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The state of desktop support

Jason 71

I am fed up of saying.......

Have you tried looking at the Help Option????

I get soooo many calls from prople that just dont know how to do something in Word, Excel, Poweropint, Outlook etc...

There is always 1 user that thinks its My Job to know how to format their documents...

26 years working on Computers (Building, Writing Apps, Network Support etc...) and I am reduced to talking a user through recalling a message in Outlook because THEY attached the wrong document.. Then its my fault that the Recall Fails when the user has read the incorrect email...


Need Coffee.....

Demon splurges details of 3,600 customers in billing email

Jason 71


"But the email also has a .csv attachment with 3,681 customer records on it. Entries include names, emails, telephone numbers"

Are the going to change everyone's telephone numbers too....

I hope they get screwed for this..

Too many people getting away with it.

James Martin apologises for cyclist outrage

Jason 71

@Alastair McFarlane

5 out of 4 people cant do fractions either :0/

Jason 71

@Where do these commenter stats come from?

87.25% of statistics are made up on the spot


Street View prowls Outer Hebrides

Jason 71


That pic has to be fake

I spent 18 months based on the Outer Hebrides while in the RAF and there was NEVER 3 cars in the same place at the same time.

You would be lucky to see any cars if you were out driving

Microsoft purges AutoRun from older Windows

Jason 71

U3.. I hate them with a passion

Why is it that when you simply plug one of these things in it creates folders and registry entries all over the place.

If its on a USB Stick it should be a true portable app.


TomTom goes Jock to abuse English 'bas'

Jason 71

Re: Meh #

I got both emails too...

Wonder if he still works there

Ha Ha

Wireless power gets lovely shiny logo

Jason 71
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@Tom 32

I do now.. lol

Ofcom taps sailors for new fees

Jason 71
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@Da Weezil

"Give Search and Rescue organisations a dedicated and protected frequency - Free of any fee/taxation.... NOW!"

I Agree 100%

Man gets 3 years in prison for stealing IDs over LimeWire

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