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Any finger will do? Samsung Galaxy S10 with a screen protector reportedly easy to fool

Kieran 2

Presumably the screen protector had a bubble when the fingerprint was registered in the first place, so the "recorded" fingerprint was detail-free and should have been rejected.

Punters even more dissatisfied by Virgin Media's package

Kieran 2

Virgin Broadband

Pretty fast - when it's not going down all the fucking time. I'm back on regular ADSL now and while it's slower and does go down occasionally, it's a hell of a lot better than the service I got from Virgin.

Swedish college girls now twice as slutty as in 2001

Kieran 2


Because either the authors are misogynysts, or they assume their intended readership are. My money's on both - use of the word "slutty" in a headline is a dead giveaway.


Anonymous hack showed password re-use becoming endemic

Kieran 2

I re-use passwords.

And if you managed to get hold of my oft-used passwords and the list of sites I use them on... well, you'd be able to make me look like a dick on a lot of forums, I guess. Not much else.

I don't have Gawker or rootkit logins, but they don't sound like sites I would bother having unique passwords for: I save those mostly for banking, social networking, and work.

Motorola Defy Android smartphone

Kieran 2

Froyo on the Milestone

Yeah, I got bored of waiting and finally installed Cyanogenmod. There's quite f ew hoops to jump through, though, thanks to Motorola being dicks about the boot partition: but RSD lite 4.9 will allow you to install a vulnerable bootloader, followed by OpenRecovery 1.46 (installed from /sdcard/update.zip), which you then use immediately (as a reboot will cause the device to copy back the original bootloader) to install another zip of the cyanogenmod ROM.

Sony Reader PRS-350 Pocket Edition

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Attack reads smudges to retrieve Android password patterns

Kieran 2


Frankly, "no shit". Anyone just looking at my phone could guess my unlock pattern in 2 tries (left-right or right-left?)

Cute as it is, something with symbols that appear in different places would be better. A PIN-based replacement is little better unless the numbers move around.

Withings Wi-Fi bathroom scales

Kieran 2

Just bought a set.

I'm so lardy that my current scales say "error", but these ones will do the job (they go up to 28st). Hopefully the web/app-based tracking will help with the motivation (although not picking up an injury every time I get serious about the gym would be a bigger help).

Fanbois love sex toys: Official

Kieran 2


So early adopters of high-cost devices also spend more money than the average user on other stuff?

You guys really will print any press release with a funny slant.

Ringback tones outselling ring tones

Kieran 2

Never heard of them before

I would have a serious problem with someone else getting to choose the audio that blares out of my device. Presumably you can block them, at least?

UK fatties demand 'hate crime' status for lardo-baiting

Kieran 2

Christ on a bike

"someone being beaten up should be a crime" - it is.

I used to weigh 27stone and I didn't get any of the shit these people are whinging about.

And a fat fitness instructor is clearly going to find little enthusiasm when most of their customers are looking to lose weight and need someone who can demonstrate they know how to keep fit!

Orange gets UK iPhone deal

Kieran 2

Speaking as an Orange customer

They are not a fit home for Smartphones, largely due to their hilariously ripoff data roaming plans.

Don't want to pay the hideous data roaming charges? Well, you can buy 10Mb extra for about a tenner... but you can only buy one, and they won't tell you when it runs out. Going somewhere like Moscow? The only "bundles" are 50Mb+ MONTHLY - no one-off bundles available at all.

I'm tied into my contract at the moment, but I'll be gone from Orange before I next leave the country. I would have actually paid more, and happily, if I'd been able to use google maps abroad rather than being forced to turn off data roaming on my Android handset.

Orange repeals unpopular price changes

Kieran 2

Their Data Roaming rates are still horrific though.

£3-8 per megabyte depending where you are. You can buy a 10M bolt-on for Europe for about £12, but you can ONLY BUY ONE so if you need more you're screwed, and the only data packages for Russia/Ukraine were MONTHLY 50M/100M packages.

I had to turn off data roaming when I would have happily paid a (reasonable) premium for the service. I'll certainly be leaving Orange before I next leave the UK! They are clearly way behind the times and need to wake up or die.


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