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Billionaire-funded e-car gets showroom date


I want

If I can get 200+ miles on a charge, which only takes 1 hour on a 3 phase supply (I presume you will be able to trickle charge on single phase?) and all for only 24k? I want.

Anyone know how many miles you would get out of these types of cars before you have to change the battery or motors? is 200k miles feasible?

Avatar expands 3D TV interest



When I watched Avatar, it was easily the best quality film I have seen in a cinema (though I dont own a Kuro, admitidly), If I could have that quality at home, I would wear the specs, np. I would only whatch blcokbusters though, can't see any point watching mythbusters in 3D!

Panasonic releases more capacious, less explosive laptop battery



You would manage this in the electronics, no need to educate anyone, ever tried getting a phone bat below 2.2v? just wont let you.

Kingston SSD Now V 40GB boot drive

Thumb Up

Gaming on SSD

I have my windows install on a normal SATA srive, my swap file on the SSD and I installed my fav games on the SSD.

Who cares about initial boot time? get a coffee while it does, but Crysis and L4D load times are so so fast, and having the swap file (i think) speeds up the general running on windows too.

Intel soups up 34nm SSDs



'buy Intel has separately released a utility called', should probable be 'but Intel has separately released a utility called'

LG GD910 Watch Phone


Somethng tells me

That this phone doesnt have 80GB of memory..........(end of page 1 ;)

How to run Mac OS X on a generic PC



lol Desperados, why read an article about hacking an OS, when clearly your someone who couldn't even open the case!, MAC's are great bits of kit, no doubt, but the spec's suck.

I have a 2.5k PC running win7 RTM, and I love it, what would make it perfect is a dual boot to OSX and Win7, OSX for when my soul wants pretty and intuative, Win7 for when I actually have to do some work or play a game.

£170 though... thats very steep. would pay £80 max, otherwise it is back to a hackintosh HD for me.


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