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Panicked WH Smith kills website to stop sales of how-to terrorism manuals


Re: Journalism?

I think they bought some of their commentators with them.

I have you now! Star Wars stocking fillers from another age


Re: Episode 1 Racer (N64, PC, Dreamcast)

I still play it!

Wasn't so easy to get running on an x64 machine, but eventually someone came up with a fix.

Adobe: We locked our customers in the cloud and out poured money


Re: re: For an indie, it's a bit of a piss take.

Whether you're a plumber or an artist, you either paid for your tools or you didn't.

Does your hypothetical struggling artist drink $50 of coffee a month?


Crimes against punctuation, grammar and spelling at least...


re: For an indie, it's a bit of a piss take.

By 'indie' you mean a fucking pirate chancer, don't you? You make a buck, you pay your dues.

Electrician cuts wrong wire and downs 25,000 square foot data centre


Do you get paid the same money as a professional?

The risk was trusting incompetent workers (and therefore bad management), not hardware failure. Nothing to do with beancounters or even IT.

And thinking that "1-in-a-100 chance of failure" would put someone off is inexcusable; would a "99/100 chance of success" put anyone off? Do you always pull numbers out of your arse like that?

Apple's design 'drives up support costs, makes gadgets harder to use'


Re: "The mouse is dead; it's time for a change,"

Mouse users on the Netflix site should be given an epilepsy warning.

Music lovers move to block Phil Collins' rebirth



NEVER google "no jacket required" while filtering for images.

CANNOT be unseen.

Wangling my way into the 4K gaming club with a water-cooled whopper


Re: You lost me at the GTA screenshot

"The perspective on the pawn store is slightly squiffy." - the signs aren't parallel to the storefront.

"The front right wheel looks wonky." - Because the suspension is compressing due to accelerating? Or it's damaged?

"The yellow turn sign by the green station wagon has no perspective applied" I'm sure if you walked around it that wouldn't be true. All objects flatten out as the distance increases.

All aboard the Skylake: How Intel stopped worrying and learned to love overclocking



I mostly build my own CAD workstations, and this is my history. All but one were air-cooled and stable, and all were overclocked on day 1 :

First PC - Pentium 1 100mhz / O'C-ed to 120

Second PC - Celeron 350mhz / O'C-ed to 450

Third: P3 850 - O'C-ed to 1 Ghz

Fourth: Intel Q6600 2.4Ghz / O'C-ed to 3.0Ghz (water cooling)

Current: Intel I7 3960 ??Ghz / O'C-ed to 4.4Ghz

Question is, what are the new chips good for?

Who wants a classic ThinkPad with whizzy new hardware? Lenovo would just love to know


7 year old Thinkpad W700

Still wipes the floor with a lot of modern PCs.

I've run mine on a projector in meetings, with Revit, AutoCAD and several explorer windows open, orbiting complex 3D Building Services models - it just eats it all up. Worth every considerable penny.

Win Phone to outgrow smartmobe market for next four years


Re: Sounds like wishful thinking

Nokia 925 owner here...

Very happy with it, too. The OS suits a phone (as in, it's not trying to be a scaled-down desktop), I've got a stack of apps (some of them are even useful) the voice recognition is frighteningly efficient, the camera does lots of tricks, build quality is very good. All-in-all it's pretty solid.

Every chav and his mother has an iphone these days.

Get another loan, fanbois, the new MacBook Pro and iMac are here


Re: Nothing like it

My 6 year old Thinkpad W700 could probably keep up with the MBP. It's had XP64, Vista and now Win7. It comes with a built in colour calibrator, Wacom pad & stylus, RAID1 HDDs (a screwdriver away from an upgrade to SSDs) and is built like a tank.

You may have an argument with battery life, screen, alu body, etc. but longevity and utility? Nah.....

iPAD-FONDLING fanboi sparks SECURITY ALERT at Sydney airport


Re: i hate this man

Victor Meldrew drinks 3 red bulls and gets on a plane?

Your increasinly overblown sense of the ridiculous is not preventing you from coming across like a complete tool.

Don't pay for the BBC? Then no Doctor Who for you, I'm afraid


Re: Saw this coming

All that stress for the sake of £140 a year? It's only television....


Re: meth or death

£6 per month versus £12 per month? How many times can you watch Breaking Bad?

Netflix gets pretty stale, pretty quickly. It took us about 3 months to watch everything worth watching IMO. Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, OITNB are all well and good but man, there's loads and loads of rubbish, even if you blag it onto Netflix US. And the interface sucks.


£2.80 a week for no adverts during programmes?

The BBC could do fuck all else and I'd still pay it.

Last time we watched a film on C5 there were 16 adverts per break, and breaks 3-4 times per hour...insane.

And with Sky you pay to watch ads! Wish I'd thought of that one!

Watch any other country's TV and you too will value the BBC.

Music fans FUME over PJ Harvey ticket CHAOS as Somerset House site buckles


Re: I can answer one of your questions

Wouldn't it be awful if someone like that deliberately choked up the system, just to make a point?

Key to Windows mobe app sales? Er, LOW MEMORY, of course


Winmobe 6.5

I had loads of apps on mine, but didn't pay for any of them. Internet, innit?

Apps Shmapps

Finally kicked that Minecraft habit? Story time!


Sorry to repeat what the above posters just said...

...but why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why *snores*

Hack hijacks electric skateboards, dumps hipsters in the gutter


"I didn't just fall off...

...I mustabin hacked"

Man asks internet for $1k for pebbles. INTERNET SAYS YES


Beyond a certain strength water is required to be added so that you get the full effect of the alcohol, otherwise it's too concentrated and some of it will miss your bloodstream entirely, which is a waste.

So---one cube of ice made of water. You hear that America? ONE! Not 20....

Too 4K-ing expensive? Five full HD laptops for work and play


5 years and counting....

...since I bought my Lenovo W700 c/w 17" 1920X1200 IPS panel and Xrite colour calibrator.

Still unable to replace it, Luckily it still goes like stink.

There it is! Philae comet lander found in existing Rosetta PICS


...for the nth time....

Rocketry isn't science, it's engineering.

As Mad magazine might have put it:



woo anyway to all concerned.

SAVE ME, NASA system builder, from my DEAD WORKSTATION


Re: I did this last year with Scan / 3XS

The justification for building a machine to a Quality as opposed to a Price is that it will make money and not cost money. If the PC isn't working as fast as I am then I'm losing money.

Prior to this PC, I'd always built my own machines starting with a Celeron 300a (OC@450) and ending with a water-cooled Q6600 (OC@3000) with a 130W GT8800 consumer video card. Great fun was had over the years building and tweaking and fixing and swearing and not sleeping.

Originally, I was going to self-build once more and had an evolving shopping list for a month or two as I researched every last nut and bolt of it (Trusted Reviews, Hexus, etc.), eventually settling on an air cooled i7 3960x @4.4ghz. A chance phone call to Scan to check some detail or other led to them offering to build the system and charge me less than my day rate to do so. They would also warranty the build and (crucially) the overclocking. I'd used their configurators and the systems I could create there were almost, but not quite, what I was looking for. Once the sales guy had seen what I wanted, he said no problem. It took a few weeks to build and stress-test, and then when it was delivered it was unpacked and turned on before I signed for it. The peace of mind sealed the deal. A bargain.


Re: I did this last year with Scan / 3XS

Scan provide support if they overclock your system. You won't get that from a box of bits.

And how did you manage to buy a Mobo without looking at the specs? Caveat Emptor. Was it a 'budget' board? 'cos I thought they all came with soft-RAID these days.


Re: I did this last year with Scan / 3XS

Downvotes? For not parading my rig to an AC? What am I, a female gamer?


Re: I did this last year with Scan / 3XS

You've just asked me to do the IT equivalent of getting my dick out, I don't know how much your car cost and I prefer Serious Sam. (maxed out, natch...but that's a fringe benefit)


I did this last year with Scan / 3XS

A completely a la carte build, for £150+parts , tested before despatch, with a guaranteed 50% overclock. They are happy to do this if you're buying high-end components. My PSU was £200....

Scientists skeptical of Lockheed Martin's truck-sized fusion reactor breakthrough boast


Re: Game changer

It wasn't magic when Churchill gave them everything the Brits had in terms of tech research into computers, jets, etc. just so that the Yanks would get their asses/arses over the pond in the name of freedom.

What’s the KEYBOARD SHORTCUT for Delete?! Look in a contextual menu, fool!


Mouse only = one-handed user = slow user = no work

I trained on AutoCAD 10 for DOS. The interface was script-based. Then, as now, you could just type or paste a long series of commands into the Command Line. The few mouse-activated commands were referred to as 'shortcuts'.

When I started work I used AutoCAD 12 for Windows. Suddenly all these Icons appeared but I mostly still used the keyboard.

Then I used AutoCAD 12 LT which used a different Icon set. Keyboard still worked.

Acad 13 - different Icons

Acad 13 LT - different Icons

Acad 14 - ditto

And so on.

And then the Ribbon....

And still I use my keyboard. If I didn't, I reckon my right hand index finger would be capable of cracking hazelnuts by now.

And there's a lot less hand-eye coordination involved in using a keyboard compared to using a mouse or touch. Better for the eyes, better for the hands.

Are you a fat boy? Get to university now, you penniless slacker


Re: The curse of a slow metabolism and a fast pie-arm

Maybe you should shop at Waitrose....I just threw your items into a basket and spent £37.38 leaving plenty for "other fruit and veg". £15 of it was melons and grapes, BTW.

And do you really eat one cucumber, per day, each?


Re: The curse of a slow metabolism and a fast pie-arm

Indeed the World might be against you (historically it always has been, one way or another), but it's still not The World's fault if you are weak-minded or apathetic about your and your family's health. No-one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to eat this rubbish. In First World countries, the Stupid don't perish as easily. In the words of Jello Biafra "Give me convenience, or give me death"


Re: Flaw in the argument

4-6 times? How much do Tesco charge for oil? Your maths stinks, and you're comparing oven chips to either from-raw deep fried chips or oven-baked jacket potatoes. You can bake chipped potatoes in the oven using a lot less oil.

And if your time is so valuable and you are so crap at peeling potatoes (half an hour? does that include stopping for a rest?) then DON'T PEEL THEM.


The curse of a slow metabolism and a fast pie-arm

Kung-fu panda is a cartoon. Jamie Oliver is a TV entertainer who likes to sell books.

A healthy shopping bill is not 4-6 times higher than an unhealthy one, unless you're suggesting I could feed a family of 4 for £30-£40 a week, given enough frozen pizza.

Don't eat when you are bored, sad, restless, waiting at a bus-stop, stuck in traffic, on the phone, watching telly, etc.

Do eat when you are hungry. If you stop eating crap your body will soon be able to inform you when it needs food, which should only be a few times a day if you're doing it right.

Stop blaming the world.

Depression is a disease. Go to a doctor, not a baker.

If you think 3D printing is just firing blanks, just you wait


Re: "Fuck yeah!"

You haven't seen the movie then? I thought it was a spot-on response. Most amusing.

Best shot: Coffee - how do you brew?


Re: Crema vs. creamer

The Bialetti Brikka is like no other. That valve on top is exclusive. The coffee has crema and character, even if all I use is Lavazza Red.

Detroit losing millions because it buys cheap batteries – report


"Best is cheapest"

a rule to live one's life by

Lenovo posts an INCREASE in desktop PC and notebook sales


You're holding it wrong...

1. Spec it out at Lenovo.com

2. Find it at a much better price online for any number of 'laptop outlet' type places

3. Win!

Did this 5 years ago with a Thinkpad W700. Prebuilt, rather than custom, so with me in a matter of days.

Wish I could replace it...8gb 17" 1920x1200 RAID 1, hardware colour calibrator that I've never needed but Hey!...and a Wacom Pad & Pen, active anti-shock HDDs, and a 170W PSU that weighs about a kilo.

Computing student jailed after failing to hand over crypto keys


Re: Ahh, Asperger's

....and when he gets out, they can ask him again.

Windows 7, XP and even Vista GAIN market share again


Re: "windows gets slower"

@ Nick Ryan,

Get an SSD!

My Win7 box flies like shit off a stick and has done since day 1, about 2 years ago. Registry bloat? AV? updates? GTF....

....mind you, I don't have iTunes on my PC. If so, please disregard the above.

YouTube will nuke indie music videos in DAYS, says Google exec

Big Brother

You there! Stop listening to interesting music!

It's distracting you from all the mind-numbing dross, backed by proper money.

LEAKED: Redmond not allowed to sell 'Nokia' smartphones after 2015


Re: Ditch Windows Phone as a brand, in favour of Lumia

If my heart ever raced faster at the mention of Android or IOS then I'd go straight to hospital.

Ukrainian teen created in lab passes Turing Test – famous nutty prof


Re: What's the opposite of a Turing test?

@ Jedit: FAIL you spelt 'your' wrong

Facebook, are you listening? Fusion-io chucks 6.4TB 'Atomic' flash kit at world


*throws money at screen*

Middle England trembles before roaring LOHAN


Re: Yes, it is rocket science

No, it's not. Rocketry is Engineering. :p

Actually, there is an Arapaho word for 'pliers'


Re: Journalistic Integrity

Don't be glum! The paper clip is an all time engineering design classic. There are more patent applications for an 'improved paper fastening device' than anything else.

Curiously, the Arapaho word for Patent Troll also happens to be tooyo'oenoo'.

Netflix needling you? BBC pimps up iPlayer ahead of BBC3 move


Just tried the new version for a few minutes.

It does less than the old one, and takes up more room, and involves more clicks.


Satisfy my scroll: El Reg gets claws on Windows 8.1 spring update


Well I told them at the time

but would they listen?