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People actually write novels about DevOps – and an author spoke about his take at Dynatrace's Perform event


Re: It's actually quite good

My only beef with Phoenix is that it's very similar to Eli Goldratt's classic The Goal. Unicorn takes a more original trajectory, and IMO is much better written.


Televising the IT Revolution

Great to see Mr. Kim getting the recognition he deserves. In the shops I work in, these novels have inspired some of our most hardened cybersecurity enforcers to begin to see that things don't have to be done the old way, and that a lot of compliance can be baked in. It's also helped persuade dev teams to clue security in a bit earlier so they can capture the requirements in the design stages. There's still a long way to go, especially in government, but it's great to see the winds of change are finally making it into the ossified government sector. Every article like this will help raise awareness that it is possible to get to a state of superior security and compliance more effectively - and maybe even have a little fun getting there.

Thanks for the article, and thanks Gene for televising the IT Revolution.

Websense yanks censorware from Yemen

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Bravo, Websense!

Websense should be applauded for sticking to their principles in this age of breathless buck-chasing and particularly during an economic downturn.

Well done, Websense!


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