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Microsoft: IE9 will never run on Windows XP


Thats great news

There'll be one (or more) less security flaws in XP

XP is rapidily become safe enough for me to consider it ready for the home user.

Hardware hackers defeat quantum crypto


No such thing as secure

Just stuff that hasn't been cracked yet.

Google boss turns Wave demise into success of sorts


I liked Google wave

And ~I am sad to hear of its demise.

Does anybody have a spare invite for its funeral?

Fanbois end Judas Phone 'Death Grip' with, um, SIM tape


I suggest somebody reads what they type before submitting

The infamous iCrap 4 has a few problems:

(1) Apple admits software defects;

(2) The antenna is mechanically defective;

(3) Picture are yellow tinted;

(4) Batteries catch fires;

(5) Connectors burn and melt;

(6) Unbreakable glass breaks and scratches;

(7) SIM shorts to carrier;

(8) Yellow colouring on glass;

(9) Green blob/spot on camera, in the centre;

(10) Proximity detector cuts calls.

Points 3 and 8 aere the same thing which cures itself once the bonding agent evaporates.

Point 2 The antennas work perfectly and have been proven to do so, the fault is with the positioning of them which allows them to be shorted out.

Point 4 Battery fires where has this been reported?

Point 5, 1 reported cable connectore fault, out of a few million doesn't warrant a recall

Point 6 Show me where they have advertised the screen as unbreakable? Theres 1000's of security companies would be please to know about this new technology.

Point 7 Sim's only short to sium holder when people have trimmed a full size sim down to fit.

Point 9 Never seen a report on the green blob thays not to dissmiss it without merit, but merely noticing the fact that even the slightness thing Apple related gets reported on here it seems funny thats never been mentioned.

Point 10 Proximity sensor yes has a fault, its a little sensitive, a software patch will fix it.

You sir seem to be a troll.

Apple has its faults the Iphone4 has some problems many of them recognised and addressed by Steve Jobbie, To be honest when i worked in the mobile phone industry I heard many of the same complaints levelled and SE, RIM and Nokia. And many more, mostly alot more severe.

iPhone 4 burns, hurts owner


@Super Tim

Accept it clearly reads to anybody normal that apple have accepted the unit as faulty. Numpty

ISP condemns new BT backbone


Fibre upgrade

I believe, however maybe wrong, the 21CN is the project name for the backbone upgrades roll out. They need to upgrade this to get the BTinfinty service which is fibre based to the cabitents on the street.

I may be wrong, BT really is the ministry of duff infomation.

Pictures of Ubuntu: Linux's best photo shots at Windows and Mac


Picassa uses wine

To run under Linux, it is in fact a sloppy port.

You do not need to install Wine to run Picassa. Picassa installs the Wine libraries it needs to run.

Sony pledges 'affordable' 3D TV experience


If Sony's TV are so good

How come they really on Samsung to make their panels.

What your really saying is look how good those Smasung panels work in the overly espensive Sony plastic box, designed for people to stupid to releiase that Sony is on a shell of its form 80's glroy days, when it made everything it sold and was a quality prosduct.

Mines the one with a Samsung telly in the pocket and an extra £300 to spend in ther other pocket

Beeb gets its rocks off in Second Life


Secondlife Shmecondlife

I really need to work on my first life, long before i start a secondlife

Capita gets £60m deal to merge NHS websites


Ex captia staff

I worked for Capita on a project for Abbey National car insurance.

I was a campaign of errors and mismanagement. I shudder to think what a mess the NHS website will become.

El Reg nails Street View spycars to Google Maps


Spotted in Liverpool

I saw one yesterday in Liverpool going south along The Strand towards Wapping, It was passing Canning Place police station.

Didn't have a camera with me though :-(

iPhone hack bypasses AT&T


Why bother?

"Apple should offer the iPhone UNLOCKED, to be able to use any SIM card from any carrier the user chooses.

Remember it is not subsidized by AT&T. They would sell like hot cakes.

This would make the iPhone truly global."

The Iphone is an over hyped hunk o junk. Therer are many many better phones out there.

Honestly a pretty interface doesn't excuse bad battery life and ugly brick like shape in your paocket.

Madchester 2.0


I stand corrected (partially)

thankyou for correctly me and my lack of knowledge of exits from Manchester. I will be sure to use them at some point as i usually cannot wait to leave there.


The M602?

Never heard of it, I think you mean the M62.

Or do you mean the M606 that Leaves Bradford, an equally grotty grey place.

Microsoft puts a figure on open source 'patent infringements'



So the Gui violates 42 patents could we be more specific such as which Gui?




any or all of the others?

And Open Office Violates several others, well bugger me isn't OpenOffice a Sun systems byproduct of StarOffice? and isn't really a Linux issue. Or am i being silly?

Its MS being blowhards again trying to discourage more and more Liux mingration from there bloated resource hogging, unsecure, failure of an OS