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The next deep magic Linux program to change the world? Io_uring

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Re: Io-uring is not new news

I have a pair of switches on the bench at work. They cost about £10,000 each. They have 28 x 10Gb ports and two 100Gb links each. They boot a rather strange Debian for the control plane and the good Lord knows what does the data shifting plane is running - they are running Dell OS10.

There is a good chance that io_uring and co will blur the old style control/data plane on network hardware and we will get really converged thingies where the switch, router and server (and data) are properly one thing.

Not yet, despite the bollocks from "hyper converged".

Dump these small-biz routers, says Cisco, because we won't patch their flawed VPN

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Re: OpenWrt or DD-WRT?

I would take the job on if asked and I would point out that it will take at least a day and at my rate that is quite a lot of lolly.

On the other hand, you can have one of these nice four port APU4 based boxes running pfSense, that I can have up and running inside two hours. I keep a stock of them and will have your config backed up and to hand and can replace it within a drive plus 30 mins, if it fails.

If you want a CARP (VRRP) clustered jobbie and have a suitable WAN, I can do that too - all for less than trying to wedge a new OS on your ancient hardware.

"Thanks" to the pandemic I have a black belt in VPNs, routing, RADIUS, VoIP and all the other paraphernalia of remote working. At one point during the pandemic, I had the WAN at Kingston Comms emulated in my dining room (IPv4 and 6) so I could set up a customer system from Hull - a pair of Fortinets with thirty odd VLANs on the inside, rather a lot of IPSEC tunnels and a lot of port forwards. I have consumer grade Netgears at home so I couldn't use a CLI to magic loads of VLANs etc, so a lot of clicking ensued. I even used IPv6 NPT, some fancy footwork and a couple of tiny VMs on my home ESXi to emulate their external facing web gear. Obviously, I whipped up a DNS server with split horizon to emulate the internal and external facing experience. I might have gone a bit far at times but whilst everyone else was learning how to bake soda bread, I was doing my job 8) I also colour coded all the Forti firewall rules and the NAT related stuff (it's a right old palava on a Forti). It looked sodding complicated, yet logical by the time I finished it.

It took me two weeks to setup and test. I shipped them oop North (I'm in Somerset) with an excruciatingly detailed set of wiring instructions and photos and spreadsheets, and they fitted them and cracked on.

That's how professionals operate, in my opinion. You don't take the piss out of the customer - you cost up their request and offer an alternative that might work better and be more cost effective

Internet pranksters send hundreds of cabs to Moscow street, cause gridlock

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Re: Algorithm

Best to use a throwaway email or click on the link to read the content first.

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Re: in other news

Falling out of a window of a hospital is "dying of natural causes" in Russia. Sir Pterry employed similar plot devices as comedy (+3 inciteful) many years ago and it's just as fresh today.

By the way, do avoid the tea - it's laced with polonium.

Knock, knock

who's .... aaaarg ....

lol - nerve toxin on the door but Salisbury Cathedral has a 123.00543m high spire - I'm a tourist and not a nasty poisoner at all!

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Re: Algorithm

Potemkine is the perpetrator of this. I might start signing off as such too.

Dabbsy is still available on his own web site - search "autosave is for wimps". He has more likely eloped to Paris rather than with 'er. He lives in France.

Oh, why not:

== Bring Dabbsy back ! ==

Amazon fails to overturn New York City union election

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Re: Lord Of The Racism

I can't remember when all that bollocks first trundled into view. It seems to be a modern given that dwarves are Scottish and elves are Irish or Welsh and humans are English or whichever state you care to name.

Sir Pterry riffed with Pictsie pretty decently but gnomes are not dwarves. He slapped stereotypes willy-nilly on his characters as the story required and without malice. Tolkien didn't make his races match any real world nations either.

Anyone have any idea when this came about?

Anyway, I have hairy everything apart from my pate which is a bit of a naus! Perhaps I'm an English troll.

(per se)

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Re: Talk direct

The NHS in the UK employs nearly 1.3M (1). That's healthcare for about 67M people.

This Amazon employing 1M is where exactly - some context needed please. I doubt it is the worldwide figure.

(1) https://digital.nhs.uk/data-and-information/publications/statistical/nhs-workforce-statistics/may-2022

Microsoft extends Teams into VMware and Citrix VDI

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"For the hard of thinking- to save you posting an irrelevant reply such as 'use Linux'"

Well you can fuck right off: my job title is Managing Director and I use Linux. I actually have less problems than my Windows sporting staff and colleagues, with Teams. No it isn't for everyone. Why would you want all your software to update in one go instead of hunting around on disparate web sites? Bloody nonsense and it takes a few minutes instead of sometimes hours. I do an awful lot of Windows updates from a SBS 2007 (nope!) to the latest and greatest. It's a monthly chore for all of us across many, many systems, some of which need careful handling.

I too get paid for my time and I have Evolution to connect to Exchange and LO for office work. I used to teach IT so please don't tell me it can't cut it in the office space. Do you know what a hanging indent or a decimal tab stop is? ... and I can be similarly disparaging with respect to spreadsheet stuff and databases and DTP, all of which LO manages fine and also has a rather odd LOGO built in, which is charming. MSO is franky a bit crap. The ribbon really is a pain. I get the idea but it really slows you down finding functions and it is really hard to explain over the phone when doing support.

I suggest we start with street Countdown. I drink wine and not milk, if you last long enough I'll move on to rum ... Pusser's 8)

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I use Arch (actually) and Teams ...

I managed to batter the Teams preview into submission about 18-24 months ago thanks to Pipewire and recently a rather nifty noise cancellation plugin - https://github.com/werman/noise-suppression-for-voice#pipewire

Now, I'm looking forward to a progressive web app thingie instead of an Electron thingie. Presumably because MS have had minimal traction with PWA and have decided that Linux users can be relied on to beta test stuff for them properly and not bleat on social.ms and get told to run sfc /scannow!

Yay - progress!

Microsoft changes the way it certifies network cards for Windows Server

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A network card is a packet shifter. Yes there are some very funky new ones that are basically full on computers.

This smacks of wankery: "nice NIC you have there, shame if we don't rate it (lol)"

Funky NICs generally should not have anything fancier than an iSCSI initiator built in that you avoid anyway because a decent userspace implementation closer to the upper levels of the stack work better anyway. NICs that do Ethernet frame checksums or even encroach a little further up the stack to say the TCP level can add value.

"Microsoft’s own Storage Spaces Direct" - imagine if acceleration for this nonsense starts to get built into your NIC. That's a monopoly bingo call.

Merge requests and insecure GitHub workflows may lead to supply-chain attacks

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That's nice but it isn't the default and I notice that a lot of other defaults could do with tightening up.

Japan to change laws that require use of floppy disks

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"would rather use a 19th century technology"

Hooray for the Quick Silver Mail! I think you mean 20C.

Deepin prepares to leave Debian base and move to fully independent distro

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Big Brother

You get what you pay for

The CCP require certain apps be installed on all platforms.

I suspect that Deepin will have these pre-installed. No matter how lovely their spin is, it is what it is - CCP controlled under the bonnet.

It's rather sad that we can't use and really appreciate the hard work that has obviously gone into this distro.



LibreOffice improves Microsoft compatibility with version 7.4

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Re: Sharing documents

Perhaps but you are too close to the coal face.

Many moons ago I insisted that my company had quite an involved document structure and style hierarchy. I used to teach DTP (int al) Our ISO9001 Quality Manual was quite a beast and still is. I have used Arch Linux n LO for over a decade (OK I used to use Gentoo).

Yes there are bugs in all software but LO is starting to come together quite nicely.

All the wankery about LO lacking something is quite literally that - wankery. Calc has a decent function set and is extensible. Writer does the job too and so does Base and the rest of the suite - I regularly query my work financials via JDBC for example.

MSO is basically all about getting you on a sub and seemed to have forgotten about innovation.

Sad really,

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Re: My God!

"and there is no real Open Source replacement for Outlook"

We've been using Evolution EWS (you can use more than just EWS) for many years now and you get full interoperability with Outlook apart from the crashes/freezes. It also lacks a ribbon which suits me.

I think Evo looks a lot nicer too but that is subjective. It is much faster than Outlook on the same hardware.

I own a MS Partner but insist on Arch (BTW) on my own gear, so I think I have a decent sized foot in both camps.

Dinobabies latest: IBM settles with widow of exec who killed himself after layoff

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Err you'll find that el Reg are pretty permissive provided you don't cross a -ism or -ist boundary. Ideally you should deploy f bombs with style and panache.

If you haven't been here long enough, look up Mr Trevor Potts from our Canadian parish for some delightful examples of the art along with some that frankly ... aren't. He's not the origin of the term "potty mouth" but he certainly maintained standards.

Let 'er rip.

Samsung heir pardoned after doing time for bribery

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Re: Independece Day

Independence from Japan

Want the very latest Windows Insider Dev Channel build? Check your disk space

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Re: It seems to be how things are

I use Arch (actually). 8)

Kernel + initramfs is about 20Mb which is basically enough to boot Linux on any amd64 box, with all the drivers needed included, along with an initial RAM based filesystem and some utilities. Another 5Mb for Intel microcode so my NIC and wifi etc get early initialization.

If you add /lib/modules/ then that's less than 200Mb and that is all the rest of the drivers ... for everything that is supported - filesystems, devices, several varieties of firewalling etc.

Cisco admits corporate network compromised by gang with links to Lapsus$

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Re: The biter bit..............................

Cheltenham? Lovely old town, some delightful architecture.

The sins of OneDrive as Microsoft's cloud storage service turns 15

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Re: My favourite thing

"stored there to be on an "Internet" site"

From memory all that internet stuff is done by using another NTFS stream and storing a flag file in one that you won't see in Explorer, which can only see the default stream. You might be able to stop Windows and hence PS from seeing that stream by deleting the extra stuff.

You'll need to do some research on this. If nothing else you'll find out where viruses like to hide out or perhaps you can find a use for streams yourself. Shadow copies are probably stored in them too - can't be arsed to check. My console prompt is $ or # on my gear.

China-linked fake news site shows disinformation on the rise

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Re: United to Satan in America

"kiddish"? It's childish you numpty.

Your grammar is bollocks. You seem unable to combine formal and informal styles effectively. Capital W for a proper name unless you are pretending to be German, in which case Capitalise Everything (honest - that's all it takes!)

My smartphone has wiped my microSD card again: Is it a conspiracy?

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Re: Too hot to handle

Quite. Now stuff it in your pocket, next to your crown jewels on a day when the ambient temperature is close to 40C. Now go out in the sun. How hot is it inside that thing?

I forget which Vietnam war film/book rather memorably described: "Hot crotch cooking".

Phones don't have fans inside them and the Li Ion battery is basically an explosion waiting to go off when a thermal runaway happens. Now stuff the thing into the glove compartment in your car and let the midday sun beat down on the car.

I find the engineering of mobile phones absolutely mind blowing. Thermal management alone is astonishingly clever. Let alone packing a camera with multiple lenses, a games machine with GPU, an array of sensors and Lord knows what else, oh and a phone into something about 8mm thick.

How to get Linux onto a non-approved laptop

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Re: Old linux person here....do not understand......

https://fwupd.org/ - Dell have gone nearly all in on this.

In the past I have formatted my swap as FAT32 and booted FreeDOS. Nowadays /boot is FAT32 for EFI and ideal for calling BIOS flashers (oooeeer missus!) Slap your package (fnarrr) in /boot/firmware for example and use the built in BIOS updater. HPEs often have an updater that will download direct from the mothership via a handy internet.

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"and having a fallback OS to hand can be handy in emergencies."

So either two Linuxes or a Linux and a BSD.

Thousands of websites run buggy WordPress plugin that allows complete takeover

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All of our WPs are behind HA Proxy and /wp-admin/ and a few other obvious entry points are not available to the world in general. They also sit on a DMZ and each host has its own firewall against the others. There are a few other security related things too.

Microsoft tests CD ripping for Media Player in Windows 11

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Hodgesaaaaargh, is that you?

Arrogant, subtle, entitled: 'Toxic' open source GitHub discussions examined

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Re: Eh?

I once whined about something and some bloke called Ben Greer threw me some code for dot1Q VLAN support he was adding to Linux and said "give this a go". I also whined on the Samba mailing list about something, got some help and a few days later I had made a monster:

I ended up with an elderly Compaq server with Redhat or Mandrake (can't remember) with 10 VLANs and 20 nmbds per VLAN! samba and the kernel were hand compiled. The point of all this was a multi VLAN network with lots of Windows NT and Windows 3.11 WG machines but without a domain - all in quite randomly named workgroups. I now had a unified browse list. Novell shop. South West England. 2000ish

You do get wankers in all walks of life and you don't need to be working on a FOSS project to experience wankery. I have been that wanker myself too at times (I'm sure). The example about Linux kernel dev being toxic is well trod and Mr T famously has calmed down. Try reading LWN comments for a real rundown on how it's now done, although I do note an increasingly Hacker News flavour to the comments until someone like Neil B turns up and pulls the conversation back to reality.

This paper smells of sponsored research vs FOSS. It is a divisive result about a divisive subject - follow the money.

First steps into the world of thought leadership: What could go wrong?

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Re: magnificent

Black Adder. The usual combination of simple fart jokes, mixed with complicated and often biting satire. Four series, not too many episodes and each is about 1/2 hour long. If you are vaguely familiar with British humour, you'll get it.

Strangely enough the finale of the final episode of Bladder IV is an incredibly powerful comment on war, especially WWI. A rather fitting ending. If you don't bother with the rest I think that one episode can stand on its own - its genius.

"I have a plan ... a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel".

"Fancy a licorice ... Darling?"

Wi-Fi hotspots and Windows on Arm broken by Microsoft's latest patches

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What do the voices in your SO's head tell you?

'Red-rated' legacy IT gets refresh in UK as US battles theirs with bills

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Re: Excellent

You laugh but I remember a Finance Director using Lotus 1-2-3 for "word processing" back in the '90s.

I also remember the Company Secretary (her actual job title, UK ltd company and she was not a Director but a secretary - not confusing at all)! I (all of IT) wired her up to our nascent network (me and some CAT4 etc and a couple of hubs) and migrated her to Win 3.1 and taught her how this mouse thing works. Next day she had it on the floor next to the old dictation pedal and she used her foot to control the bloody thing! Seriously clever podal-dexterity. She could touch type and move the mouse with her foot. However her knowledge of WordPerfect keybindings was legendary (CTRL-F9: Font) and using MS Word held her up so I got the DOS WP working and kept her seriously productive.

Microsoft forgot to renew the certificate for its Windows Insider subdomain

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Paris Hilton

20 seconds of thought ...

Whenever your in house systems CA issues a cert, an API call is made to the monitoring system that adds that cert to a list to monitor.

Oh silly me, devops don't do monitoring - not cool enough 8)

Ransomware attack sends US county back to 1977

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Rich Text

Do you really use RTF (Rich Text Format)? It's a strange https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rich_Text_Format "missing link" within:

plain text -> wiki text -> full on word processor/DTP

The wiki page alleges that it was yet another attempt by MS to take the piss, competitively speaking. I think it was an early MS attempt at getting to grips with how to do anti-competitiveness.

SEC probes Musk for not properly disclosing Twitter stake

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Paris Hilton

Re: More Musk madness

That quote was from the twiddler that runs Facebook.

Cheers ransomware hits VMware ESXi systems

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Don't be complacent but ...

"To pull this off, it appears miscreants have to achieve privileged shell access to the targeted ESXi hypervisor server, or otherwise gain the ability to run commands on the host."

By default ssh is switched off on esxi. If you turn it on you are whinged at but you can turn the warning off.

How to find NPM dependencies vulnerable to account hijacking

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Re: "an opportunity to preempt this threat"

Sooo 2000s (and yes I did have test servers back in the day)

Nowadays you have snapshots for your VMs and backups that can be restored quickly and replicas of your VMs. You rarely have to go back to tape these days.

Yesterday I restored my home PBX because (salient facts):

* I'm an IT bod - obvs we have a home PBX

* Wife does dog boarding at home

* We have electric underfloor heating, a fairly open floor plan and 75% of ground floor is laminate. U/F is connected to its own consumer unit (UK) with ten zones

* IT gear is mostly in the attic - VMware esxi (Dell T420) and router and switch and other stuff

* IT gear in the attic is powered off one of the U/F circuits with a UPS

* ... leaky dog ... ... very leaky dog ...

I have yet to 100% confirm that a dog killed one room's underfloor heating but it is rather likely. I've got five out of ten zones switched off via the consumer unit and one of the switched off zones is where they pissed. Whilst working out what the hell was happening I flicked power off and on a few times.

The Dell VM host decided that its battery backed cache on the RAID had lost data. I'm not sure exactly why because I monitor all my gear and my customers with Icinga1 and 2 (migration ongoing) and none of the logs indicated a problem. Power went out, UPS depleted and box crashed. Outage was about 12 hours but the battery on RAID should have managed several days at least.

I had three MariaDBs on that box and two went wibble. I recovered my PBX from backup (Veeam), my Nextcloud was fine and Zoneminder needed a parameter to ignore knackered data in INNODB and I also had to delete the redo logs (which I thought should have saved me - nope) and I was able to dump the zm databases to files. I recreated my ZM db and dumped the data back in.

Backups are quite handy,

Microsoft sounds the alarm on – wait for it – a Linux botnet

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Re: knock, knock.

I am a fan of f2b but it cannot deal with massive botnets. That said, it does deal with a lot of the usual suspects because they don't bother with massively distributed IPs because the majority of their targets don't have f2b or anything like it.

f2b is pretty lightweight and keeps the majority of the yobs out. After that you need some funkier stuff.

Botnets rely on speed for initial connect so a few seconds delay can cause them to move on or you can be cruel by allowing an initial connect and slowing everything else down. TCP is a three way handshake: SYN, SYN/ACK and LOL. If every mail system popped a three second delay into the SYN/ACK and the final ACK (not LOL really - I'm a fucking comedian) then spam would be abated by roughly the Plank Constant.

I basically don't bother with f2b these days but that might change. I do enforce TLS 1.2 or better for my POs. IMAP with TLS and SMTP with STARTTLS and reasonably good passwords.

Security is all about evaluating what is happening now. I think I'll be putting f2b back in again quite soon.

Microsoft Bing censors politically sensitive Chinese terms

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Re: Oh, you are awful

"Oh, you are awful" - the late great Dick 8)

Elon Musk 'violated' Twitter NDA over bot-check sample size

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Clearly bots are like weeds so a Poisson distribution is appropriate. Make up a say 10Km square out of a suitable material and throw it somewhere. Count the number of twitterers and bots in the square and repeat a few times. Finally pluck a number that you like out of the air.

Job done.

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Re: violate ?

Your DVs seem a little harsh. I'm sure you are referring to being economical with the truth and nothing to do with money driving bollocks.

Ukrainian crook jailed in US for selling thousands of stolen login credentials

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Paris Hilton

Draft? He was arrested in Poland in 2020.

Fedora backs down on removing BIOS support… for now

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Re: Great ideas of our time . . .

Tilde is absolutely belting and roughly 15 years too late. Also I keep forgetting the name of the bloody thing.

I have rather a lot of Windows sysadmins that I'd like to do some Linux sysadmining that would benefit from tilde ... but what a rubbish name! I'm getting on a bit now and whilst I can recall what the Queen had for dinner in 1977, I have no idea whether I've eaten lunch today or even what lunch is.

No, not that, that's on Tuesday.

Fortinet's latest firewall is like your kids' music – you're probably not ready for it, yet

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Paris Hilton

Re: At those volumes?

Anon - I suspect you have skin in the game.

I'll just pick at one thread: As you say big finance need low latency and what you don't mention but probably assume - confidentiality. That is of course why they shouldn't put a box in between A and B that inspects traffic. A and B will share a hardware stored secret of some sort and have custom hardware that can encrypt and decrypt messages at something like nano second or better latency. It has to be better than LAN latency, how better is a matter of engineering and requirement but the latency for network connections over megametres are the big win. Even so: a general purpose firewall, no matter how fancy will not cut it.

Google Docs crashed when fed 'And. And. And. And. And.'

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Re: I can think of legit sentences with lots of ands together

Deploying your demonstratively constructive destructive sentence constructive methodology one should be able to come up with a suitably destructive construction without resorting to a contortive ... ... err you get the idea.

You could simply go the quine route (self referential) or deploy a sentence about capitalization and then take it to a properly ludicrous conclusion.

Don't blame me when either The Old Ones materialize and the end of the world kicks off (again) or an elderly dog materializes and widdles on your foot.

Microsoft Edge's 'Secure Network' sounds a lot like a built-in VPN

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The P in VPN stands for Private


Crooks steal NFTs worth '$3m' in Bored Ape Yacht Club heist

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Re: Why the hate ?

"In Italy, you used to have "gettone" ..."

In the UK we still have tokens called pounds and pence. They used to have some value too.

Insteon's vanishing act explained: Smart home biz insolvent, sells off assets

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"I've said it before and will keep on saying it:"

I'm an IT bod, an ex Civ Eng etc. I run a fair bit of my home and work on IoT. I apply the same approach to IoT as I do everything else. It has to work, with or without the internet, with or without wifi/Zwave/Zigbee etc. It will fail safe. I monitor my devices.

I'll grant you that there is a fairly high bar to entry but you are an El Reg reader so should be capable of at least finding your own arse with both hands.

My house is heated with electric underfloor mats. I've been testing a Zwave controller in two (out of 10) zones for three years now. One of them seems to go a bit mad every now and then but not the other. Anyway, I'll probably have a conclusion within about five more years.

This is new stuff. Do your due dil. and stop whining.

Damn, I hate whining.

Funky Pigeon pauses all orders after 'security incident'

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Re: Funky Pigeon

... whilst stroking my pet vulture

Cybercriminals do their homework for latest banking scam

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Re: I know that Brits often play the baddie in films but...

The accents change faster than genes

Infosys quits Russia, ending UK political and tax scandal … maybe

gerdesj Silver badge

Re: Perfect timing

"Everything Adolf did by the laws of his own making were legal."

Well, you are a proper fuck wit aren't you? Are you seriously comparing Sunak to Hitler?

I'm generally moved to eloquence in proportion to the comment I'm engaging with and your's is a bit shag.


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