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Microsoft confirms: We fixed Azure by turning it off and on again. PS: Office 362 is still borked


Re: Office 300 + rand () % 100

I suspect the joke is that Office 365 assumes 365 days of operation and so far, we've lost a couple of days.


>In a way, Microsoft is saying its cloud couldn't handle the weight of multi-factor login requests.

Ohh god, I'm so sorry - that was me. I enabled MFA for two test accounts on Sunday night!!

Drobo B1200i: The heavy-duty array even your mum could use


Drobo certainly is innovative

I'm sort of glad this review appeared because I do like the innovation behind all of this but don't like it because it's yet another solution to evaluate. The hot swap with larger drives is a stunningly customer-focussed feature and 3TB SAS enterprise quality drives are cost-effective compared to 600GBG SAS 15k. The reclamation of deleted blocks in thin provisioning is another neat feature. I put Drobo in the same box as Unitrends in looking at a well established market and really shaking it up. I'm interested whether they do hardware RAID at all or whether it's all done by the software. For me, the key question is not so much lack of HA (we've got a sister site with failover there) but whether that very clever SSD/SAS tier overcomes the loss of IOPS because it's not RAID-10 (therefore parity is being calculated somewhere) and 7.2k drives compared to 15k.

Cheapskate Aussie net-shoppers safe from GST for now


UK is nearly as bad

We're still "treasure island" for many items. Exactly same Dell PowerEdge R415 server bought at same time from Dell UK and Dell USA and the USA dollar price was just 5% more than the UK price, including taxes and delivery.

Microsoft re-tiles mobile platform for Windows 7 era



Microsoft needs to piss off it's developers or rather make the device attractive to developers. The iPhone & Google phones started from ground zero and left Microsoft standing when it came to the apps that people wanted to use. 99% of users care nothing for legacy.

Citrix touts XenServer hypervisor ramp

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XenServer in small business

As a small business with a reasonably typical three back office server (AD, Exchange/SQL, file server), XenServer is very attractive. Ohh, and the fact we're running XenApp giving six virtual XenApp systems on three servers. Currently running ESX Server on the the back office but migrating to XenServer as fast as we can. The XenCentre console just feels more professional than VMware's offering (trite reason for choosing) but being free is a huge plus. VMware want £4k in software maintenance for another year. No thanks...

Cheers, Rob.


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