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Brighton marathon munchers banned from all-you-can-eat diner

Tim 3

I didn't read the title correctly.

I thought the title implied that it was refusing to serve marathon runners because they'd eat too much. Not that it was a few fat people abusing the service.

He put up with them for 2 years and to be honest they sound like terrible customers. If they're eating directly out of the buffet trays rather than sitting at a table they deserved to get kicked out.

Made for each other: liquid nitrogen and 1,500 ping-pong balls

Tim 3

I wish I'd seen this a few years ago...

I was left unattended with some dry ice and a drinks bottle and made the same "experiment" minus the ping pong balls. I'd hypothesised the lid would would pop off and the sink would fill with cold water vapour. The bottle was placed in the sink wrapped with a wet cloth to warm it and catch the lid. The top of the sink was covered by a ceiling tile "just in case"...

A few minutes later it hadn't gone off and I was treating it like a lit firework and ignoring it. There was a very loud pop, cloud of ceiling tile and some water vapour...but no sign of the bottle. It had shot straight up, turned the first tile to dust and left a perfect bottle shaped hole in the ceiling above. Don't try this at home.

Blunkett threatens to sue for £30 ID card refund

Tim 3

Too expensive

They could have rolled out ID cards by making learners driving permits a 10 year permanent form of ID adding the biometric gubbins on there. I wonder how much that would have cost? Or maybe have a passport card for your wallet to go with the traditional form factor for travelling outside Europe, to be included in the current price.

I'm sure neither of these would have cost £4.5+ Billion and then most people would have been automatically carrier of the ID card quickly, or certainly within the 10 year period in which their existing ID will expire.

As for an entitlement card what happens if you're mugged and it lands you in the hospital, are you not entitled to treatment? If you're stopped on the street without your wallet are you not entitled to avoid prison? Would you have needed it when catching a bus?

Having an ID scheme in Russia didn't stop terrorism, so why will it work here?

Intel: Killer cables may leapfrog USB 3.0

Tim 3


If the cable doesn't offer power then it will be a serious step backward when competing directly with many items currently using USB which either charge or draw power from USB.

I'm sure it'll make a good replacement for Cat5 and other purely data cables though.

Stephen Hawking both British and not dead

Tim 3


In America "Liberal" is an insult. It basically means you're inviting terrorists in to blow up "the best nation on Earth".

A small step backwards and maybe they'd see that you don't have to milk someone dry for healthcare. I mean $9,000-17,000 to deliver a baby. Or upto $25,000 to have a C-Section. It's insane, how the system has lasted this long I've no idea.

(Wolfram Alpha tells me our health system works so badly we live 0.9 Years longer on Average)


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