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RIM blows on the dice, gets ready for its FINAL THROW

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Pointless unless...

You make it backward compatible with existing BES servers, which in classic RIM style, they haven't. So when my CEO comes and asks for email on his shiny new Blackberry, I'll give him a costing and project plan for upgrading the entire back end, which he will laugh at quite a bit before going back to a proper smartphone.

Netflix shares jump as outfit adds 10 million subscribers in 2012

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You can use unblock-us.com to get access to the US & Canadian stuff, which is a lot better. If my wife wasn't soap addicted, I've have gotten rid of Sky months ago.

Microsoft 'didn't notice' it had removed Browser Choice for 17 months

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Re: Intel et al in Eire

Because it's the only thing stopping them all buggering off to India?

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone

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Not it isn't!

Not yet anyway. As it stands, I have a Galaxy S with 16GB of (ok, partially usable) internal storage, and a lovely big 32gb sd card.

It just about holds my music, and I can stick decent selection of films on the internal storage. It made my ipod redundant. I really don't care if the 16gb is all usable on a shiny new phone, it's still significantly less than what I have available on an 18 month old phone.

Sticking a HD screen on a phone and then limiting the storage like this one does just seems like one step forwards and three back.

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"there’s no microSD slot"

Aw, and we were doing SO well up to that point.

BlackBerry stumbles to feet, full of apologies

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"Blackberry is the only phone that will allow us to retain our security accreditation"

This is the heart of the matter, and the only reason our company are all still carrying Blackberries around. Androids are not a secure business phone. They suck so much at being secure it's not funny, and anyone letting their employees access their networks on them in any way, shape or form is just asking for trouble.

AMD says Xbox 720 graphics to be good as Avatar

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Rules of the Interweb # 37

Avatar is Rubbish. Decry it from a height at every opportunity and you shall gain the adoration of millions.

Use of Weapons declared best sci-fi film never made

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No Matter?

Not a single mention of Matter? Memorable for being one of the few Banks books with likeable (human) characters, combined with lots of action in exotic locations.

Phone 7: Another Vista or another XP?

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Not Vista

I'm thinking more Windows ME. No removable memory or USB mounting - seriously? Doesn't anyone ever speak up in a Microsoft design meeting?

Was Microsoft's Office 2010 worth killing Clippy?

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Let's not forget Microsoft's Confuse 'n Screw department, also known as Licensing.

The mere thought of having to do the mental gymnastics necessary to work out how much an office full of Office is going to cost over time is enough to make me turn to Open Office.

Irish civil rights group takes aim at iPad launch

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Oh god...

Let me be the first to say that this tool in no way represents the Irish nation, most of whom couldn't give a toss about the Irish language, having had it rammed down our throats for the duration of our school years for no discernible benefit.

And Mac is short for Macintosh you pillock, which isn't Irish for anything. I really, really hope you were being deliberately obtuse there, but I doubt it.


Global warming may be normal at this point in glacial cycle

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Oh look, an anti-global warming article....

Nice to see you're all maintaining your journalistic integrity at The Reg. Keep it up.

I just wish I understood the reasoning behind it.

Dragon Age: Origins game in gay sex scene shock

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Yes but...

He teaches you how to assasinate people in return! That's got to be worth a quick close-your-eyes-and-think-of-England. Doesn't it?

Palin claims webmail hack disrupted GOP campaign

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Her son is really called Track? It just keeps getting better!

Also, why does she appear to be advertising blackberries in that running suit picture?

Intel Israel rolls out the barbed wire

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Always useful when you need a cast-iron excuse for some violence.

Iraq launches tourism drive

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The man's a genius!

He gets away from Iraq on a regular basis, thereby significantly extending his life expectancy, and no one will blame him when his work produces absolutely no results.

Citrix gooses XenApp with virtualization

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Marketing nightmare

It has always mildly surprised me that someone actually gets paid for the confusing mess that is Citrix product naming.

That's assuming someone actually does get paid, of course. Maybe they use a random word generator. Citrix MetaXenView NT here we come...

Half-ton space watermelon hints at habitable Martian past

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Sod the weathering differences...

Who made the big footprint, complete with toes, on the right hand side of the rock?


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