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'Draw Mohammed' page removed from Facebook

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its not gone its just blocked

Still alive in Australia ( Shhhh) . Seems its only blocked in that country so tuff .

Secret forum reveals Oz firewall backroom dealing

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This is being discussed on TV tonight in Oz,

Hope this link works for you , its on TV Now.


Access denied.

Also on Q & A after

Boobquake fails to destroy planet

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A quake DID happen true, but an hour before kickoff

Yes we noticed that 6.5 quake, Good thing the Boobquake hadn't started or it would have messed up the stats.

Obama 'deep space' Mars plans in Boeing booster bitchslap

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Been there , done that..

Spent the weekend on MARS and improved my handicap. I hear Jupiter has a better course!


Wreck of 1930s flying aircraft carrier dubbed 'historic'

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Helium fun

Great article. But it makes me think of all the crew giving orders and radio chatter in high pitched helium voices.

(Mines the one with the party favors in the pocket)

US word czars unfriend shovel-ready toxic assets

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One for the pot

I'd like to see the term " Moving forward" added. The wankers that sprout this would be lucky to move anyware if it wasn't for the peons that accually do the moving. I have found it used a defence for " I don't want to know about the past , this is how we will do it now" . This normally precedes a period of pending FAIL!

V-22 Osprey, stealth jumpjet 'need refrigerated landing pads'

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Tiles & Bricks

big yes to the NASA tiles , I have one here ... Its called LI-900 Shuttle tile Insulation or in full Lockheed Insulation 9lbs per cubic foot. Its dense but brittle and can handle the temps mentioned handling over 100 repeated temp cycles. from -170 Deg F to 2300 deg F.

There is a black borosilicate glass coating that is applied to the outside surface of the tile to re-rediate 90% of the heat. This coating also protects the porous tile material from rain, fluid contamination ( not sure about jet fuel) salt spray and handling damage.

I think it would need to be strengthened a bit more to cover the rough landings experienced at sea.

Thanks to NASA and my trip to Kennedy SC for that info.

Boffins fight pacemaker hacks with ultrasound security

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tune to ....

104.death FM.... are these bunch of boffins just learning about encryption?

Dirty, dirty PCs: The X-rated picture guide

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Black Helicopters

And another one

Missed this request before, otherwise I would have added this beauty. http://www.flickr.com/photos/gumby_roffo/2767022580/in/set-72157604046476938/

Linden Lab unveils Sadville: Enterprise Edition

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Sharks with lasers!

OH goody so now I have to build 3D sharks with frigging lasers. WTG Navy. Wonder what I can sell them for in micro currency. 1x shark @ L$3k, minimum order Qty: 10 , shelf life: 12 months. Laser attachment /shark L$5K. Yes that should make some beer money.

Gmail users howl over Halloween outage

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whats wrong with the ISP email!

As most ISP's in Oz also supply you with an email address or a couple ( up to 5) WFT would you be using Gmail? Even traveling you can access those accounts from the web.

Unless of course your using the webs from a library/cafe and don't have a home internet connection.

I have one for each pocket, today I'll use the arch window.

Microsoft assaults our senses with 'viral' Bing video

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Paris Hilton

why,why,why do I look at things marked " Dont look here"

Noooo... I'm thinking that the playmobil could do a better job dancing.

Paris because Im sure she dated that bloke at one stage.