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Google advises Android users to be careful of Microsoft Teams if they want to call 911


Good old Microsoft!

You can always rely on good old Microsoft to break anything it touches.

"Microsoft is a cancer that attaches itself in a foistware sense to every competing Operating System, borking everything as it goes." - Me. Just now.

Not content with constantly breaking the desktop, it is now doing the same to its competitors. Why is Google even allowing Microsoft's toxic code onto its OS given how MS are abusing the browser market again. ? I had that "Link to PC" crud forced onto my Android, no way to disable it, no way to remove it. Doesn't work with Manjaro so useless to me anyway.

Microsoft needs shutting down. Their behaviour is outrageous.

Sure is wild that Apple, Google app store monopolies are way worse than what Windows got up to, sniffs Microsoft prez


Microsoft still at it

I had a look in the Windows store for Opera browser, Firefox and Chrome. None of them were there.

I did the same in Google Play. All were there.

And the Apple one. All were there.

Can Microsoft explain that one?

Microsoft gets ready to kill Skype Classic once again: 'This time we mean it'


I knew it!

I stopped using Skype when Microsoft took it over, knowing full well they'd ruin it. Credit to them for taking as long as it has!

Virgin Media filters are still eating our email – Ntlworlders



The only thing that I use VM's email service for are their bills and marketing junk. Everything else is kept well away from them. Hence...no problem this end.

You can port your phone number, you can't port your ISP email address.

Microsoft warns of post-April zero day hack bonanza on Windows XP


So after 13 years of continuous patches, it's still a horrible, bug riddled mess?

I'd never have known.

ZTE to flog Firefox OS mobe worldwide via eBay


"With specs like those, the ZTE Open is hardly going to give the next iPhone a run for its money. "

It's not supposed to. Nor the Samsung S4, the HTC One etc etc that you forgot to compare it to.


Mayer! predicts! mobile! personalized! future! for! Yahoo! at! Davos!



They're still around then?

Yahoo! 0-day! exploit! hijacks! status! updates!

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Miranda IM

I've never installed any of the official messengers since 2004. Dabbled with Miranda IM back then and haven't looked back.

Chrome passes Firefox in global browser share


Or Comodo Dragon. Or Chromium. Or <another less invasive variant> Etc

Asian countries dominate global spam deluge


And there lies your problem...you're responding to it, verifying your address is valid and that you read and respond to Spam.

As such, your email address is more valuable and will be sold to other spammers.

Cue an ever increasing deluge of shite until you get another account.

Half of Virgin Media broadband ads are wrong, says ASA



I remember this lot were getting their wrists slapped when they were branded as NTL:Telewest, NTL, Telewest, United Artists, all the others. Goes all the way back. Regardless of the face they hide behind, their ads and their marketing are mostly lies. Most untrustworthy bunch to exist.

Good to see the ASA have deterred the cable cowboys from continuing in their misleading advertising. Almost 20 years on and the same bullshit being spouted. Business as usual.

Ban one misleading ad, they'll be out with another in a day or two.

Porn found in Osama bin Laden compound



Man watches porn.


10 thumbs to El Reg for that one.

LastPass resets passwords following possible hack


I changed mine anyway...

...even though I wasn't prompted to. It's simply not worth the risk having someone get access to such sensitive data.

Virgin offers unlimited action for a fiver

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So it's not unlimited texts at all. It's limited to 3000 per month.

Yet another blatant lie from Virgin Media.

ISPs, mobilecos and their ilk should be banned from using the word "unlimited" anywhere in their marketing.

Apple uncovers child workers in its plants

Jobs Horns

High prices?

And here was me thinking Apple charged the earth for their overhyped glossy products because they were built in developed countries paying real workers real wages.


Google: Do no evil, pay no tax


770 borgs employed by The Gurgle?

770 of them? What are these 770 loompas paid to do? They don't respond to their customers, press releases or anything else. As far as I can tell all they do is write blogs, overhyping features that nobody can access.

I got tired of Google's arrogant attitude and went elsewhere to a service that actually works out the box, has support and doesn't have a two-faced Gerry Ratner at the helm.

Fuck 'em. They grew in the naughties, they sunk in the 10s. Pricks.

Faster BT broadband on starting blocks for Olympics - maybe



BT have pulled this line for years - where have you been?

Yahoo! nukes GeoCities

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Good riddance to Geoshitties. It won't be missed.

Good riddance to Yahoo too - it's demise is in the post.

For a long time now this worthless excuse for a company has behaved this way. Almost every service they created or bought was scaled back, infested with ads then deleted or closed. Once too often I have had to move all my work to a rival because they keep closing things down. Briefcase, Photos, Groups archives, on and on.

Fuck 'em.

Gmail de-goodened by contact list glitch


Typical Google

I've used various Google services for years and each one has become increasingly less reliable, more buggy, more broken. This trend has now attached itself to Gmail. Pity.

They used to have the punching power to give the top players a bloody nose. Not any more it seems. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

Microsoft's web Office: No love for Chrome, Opera


I'm an opera user...

...and I'm not bothered. I won't be using MS's web effort anyway, the same way I avoid all their other web-based banner-ad-laden crap.