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Man stumps record £375k for number plate


Name Games

P155 0FF - Might be the old type, but I would say its still doing the rounds somewhere.

Batman logo manifests in tomato


"TIE" In

Its most likely a PR stunt for the upcoming Batman film, which is at all good cinemas from 20th august 2008.

EVE Online update kills Windows PCs


@ Bambi

"XP is the necesary evil to use EVE, until the linux client runs better anyway."

So the fact vista didnt fall over due to this oversight a bad thing?

Poeple complain about the devs screwing up, but as already stated the fact you can cripple a PC with just removing that single file is amazingly stupid (its not even in the windows folder ffs).

The only real problem i had was the fact every 30 mins a popup flashed up saying "dont reboot you PC". But that was still coming up 24 hours after the servers came up, the only people left logged in after 24 hours were the isk farmers and the spotty 12 year old forum flaming warriers.

But even after the problem, eve will do good out of it, and Mr Gates will be happy that Vista wasnt effected :)

Oh and one more thing VISTA 4TW!!!

Rove investigator erases his PCs - to kill computer virus

Black Helicopters

@ Dale Richards

"There is plenty of software available freely on the Internet that can perform this 7-pass DoD wipe (and even the also-mentioned 35-pass Gutmann wipe) without cost and without arousing suspicion."

Perhaps thats how he got the "virus" in the first place, so he didnt want to look stupid and got outside help to eradicate the evidence.. er.. I mean virus...

Fasthosts customers blindsided by emergency password reset



Perhaps it was the hackers that changed all the passwords?

I moved from "easyspace.com", because there service was really bad. Help manuals were all out of date. They wouldnt even allow a MySQLi to be activated (removing the comment out on one line). Their Control panel was worse than etch'a'sketch.

I only went to FH in july, and I'm wondering if I can get off of the ship already.

Then hosting at FH seems like a bad option, costs alot for what I thought I was getting, and then gets hacked.

Ugly view mars Windows Vista birthday


Older PC's

I was wondering how many people installed Vista on a totally formatted drive, or if they just install over a pre existing copy of XP.

The only problem I have with vista is with UAC itself, sometimes the insain amount of time it takes for the screen popup to come up asking if i want to allow a program to work. Can take anywhere up to 2 mins (with complete PC lock up until then).

So I disabled it... now i get an annoying popup everytime i bootup telling me "i'm vunerable" and the little red shield icon in the icon tray.

Also Teamspeak seems to have trouble with capturing PushToTalk until I select "setup my mic" in control panel (I dont even need to configure it, just go in to it, say something and exit).

I dont have that many problems with vista, but having a pretty new PC and having very little in the way of external hardare, helps.

But what people have to remember is that XP had a lot of problems when it was first brought out, and Vista will get better, and will become the new standard (once businesses adopt it more).

What did worry me is the fact MS has already unleashed details about their "next" OS, even before their "current" one has taken hold.

If XP has enough life in it to make it to the next incarnation, then how can MS justify the point of moving on to Vista.

'Beer Hunter' lifts 40,000 pints of Guinness


its a sing a long

40,000 pints of Guinness sitting on a wall, 40,000 pints of Guinness sitting on a wall,

And if one pint of Guinness should accidently fall

There will be 39,999 pints of Guinness sitting on a wall...

39,999 pints of Guinness sitting on a wall, 39,999 pints of Guinness sitting on a wall,

And if one pint of Guinness should accidently fall

There will be 39,998 pints of Guinness sitting on a wall...

...28 days later...

1 pint of Guinness sitting on a wall, 1 pint of Guinness sitting on a wall,

And if one pint of Guinness should accidently fall

There will be 90 pints of Carlsberg sitting on a wall...

..boom boom

Mobe, mobe, mobe. There - we've said it


Me thinks we'll need a new mobe icon

And here we have it :P


New emails address you by name, then try to hose your PC


There are more non-geeks than geeks

Doesnt matter how intelligent you are, but if you do not use a computer that often, you surely are in the position to fall for "spam scams(tm)".

My grand parents (and to some extent my parents) do not use the internet that much, so they dont know whats real and whats fake.

Telling fake from real is fairly hard. Take most of paypals spam, without looking where the links go (viewing the source is not something that most people would do) how can you tell if its legit or not.

Some of the spam scams dont even suggest logging in (although you do have to eventually), and to top it off they have a nice info at the bottom on how to spot fake emails...

@ M Brown

The difference between those "send me £999.999 and get 1 million" scams is the fact they dont pretend to be a legit company (i.e. pretend to be your bank) who is after your credit card details/personal info.

Woolworths flogs Disney Princess chair for £100m



RE: Simple answer... @ Anonymous Coward

Actually it might go to £-99,999,999.99 where by they pay you the sum of 100 million pounds.

/me puts pinky to corner of mouth....

Then you can spend the money to research Dolphins with fricken laser beams.

Oz Santas suffer no 'ho ho ho' blow


Ho ho hoes

Thats the Green Giant screwed then...

..although why anyone wants to eat sweetcorn is beyond me.

World of Warcraft spykit gets encrypted



Are any other games using the Warden "technique"?

All MMO games have some form of gold/isk farmer, because people will pay to get ahead (or just because being poor [ingame] sucks).

Are they encypting the warden to stop people hacking it, or just because they dont want people know what their search parameters are?

If the warden it self is safe then I dont see the need to encrypt.

Anyway why pay for more addons, when you can get free BIG add-ons with EVE-Online (Revelations 3 is out soon.... drool!!!!!)

EVE-Online > WoW

Wannabe US bank robber fails intelligibility test



Maybe she couldnt understand brummy talk.

Could have been ozzy wanting to make a withdrawl.

Website for computer security experts hacked


Women from venus

The statement by the hacker reminds me of comments structure by the "amanfromMars", in other words WTF is he on about...

Buffy mastermind returns with new TV series



Babylon 5 > Firefly > Buffy

Yes I know joss had nothing to do with B5 but its too damn good to forget... (well apart from the first season, which was a little wooden).

Woman admits fleecing shopping network of more than $412,000



you could sue them for ill health from stress of the ordeal...

Nvidia introduces 'G92'


Amazing Price

A work mate told me of the inpending arrival of these cards, and stated that they would be better than my 8800 GTS. So I was adamant that the 512mb price wouldn't be below £250 let alone £200.


What a shocker!!! And he has ordered it btw... GIT!

p.s. I'm not affiliated in anyway with this store, check around for other prices, they are all pretty much the same.

TV-Links man: 'I'm no master criminal'


@ Edward Pearson

Thats all well and good, but if they took down the sites which included the illegal stuff then people wouldnt be able to link to anything.

Its easier to create a page with links, than to maintain a server full of illegal content (Cost+Time). For every server of illegal goods, there are dozens of webpages linking to them.

TBH they [FACT,USA,ETC] should prosecute the hosts and not the people linking, but that means big money and big lawyers (which probably scares them). They seem to think its best to spent money on frying one or two little fish.

Shocked Shatner shunted from Star Trek XI


hmmm buried bones...?

I thought that bones died a while ago, or am i missing something?

Pentagon: Electromagnetic pulse bombs from 2012

Black Helicopters

Fly Hard, Die Hard baby

Who cares that the Aussies get F35's, as long as John McClane isnt on the enemies side you should be fine (see Die Hard 4 for more info)...

Reg Standards Soviet defines temperature and force



Time should be messured using the knickers and bra principle, and how long its take a subject to remove them.

1x knicker = 5 seconds (edible ones may invoke an exponetial factor of 10x if including Quagmire effect, also ifs shes lucky)

1x bra per clasp = 10 seconds

Now if we include the bush effect and the Quagmires (gig, short for Giggity), where by the Quagmire will secure the removal of said garment with a swift single motion.

1x bra (3 clasp) = 30 seconds

If the intelligence of 1x Gig equats to 150x Bushes, then

1x bra (3 clasp) divided by 150x bush = 0.2 seconds (also known as the James Bond Golden Number for dispatching bad guys and bad girls alike)

Yahoo! assists! searches!


Weapons for all

I typed the word "hand" into the search assist feature on yahoo, and the top two items were



So thats a weapon for each of the sexes.

More gnashing of teeth after Microsoft update brings PCs to a standstill



The bad thing I hate about AutoUpdate in vista, is that its configured to do it all automatically as a default feature. And once done brings a pop up stating you need to restart.

But if your running a full screen game, the popup drops you out of it, and most times cant get back in to what your were doing and lose time that you might as well spent on drinking or women.

TV-Links man was arrested under trademark laws


For the police...

Perhaps if he put in,

"Here is my website, which links to copyright material (which is hosted on a number of Large companies servers), that i'm compiling for the authorities"

I'm sure thats a good way around it.



1) We pay a Tv Licence

2) Most of the things we watch on the net will be shown on Digital TV.

So in theory they will get the money eventually.

Unless you can get a Region 0 (zero), some shows/films are never shown/sold outside the US, so they wont be losing any revenue.

Porn-star cop's job not saved by First Amendment


The Police force at its best

"The Dibles started the website in late 2000..."

"Not surprisingly, rumors about the site began to fly around the department, and eventually made their way to the ears of department officials."

So it took the rumours 7 years to filter through the police station, thats sure is some slow gossip and detective work.

I suspect that most of the police "grunts" were actually subscribers and kept it quiet and the "officials" -I would say- knew something, but it seems as soon as someone "takes offence"/"needs a story" then it becomes a problem.

As far as i know its not illegal to run a porn site, this is like getting sacked for working a second job in a meat factory, when your first jobs boss is vegetarian.

So what if he is in the police force, they are all people too. If its only credibility of the police force he got sacked for? I wouldnt worry, as most people dont have any respect for the police and the job they do.

btw does a dead sheep class as an "inanimate object"....

Why oh why do rock stars die young?


@ Olly

It seems you think the to be a rock star you must do drugs and drink large amounts.

Its a preconception that all rock stars must do these things in order to be classed as such.

And about the "experimenting" idea being just to the creative side, there are more people out there with no creative bone in thier body and still do drugs and drink.

Its more likely bordom and social enviroment (I see him doing it, i must do it). However i have never smoked a cigarette in my life (I have never felt the urge too either, even though a lot of people in my life time have smoked around me).

So just because Status Quo/Dire Straights give out that aura of good boys, doesnt mean they are not rock stars.

Girls prefer pink: official



"Clear blue also signals a good water source."

It also means you have spent too many nights "in" with the girlfriend...

Natalie Portman: Attack of the Film Fans


@ Lloyd

I would say all of them are doing something right (at least once), apart from modonna that is. Anyway its about the onscreen chemistry, not about if they can act or not, but anyway

Jennifer Lopez in "Out of Sight" - Good film and lots of chemistry

Tom Cruise in "Top Gun" - Damn this is one hell of a classic!!

Andie MacDowell in "Groundhog Day" - Yet another classic.

Natalie Portman in "V for Vendetta" - I was very suprised by this film, I was expecting it to be a bad action flick (Aeon Flux), turned out to be very well thought out film.

Neve Campbell+Denise Richards in "Wild Things" - (Just throwing this in here) Even though most people think of the scenes with them two making out, the film in total was the best thing I have ever seen.

FTC: Web scam artists pilfered $24.7m from American businesses


Sounds like AOL...

You used to get a free AOL 10 day trial cd (number of days varied) on every damn magazine you picked up (not sure if they still do it).

A friend signed up with the intention of not continuing after the trial period, but you have to hand over you credit card details before you get the trial.

On an error on his judgement he didnt realise that you had to cancel the subscription once the trial period expired.

Unfortunatly he ended up paying for the first month anyway, and then canceled the subcription... which he ended up doing for the next 4 months...

Each month they stated that is was canceled, and each month he got a bill from aol.

I'm not sure how it all ended up, if he payed all the months or not, but this scam just reminds me of that time.

Droid pilots beat humans at air-to-air refuelling


Buy both....

EVE-online is a MMO, while x3:reunion is just single player only. Both are good in my mind, but eve has much better interaction. Although eve is a little more arcade in the flight control systems, and x3 is like a fully fledged space flight sim.

But i would still tell everyone to buy both....

Linkedin spurns bug bounty hunter


@ julian

"Surely this is similar to someone conatcting a high street store and saying they know a way of disabling their shutters. They will not disable their shutters but will tell everyone how to do it if the store doesn't pay up."

Yes but (to continue the analogy) he stood outside the shop shouting to everyone how to disable the shutters, even the security guards (LinkedIn) heard how to do it and fixed the shutters accordingly.

What he didnt do was whisper to the baker on how to do it.

The Beeb cuts off premium rate phone-in lines


Five US and Quiz Calls

I have noticed over the last few days that Five US (not sure about the other "five" channels) hasnt had the usual late nights Call in Quiz's.

Not really bothered by it, just that its weird not turning over the instant its comes on, now I just lay there with the "back at 16:00" tag line (by then i'm zoned out ready for sleep).

Woman arrested for WoW love affair



I'm 29 and an EVE Online player. I wish there were more women who play it :( no matter what there age.

Boffins put encrypted bio-copyright watermarks in beer DNA


I can see rainbows

But the biocopyright-loving boffins reckon they've dealt with this, using "the 8/4 Hamming-code.......

...oh look its raining outside and some one didnt bring a brolly. Wonder what I should cook tonight. Did i leave the cooker on? Perhaps a new pair of shoes will help, or a maybe we should just go out for supper...

........for optimal performance.")

Paris Hilton dragged back into court


Working Street Bum

She must get pretty cold at night having to stay 2000-3000 feet from her pad, If i was the judge i would have at least allowed her inside.

Ofcom rules on Celebrity Big Brother racism rumpus


Free Speech v Political Correctness

Are people complaining because of the comments made or that C4 actually broadcasted the comments? Because its a fine line between free speech and Political correctness.

You could go with the "if you dont want to hear it, switch over" (but then big bro does say the program contains bad language from the outset).

No one watchs big brother for the interest of social interaction, but more to see boobs, bums, and fights.

There is very little difference between beating someone up, and racial slander, but it seems to me that people are more upset by bad words and language than grevious bodily violence.

These are just my opinions, and if you dont agree with them, then thats your opinion.

All that said I cant wait for all the bums, boobs and fights to come... what else is there to do go out and socialise?

Bird flu confirmed in Wales


28 weeks later

So its not a film thats just come out, its actual news, the rage virus is out there!!

Mars: more evidence of a watery past


Life on Mars

Forget all the talk about rotating space ships, and anti gravity. All you need is a back lot at universal studios and some red rocks and sand.

China will head for the moon this year




"If they DO get there and find the US flag - whether flying or fallen over - at least it will nail all that guff about the US moon landing being a hoax!"


As long as they dont land in the first studio :D

Armed cops in Lara Croft bust action


My guns name is Lara

So i'm guessing the reason he didnt answer the door is because he was polishing his loaded weapon?!?!?

Vista goes gangbusters


Vista Praise

I've been running vista the last month, and its the x64 flavour (went to order x32 version, but miss clicked lol) which is even more tricky to get drivers for older hardware.

I have yet to have any real bad problems, If your building a new system, I would recommend Vista as a good stable OS. Most problems seem to lie with conflicts with old (older than Creative X-Fi) sound cards.

Home Premium OEM is cheap enough, go out and buy it.

Shaken student recounts geese mugging ordeal



He will prob turn into one of those "No Wing, No Flee Lawyers"... boom boom!!!

Satnav driver's car totalled by train



[quote]Right, I've had enough of this nonsense...

Daniel...you, sir, are a twat.

8pm in February? Headlights on, do we think? Or was she using the Force?

So she blindly following the satnav, is too thick to recognise the signage (as already cleared up) and stops at the gates. Lights on green or red? Who's to know - she certainly won't be answering THAT question!

Anyway, the gates open outwards i.e. towards the car. How can I say that? Because if you LOOK at the picture, you can see the sodding hinges against the gatepost. So she opens the gates, gets back in the car and drives onto the crossing. I would of assumed that the tracks would of been picked up in the car headlights, or that she might of noticed them going back to close the gates, or EVEN again crossing both rails to open the other gates. But, alas, no.[/quote]

1) Sir/Madam post with your name!

2) To open the gate she would have to move the car back a fair way, as the gate swings out. Then could have only notice the tracks once moved onto them. Add to fact the boyfriend stated it was raining (unproven), which also helps hinder her vision.

3) We also dont know which side she was coming from. There looks like a T-Junction one side (Ref 1) and the other side is a long straight road (Ref 2). I did look on google maps but didnt find any indication of a t-junction, google didnt recognise Ffynongain, but there is a Ffynongain Road (Searching for St Clears).

Ref 1: http://www.westerntelegraph.co.uk/_images/db/42/91/LEVELCROSSING1.429125.full.jpg

Ref 2: http://www.westerntelegraph.co.uk/_images/db/42/91/LEVELCROSSING2.429124.full.jpg

People could be assuming that she was crossing on the side the totalled car had been left...

4) As to the boyfriend idea, I just like to think about both sides before making judgement, and to be honest only her and the train were there that night and unless she confesses, we only have conjecture.

5) Its always fun to be columbo.



Found this on a site -

No-one was injured when the Arriva Pembroke Dock to Swansea train ploughed into the car at around >>8pm<<, but Paula, who was left shaken by the crash, says that it's only a matter of time before a tragedy occurs at this location.

Source -> http://www.westerntelegraph.co.uk/search/display.var.1224413.0.its_a_disaster_waiting_to_happen.php

The article was posted on "10:10am Wednesday 28th February 2007" and stated that she was driving at 8PM (presumably the previous night) and so it was pretty dark at that time in february. So...

Question: Why didnt she realise that this was a train crossing?

Answer: Was there any street lighting? Doubt it! Add to the fact she would not have had any kind of "night vision" due to driving with headlights. No wonder she didnt see the tracks.

Question: Was there a Crossing Blocked Signal?

Answer: If a warning signal even existed, the Gates open outward, so would not cross the tracks causing any kind of signal down the track telling the train driver that the crossing was blocked.

Question: How do we know the gates opened outward??

Answer: She would not have been able to close the gate as the car would block the closing, unless the gates opened "at least" outward. This also lends to the credibility that she could have not seen tracks as she would not crossed over them yet, and in my experience train crossing barriers usually blocks the trains path.

Question: With train tracks usually being straight (not 90 degree angles). How did the train driver miss seeing the car on the tracks?

Answer: It was Dark!! and a Black clio would have been pretty hard to notice.

Question: How did she not notice the warning lights, signalling an oncoming train?

Answer: The train was travelling at 60mph, and could have been far from the crossing before she started to cross. Also once your on the tracks, the lights signifying a oncoming train are obscured by the retangular object next to them (sun shield??).

Question: Why did she only open one gate at a time??

Answer: No idea, prob just blonde. But as she didnt realise this was a train crossing why would she worry about getting across in one go??

Biofuels are the 'next environmental danger'


Seaquest DSV

Many of you who remember that we know more about space than we do about our own oceans! 90% of the worlds surface is covered with water, so all we need to do is start building giant domes under he sea, and extract all the rich minerals from the ocean floor.

Obviously these plants would not be sunlight gathering types, but something else...

and about Sequest DSV, how cool would it be to have a talking dolphin :D