't standard fittings in every kitchen.

'What's for dinner tonight, honey?'

'I'll just take a look in the suicide booth, dear.'

Cold, dead hands of Steve Jobs slip from iPhones: The Cult of Ive is upon us


Re: Honestly...

Pfft, Blackberry users - what do they know?



So, you've got an iPhone, yeah? Happy with it? Does it do what you want it to do? Great, I'm pleased for you!

So, you've got an Android handset, yeah? Happy with it? Does it do what you want it to do? Great, I'm pleased for you!

So, you've got a Windows handset, yeah? Happy with it? Does it do what you want it to do? Great, I'm pleased for you!

I'm in the latter group. There aren't many of us but the handset is great and does what I want it to do. Does that make me think the first two groups are idiots? No. It makes me think you're different than me. Not worse. Not better. Just different. If you think as a user of a specific handset is an idiot because they chose different than you then just keep that opinion to yourself as it makes you look petty and jealous.

Summing up: I win.

Rogue Nokia splinter cell drops its Jolla phone A-BOMB



... I'm sure looking forward to getting my hands on all that storage space.

Full metal jacket: Nokia launches new Lumia 925


Can't help but think...

... that the comment about the Windows OS being crap comes from someone who hasn't spent a great deal of time with it. Windows Phone 8 (or 7.8 that I currently have on my much loved Lumia 800) is intuitive and quick to respond. And doesn't it make a change from those oh-so-tiresome little squares from Apple and Android?

As for the comment regarding RAM, the Windows OS has never needed masses of it to work like lightning so there's no point in putting more cost into the handset when it's not going to be utilised.

So, assuming Apple and Android stick with their generic layouts, I'm sticking with a new Windows Handset when my contract expires in a year's time and, most likely, it'll be a trusty old Nokia.

Twenty classic arcade games


Re: Has to be ... Star Wars!

Luke never could hold his shandy. The amount of times 3PO had to pilot the Landspeeder home was embarrassing.

Microsoft: We're SO SORRY for Media Center TV guide titsup


They did a similar thing

With the HD-DVD Drive attachment on the Xbox. In the last system update they removed the ability to use the drive add-on which has left many people (myself included) unable to view their collection of HD-DVDs. Normally this wouldn't be so much of a problem given the short lifespan of the project but for those like me who built up a sizable collection of films on the cheap it was bloody annoying - especially as there was no reason to do such a thing. Sometimes those who play with these things don't consider who they're going to affect...

'Boson' Higgs: Yes, CERN has seen the coming of the God particle


Re: "Boson' Higgs: Yes, CERN has seen the coming of the God particle"!!!!

Here you go - http://cutcaster.com/photo/100344763-Professor-pointing/

Windows 8: Never mind Office, it's for GAMING


Re: Kinect?

In fairness, most Xbox gamers are still having to wait for proper Kinect games, too.

Ten... Star Wars videogame classics


Never understood...

why there were never any further outings for the space flight sim Star Wars games after, I think, Rebel Alliance. I used to love the dogfights in X-Wing and Tie Fighter games and the stories were usually pretty solid, too. Definitely a place for them in the marketplace these days.

Daily Mail commentard out-tw*ts the Tw*t-O-Tron

Paris Hilton

Oh dear

All rejoice at the objective thinking of Daily Mail readers. Oh, and it should be hanged, not hung.

Virgin hijacks empty pages



Actually, my Dell XPS laptop has been doing this in partnership with Google for ages now.


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