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Online minor marketing law marked web's 'worst'

Wark Kupo


The problem is not about marketing to kids, it's about how do you even go about telling who is a kid from who isn't? Then you get sued for dropping cookies on some kid's machine. It's too broad.

Blogger silences Google ads with death and destruction

Wark Kupo

Wark Kupo

@ AC 5:13

... and the point of viewing ads you're never going to click is? If you know you're never going to go for adverts on internets, then there's no point viewing them. The argument that you should always view ads on ad-supported sites because that's how they make revenue is retarded, as if you know you'll never click them, you're just driving down their CTR and revenues. Far better to banish them, by whatever means.

Also take a chill pill, sheesh.


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