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Burnt Samsung Galaxy S III singed by external source, probe reveals

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Re: He

Wise use of the Anonymous Coward you trolling moron.

Microsoft plots entry into tablet trade

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Re: I'm all for it

Your iTardness annoyed me.

N900's GPU is the same as of the iPhone 3Gs (some sources say that the iPhone 3Gs has a slightly more powerful SGX535, but it's not fully confirmed).

Source: http://my-symbian.com/other/preview_n900.php

Kogan 'taxes' IE7 users

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Re: W3 Validator

All well and good if you like minimalistic, plain, uninteractive websites, but that's the point.

IE7 doesn't fully support all of the features available to web developers of today i.e HTML5 and they are moving forward to support and embrace such standards.

The internet has changed and is always changing, and like Flares, Reflex, and Babylon bars/clubs, have got to move with the times.

Vodafone and O2 to merge mobile networks

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Blame SFR

For the crap firmware they have crippled your phone with. This is why I buy SIM Free.

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(though O2 has switched some of its 900MHz to 3G around London).

Nice bit of inaccuracy there... do some research before posting such non-sense.

3G 900Mhz has been rolled out to many cities and towns around the UK, including some rural spots now. Have a look on Sitefinder (they've updated that recently with the new masts) if you don't believe me.

On the other side of the coin, this is a good move as coverage will now be better in theory for both networks, they just need to make sure they have enough back haul otherwise data munchers will be p*ssed.

BSkyB blocks The Pirate Bay for millions of Brits

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Roll on...


I'm sure they'll pop up with an attack on someone...

British 4G mobile data rollout 'will mean NO TELLY for 2m homes'

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Re: Moan moan moan... but have they tested this?

*minimal leakage compared to Analogue...

I can't type.

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Moan moan moan... but have they tested this?

How do they know its going to knock out freeview? Its digital technology like freeview is, and therefore should be minimal leakage across mhz like there is with analogue....

Once again people kicking off without testing shizzle.

Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3770K quad-core CPU

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Very misleading as UEFI is the replacement for the "BIOS" system we all know.

UEFI is a completely different system all together. To take advantage of the full UEFI features you need a UEFI OS that has a UEFI boot loader, a good example is Windows Vista/7 or Ubuntu. On UEFI based systems, they will appear on the GUI as seperate items from standard drives.

Kaspersky: Apple security is like Microsoft's in 2002

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Re: Translation

"Here in 2012 the user problem hasn't gone away (and many Mac users are stupider than most). But as a Mac and PC user, I run AVG on the PC's but the Macs have nothing at the moment."

Says the guy running AVG. AVG has got to be the worst, insecure, bloated and resource hogging AV product (next to McAfee, Norton and Kaspersky) I've ever come across. I've had so many computers cross my palms with this attempt at an antivirus product. A mac is probably safer without AV.

I'll keep my mac safe with ESET Antivirus (aka NOD32) as and when the threat of increased virus attack arises.

I'll be honest however, I'm surprised at the lack of viruses and other security flaws (yes there are quite a few, but Windows...say no more) that there actually are for a Mac, by now I was expecting a similar level to Windows but clearly there isn't a market for it yet.

Terrorists 'build secure VoIP over GPRS network'

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GPRS can carry video?

Wow, GPRS which runs at 32kbps can carry video while keeping a VOIP link up? Nice.

Google Drive Issues on Mac

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They call that corruption. Happens sometimes, try downloading again.

Andrew 63

I think you might want to get your mac checked out, I installed this last night on both my Mac and Android phone and both are working flawlessly.

Also, the article the other day in relation to not being able to install it on Mac because your drive was not ready is not a Mac specific problem. I had to wait 2 days for mine, and I registered from a Windows pc.

Please stop putting up crap without analyzing the facts first.

Btw, I use a MBP 13" 2011 with Snow Leopard.

Microsoft squashes Hotmail password hijack bug

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Bummer! Yahoo! Can't! Do! The! Same! With! Their! Yahoo! Mail!

The same thing has been happening with Yahoo accounts being hacked and passwords being reset. Recently started receiving spam from friends on Yahoo too like I was from people on Hotmail. In fact my hotmail fell victim to this too.

Great to see M$ finally solved it a year later.

Microsoft lobs out first Skype for Windows Phone

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Re: Hey! MS!!

Also how about they unbreak the android version they so glamorously managed to break in their most recent update.

My cameras are now not supported again by skype, but eventually were before M$ got its grubby mits all over it!

iKlip Studio

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Makes the iPad look like an ePOS system if you ask me!

So that's a regular latte and a large salad sir?

Microsoft seeks Skype for Xbox engineering gang

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Or they could just sell it back to a company that won't break it...

.... Sod trying to get it on xbox in other words.

Since they've got their grubby hands on it, its now become a classic bit of MS crap that is broken. Skype was never perfect I know, but its now crippled with MS code.

My android app doesn't work at all now with video like it used to.

Christ knows what will happen to Skype overall if they try an incorporate xbox into the mix.

Gov IT contractors hire staff in India to work on benefits system

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But what about the many million unemployed.....

..... In this country?

Typical *CON*servative Government.

Record Patch Tuesday with 17-bulletin bumper crop

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Hmm.. Cheese

I think to be fair, swiss cheese has less holes than windows.

I use all three platforms at work. Never a problem with the macs or linux boxes!

O2 tries to explain its new prudish nature

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Why? If a kid wants porn, they will get porn. Simple as that.

I pay for a contract, and to do that, you need to be over 18, therefore no filtering should be applied. If they are giving a contract phone to a child then it should be an opt-in to block and not the other way round.

Pay as you go on the other hand is a different matter. A child can buy a sim and top it up, and this policy makes sense for protecting the child, but again they can go to a PC and get porn.

Applying this opt-out of the filter policy to static ISPs aka ADSL/Cable/Wifi is wrong. The IWF filter is bad enough as they filter stuff that isn't under their policy.

Say bye bye to your freedom of access to the internet.

Next fashions budget 10in Android tablet

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... It looks like an iPad :S

Apple TV stripdown reveals mystery solder pads

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Not an FM transmitter

I doubt its a transmitter of FM. My N900 has a similar chip that has bluetooth and Fm chip on but its for reception only (and someone has made an app to use it too!). The transmitter is on a seperate chip.

Google slaps malware warning on Radio 3 website

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Chrome is...

... giving me the block notice too.

Vodafone upsets customers with upgrade downgrade

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This is why I own.....

.... a Nokia N900. Its open as much as it can be, and its a simple 5 minute job to swap firmware to unbranded... wait, they come unbranded on all networks unless you're on Vodafone, and then all you do is download maemo flasher, and the global firmware image and emmc image, flash and done. Plus you get the latest software updates before Vodafone users, we're on PR1.2, vodafone users unless they flashed stuck on PR1.0 or PR1.1 which is full of bugs!

BT layoffs boost profits

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.. you hit the nail on the head with that response...

Exactly what they are, profiteering, money grabbing gits.

'Snowmageddon' on Saturn snapped by amateur stargazers

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...we live there yet?

Sky punts 'truly unlimited' 20Mb/s broadband

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BE user

I'm a be user with sky telly, at least my internet is always 24mbps without a hitch, filtering, shaping or capping.

Sky's gonna do another Car Phone Warehouse.

Apple bans iPhone hackers from App Store

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... get a Nokia N900 and be happy!

I have one!

Android first to host Adobe's AIR for smartphones

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Any chance this will come to the Nokia N900 any time soon?

USB hack connects Droid to printers, video cams, and more

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The N900 does this...

... out of the box with a bit of software installed from Maemo repository! No rebooting phone either.

Nokia's free Ovi Maps scores a download every second

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Wish they would hurry up with it for this device!

O2 and Be Broadband speeds dip

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Also a BE user

and getting 2.4 megabytes (around 19 megabit) a second.

Not slow at all.

Govt promises unemployed free laptops, net access, websites

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@Makes Me Angry

100% agreement.

Nice to see my working hard doing two jobs is paying off... well paying some unemployed lazy arse who abuses the system anyway!

I ain't going to knock the unemployed too much though as my missus is unemployed her self, but us being the age of students, she's struggling to find anything as low as a toilet scrubber at the moment! 50+ CV's have gone out all over the show.

Its not on though.

Kids. Stay in school, go to college / do an apprenticeship and you'll get to my position. IT Tech that often becomes manager, and a DJ. Pays well... and well pays the unemployed too.

Britney's Twitter feed hacked again

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Obviously hacked again at 3pm!

I give myself to Lucifer each day for the new world order arrives as quickly as possible. Glory to Satan!

3 minutes ago from web

Utter fail.

Pirate Bay sinks again after Dutch ISP complies to cut off order

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...... still works for me?

Radio Society to Ofcom: Hear See you in court

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Powerline aka Homeplug stuff?

Asus' Eee keyboard out next month - official

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Amiga Reborn?

Are they trying to bring the amiga back in a pc form? This is how the amiga was.... a keyboard.

Southampton Uni slaps IP notice on FOI requests

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Southampton has a mention?

Cool... my town got a mention. Good old uni being difficult as per-normal.

Music industry cooks UK government's piracy stats

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RE: Only 7 million/

What about 90% of the UK population? Thats more realistic.

I know well over 300 people and they all do it.