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PlayStation hacker defiantly posts 'bible' following police raid

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Wow, good character in a young man! Horrible spelling.

I worry about the current generation being so obsessed with media and consumer devices that they would forget about essential liberties.

This kid probably doesn't understand what he's standing for, but really it's about freedom of speech, first-sale doctrine, and pursuit of happiness.

Bravo sir. Sony will get the last word, but one thing you are not is a spineless sheep. They will likely take away that which you love, hacking, ps3, linux, walks of the beach... etc.

Ellison wrestles Google to strangle 'unofficial' Java

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The Patent in Question

Oracle is suing Google for violating Patent #: 12652362312 "Method and Apparatus of keeping Java relavent in post-2000 era"

Adobe man to Apple: 'Go screw yourself'

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Flash sucks

Everyone quit lying to yourself... Flash has always sucked and it still does. It shouldn't have taken a prick like steve jobs to point this out to you.

A beer as I drink to it's demise.

US burg renames self 'Google'

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More attractive to younger resdents... GLHF!

You truly don't know the meaning of the expression of "Get out of Dodge" until you grew up in Topeka or Dodge City, Kansas. For a small city, Topeka has a lot of crime and drug use. Former city managements has shown a track record of denial: They've attempted to turn Topeka into a 'Big City' like KC, rather than sticking to it's small town roots. I guess these ideals can come into clash easily, being it the capital city of... Kansas.

Dodge City is another hilarity. Growing up in a small town is one thing, but growing up in a small town and literally living out Miranda Lamberts 'Everybody Dies Famous in a Small Town' song begins to wear. Dodge City is so isolated, if you want to to go a city for conveniences, the closest is Wichita. The nearest big sized city is either Denver or Kansas City, both approximately equidistant.

Then again, theres others, who cherish the self-inflicted isolationist heritage. It's nice being able to wake up in the morning in a lawn chair in my back 'yard', butt naked, with my Remmington 870 by my side, and a champagne glass of orange juice. Ah... now THIS is what America is about folks.

Taser gang targets 'high value' Heathrow computer consignment

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What? No mini-coopers?

Fail for amateur hour.

Gamers gun down Half-Life

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Seriously brits?

I read these comments and I have to ask: why is the mother country is so afraid of little guns? They're very safe, and very easy to use; it's a point and click interface... basically don't point at what you don't want destroyed and never click until you've read rule #1.

No wonder bunch uppity drunken colonists drove the tyrannical megalomaniacs off the island... It seems the red coats showed up with laser pointers and airsoft guns and were greeted with a hail of lead from Gordon Freeman.