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What killed Motorola? Not Google! It was Moto's dire software


Ah yeah...

That'd be Christy Wyatt with a leg in plaster iirc :)

Microsoft 'mulled Nokia buyout, ran away screaming'


Re: Elop has already halved the time it takes for Nokia to make a smartphone

I think the child was also a bit of a brat sometimes... ASBOs all round, basically.

Poll: Porn-watching, net-savvy kids are a myth


Kids aren't thick

Sure, cos kids are going to *admit* they're watching online grumble flicks?


Samsung woos developers with Bada book


It's lower case 'b' for 'bada'

Bill, we'll send you a free copy to review ;)

Nokia rides you hard for power


That's a great idea. I want one.

However, can someone invent a chain to keep the phone from being pinched off of the bike? :)

London desperately seeking Strategy Boutique


Makes sense

We must face facts: 'London' has been a brand for about 2,000 years now. I don't know about you, but all I ever think of is Roman invasion and that Time Team lot digging up archaeology in Cheapside. I hope the new branding also includes a nice logo: perhaps one that can be tattooed on the denizens of NuLondon.


Makes sense

Face facts, 'London' has been called 'London' (or variations of) for a couple of millennia. It's clearly long overdue for a makeover. Big Ben should be demolished and a shiny new 3-D logo erected in its place as soon as possible.


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