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Samsung Electronics' sales go OVER A CLIFF

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Actually the columns differer between the two graphics. Why the second has no titles is strange.

The second data is Q1'15 | Q1'14 | Q4'15

IM operating profit actually grew QoQ but plummeted YoY. El Reg just wanted a big scary number hence the column flip.

You can see the actual source data from Samsung here:



This 320-gigapixel snap of London is size of Buckingham Palace

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No HTML5 compatible images found.


Sony denies Netflix app to older Bravia smart TVs

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You actually hurt Sony more if you *do* buy a TV from them. They lose money on every one they sell.

Singapore most 'liveable' Asian city for ex-pat IT pros

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The visibility is rarely as bad as claimed in this report.

Resellers: Microsoft price hike was 'demanded by Euro country bosses'

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>There's a huge value difference between the dollar and the sterling pricing of MS product. But if I buy US product for use here in Scotland, then MS will have me over the barrel quicker than they can say counterfeit product.

Because the EU hosts a common market in goods and services, perchance.

And for those moaning about the pound, it's remained reasonably static against the dollar over the last 2 years. It's the USD and Euro which are in a race to the bottom.

NEC slashes 10,000 jobs – blames Thai floods, smartphone slump

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It's not Apple who're killing them in Japan, it's Samsung.

Free iPhone 4S deal tempts Chinese fanbois

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Indeed. They call it pre-payment, and unless you have the right credit card, you have to give the phone company an interest free loan for the cost of the handset, and they repay you by knocking 1/24 the cost of each bill.

Oh, and they force you to pay for VAS that you don't want.

And have crappy networks...

HK is proof that capitalism has its flaws.

Sony names PlayStation Vita release day

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penny arcade said it all

when the 3ds had been out a few months:


I'd love for the Vita to be a smash, I have a PSP-1000 gathering dust in a drawer. But Apple stole the market whilst Nintendo and Sony were smoking crack in a whorehouse together.

Dell Streak 7 Android tablet

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"it can be updated OTA, which suggests a Gingerbread or Honeycomb update may arrive at some point."

As an owner of several previous Android devices I applaud your careful use of 'suggests' and 'may arrive'.

What *will* happen is that they'll promise a Honeycomb upgrade 'in the future' and then give up on the 7" tablet as soon as they've stuffed the channel and go on to marketing the next model which "will offer the best flash mobile experience yet!". (I'm looking at YOU, Samsung).

Apple embraces 'n' extends messaging

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Why are you all banging on about email?

Apple's iMessage is a closed IM system, it has nothing to do with email.

It'll be moderately successful, at punishing the network operators a bit for their ludicrous SMS charges.

The telcos were sold a dream by a bunch of Scandinavian network equipment manufacturers called RCS, which was supposed to make your phone do everything it does already, but over an IMS network. It's 3 years late and Apple, Google and RIM won't hang around for it.

Kindle beats Apple's closed book on choice

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An title

To describe Amazon's Kindle platform as open is disingenuous.

(I have a kindle - I love it)

Sony CEO signals summer of tablets

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An Title

"It will also want to take some time to port its XMB UI on top of Android, and get its own app and content stores ready for the machine."

If google let them.

Samsung intros 'skinnier than iPad 2' tablets

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

You missed the but about how the 10.1 will be out in JUNE, and the 8.9 at some unspecified time "in the summer".

Huawei invites US gov to investigate links to Chinese military claims

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When China opens up its market to foreign competition in the same manner, why shouldn't they be able to bid for US companies.

Huawei have access to virtually limitless government backed 0 interest loans. They can buy any business they choose to.

Nokia's developers wait and wait for Windows Phone

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Symbian is Nokia's Apple II. Hopefully it'll generate enough cash to keep the lights on whilst Maemo^W MeeGo^W WinMo7 matures.

Nokia's E series are still decent handsets, specialised for what they do best, but how can Windows Phone 7 work on such devices. It's hard to see how Nokia's portfolio can avoid a radical cull in the transition to MS, they can't release 40 models a year that all have a plain black touchscreen and 3 buttons.

Apple work by releasing one handset every 2 years.

Nokia work by releasing 1 handset every 2 weeks.

There should be room for both strategies, but I can't see how windows mobile lets them do it.

Intel demos MeeGo 'tablet user experience'

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An title

So their homescreen looks like 3 phones bolted together, there's no examples of multi touch (does the OS have it? surely it does) and everything requiring that agonizing long-press.

Why can't the music browser be launched from the 'music panel'?

What I would like to see is the settings configuration.

Chrome 9 debuts with WebGL, app store, instant annoyance

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Try making sure that your default windows printer is a local one, and not a network printer.

I had this issue on chrome builds going back to 6.x

In other news, have they broken H264 on this version? If so I'm not upgrading.

Flash versus HTML 5

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Note the * when I said "phone".

The galaxy tab repeatedly claims to be a phone.

And restarts when you take the SIM card out.

Android laggard.

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Have you actually *used* flash on 'droid?

"[Flash] is more than tolerable on devices running Android 2.2"

No it isn't, it's terrible. I have a Galaxy Tab, an android device with pretty must the most up to date processor, big display and plenty of RAM.

Navigating to any website that uses flash is a nightmare. The android browser won't even let me scroll until the page has loaded all its Flash content (sllloooowwwwlllyyyy), and then the whole thing is jerky and a pain to navigate. And, being Android, this slowness affects the whole phone, not just the browser, so unless I go into the Task Manager (I thought we'd gotten rid of those in the mobile world.) and kill the browser, I can't use my phone*. Oh joy.

Aussies demand Poms cough up first 'Australia' map

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And another thing

I've always though that the US Declaration of Independence is rightfully British, given that it was us they were declaring independence from, surely it must be delivered to the English head of state, or else no independence.

As for the Flinders map, why not have it on display in Australia, given that it's currently doing nothing, and no one back in blighty has any idea who Matthew Flinders was.

In other news, Sydney is too hot.

Apple iPad vs... the rest

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Galaxy Tab

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab, and it feels like a poor cousin to an iPad.

Comparing the display in terms of the screen diagonal is misleading. What you should say is that the Tab's screen is *half* the size of the iPad's, but it's still too big to carry around in your pocket. So you have all the limitations of a bulky device, but with a screen that doesn't justify it.

The graphics are not as smooth as the iPad, despite having a similar spec processor.

Most annoying feature is the screen rotation detection, which forces you to either: Hold the dvice with all the care of a safe-cracker, lest your hand shake and the screen clunkily re-draws into landscape, you over correct and throw it back the wrong way, repeat; - or - lock it permanently. (Biggest bug bear here, you can't lock the screen in Landscape from the web browser, because it hides the menu bar. You have to quit browsing, go back to the main menu, lock the screen, and then go back. Argh)

The camera may well be a boasted 3MP unit, but there's no zoom and the focus is poor. The less said about the front facing camera, the better, it produces super grainy images with the screen rotation not recorded in the JPEG. The automatic panorama mode is a neat feature, until you find that the images are only 800x600, which makes them pretty much unusable for anything. (The Tab offers no way to showcase them, any at event). Video calling *is* supported, but only with Samsung proprietary platform. There's no standard 3G video calling support. (Which the Reg slammed Apple for, but remained totally silent about on this device. Double standards anyone?)

So you can only call someone else who also has a Galaxy Tab. With them.

Like the iPad, the device will only charge from the supplied charger. Regular USB doesn't pump out enough juice to charge it otherwise. Unlike the iPad, it doesn't use the same cable that all your friends and colleagues already have for there iPhone/iPod/iPads. Lose Samsung's supplied copycat cable, and you have to buy another. (From where, I have no idea).

Somehow the headphones are also proprietary, try to use a (de-facto) standard iPhone headset, and it'll shut off the mic on the device, but not use the one on your 'phones, so you're leaft shouting to no one. The only other option is having the device on loud-speaker and shouting at it Dom Jolly style.

Things I won't even start on, in case I explode. Flash support (ahahahahahahaha, enable at your peril), Swype (note: learning my typing style != remembering every single typo I ever made and substituting real words with them /every/ time). The android marketplace (or beta-shop, as it should be called. I *like* apple weeding out the crappy, unfinished dross, thanks)

Good points, and there are some. it's sturdy. even though it's plastic it feels quality, and mine has taken a few knocks well. The battery is excellent, will easily go all day. The extra screen space really makes some apps come alive.

The Mobile AP support in android 2.2 is excellent, and has helped me out several times already. Email works well (though no push), but the supplied MS Word reader is piss poor, Google Docs and Documents-to-go do a much better job.

I'm looking forward to 2.3 and I hope many of the niggling features can be ironed out.

So, in conclusion, it's 1/2 the size of an iPad; doesn't work quite as well, still needs a bag to be carried in, doesn't do video calling and costs the same.

I got one free* with my mobile contract though, so I'll see where it goes.

Asus Eee PC 1015PEM

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No Built in 3g? I bed to differ...

> The fact that these companies never integrate a 3G modem (at least as an option) is also completely unfathomable to me.

My HP Mini 210 has a built in 3G modem from Qualcomm. Works well (as soon as I removed the horrible bloated HP Connection Manager, at least)

Imagin IMEB-5 colour e-book reader

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The Elephant in the room

What's the battery life like?

Viewsonic ViewPad 7 Android tablet

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Do google generously allow it to use the Android Marketplace?

I note that many of these no-name tablets are not permitted.

iOS 4.2: An 'ace' for iPad, a 'meh' for iPhone

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Sour Grapes?

How come El Reg feels the need to take a dig at apple every time they can, that the latest and greatest software updates aren't available on hardware that's two releases out of date?

Apple are a damn sight better at providing software updates than any of their competition, I raise you Nokia and Sony Ericsson for a start. Even your golden child of Android is beholden on the whims of some consumer electronics companies for any kind of update once shipped.

How about an entire article devoted to hot LG and Sony Ericsson still think it's fair game to sell you a *new* phone with Android 1.6 on it?

Toshiba Portégé R700 13in notebook

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Battery Life

Any thought to mention how long this thing will go between charges?

Netbooks: notebook evolved - or stunted throwback?

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I quite like mine

I have a HP mini 210HD, with 10.1" 1366x768 display and 95% full size chicklet keyboard and built in WWAN.

Even windows 7 starter on it works nicely.

I don't have a car where I live and I have to carry my laptop with me where ever I go. My Dell D630 was slowly destroying my back. The HP is much better.

My only gripe is the piss poor battery life. Out of the box they made the machine go into hibernation when it hit 9%, and yet they don't multiply their (fantasy) usage figures by 0.91.

Nokia N8 smartphone

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Remember back in 2007...

When you slated the Apple for having a non-removable battery, and yet you let Nokia doing it slide.

(If a torx screwdriver is required, it's basically non-removable. The Reg said so itself in the Macbook Air review.)

Multi-network iPhone SIM rumours at Apple

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Not iPhone

Seems more likely to roll this out into the 2nd Gen iPad.

Then I can buy my data in pre-defined bundles from any network.

Nokia knocks back N8

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To quote satan:

Real Artists Ship.

HP Mini 210

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Mini 210

I have the Mini 210 HD (bigger screen resolution is really superior), and it's a doddle to open up and get inside.

There are no panels because you press two quick-release buttons behind the battery, and the whole bottom comes away. No screw or anything.

I can't understand why your review model didn't have this.

Apple Magic Trackpad

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Battery life

Like the poster above I have a Mac Mini in my living room, so a wireless keyboard and mouse is desirable. I have found that the batteries in the Magic mouse last at least 3 months, the keyboard longer. I wonder if you have a PS3/Wii or other bluetooth device around causing interference?

Developers twitchy as wait for Symbian^3 goes on and on

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Symbian has 45% of the smartphone market...

...because Nokia count everything that runs Symbian as a smartphone.

Google redirects China to uncensored Hong Kong servers

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China has no problem blocking plenty of other HK sites. ALl this will do is to make my google searches slower for the next few days. HK is and isn't a part of mainland china depending on whatever suits the government in Beijing.

New York and Chicago lose Nokia stores

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Roll on the closures

Perhaps they'll close the store in Hong Kong too. I walk past it on my way to and from work, and I have yet to see more customers than staff, and if you go there with a broken Nokia phone, they tell you to go away.


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