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Credit card companies plan to sell your purchase data to advertisers


This makes me wonder about how much data supermarkets know about our shopping habits, even if you've never signed up to a loyalty scheme.

I've never signed up to [for example] Tesco Clubcard, but that doesn't mean they can't track my shopping habits through my debit card number. It must be very valuable data to them.

NASA's asteroid hunter creeps up on Vesta


Get Spooks involved.

NASA needs to employ Tariq from BBC's Spooks.

He'll have a high resolution 3d image rendered from that badly pixelated photo in a matter of minutes.

Sanity saver: Fedora 15 answers Ubuntu's Unity

Thumb Up

It's OK.

I tried the Beta last night and it seemed really good; Gnome 3 is fast and I don't think it would take very long to learn some 'new ways of doing things'.

I'm not sure who's idea it was to remove the Reboot / Shutdown command from the user menu though - I spent ages trying to find it, only to discover through Google that you need to hold down Alt when mousing over the menu (I hate it when software makes you feel stupid).

The only thing that I really struggled with (and this isn't unique to Fedora 15 beta) is the font rendering - it was awful. I'm an Ubuntu user and find that the font rendering in Ubuntu is perfectly readable. It's the opposite in Fedora... which is a shame as it's the only thing that would stop me from switching from Ubuntu.

Whitehall to puff punters: 'Hide your fags'


Why do these things take so long to implement?

Surely it can't take a whole year for a retailer to move a display from behind a sales counter to under the sales counter?

And why is a 'small retailer' given 4 years to complete this task - if they're smaller it should be quicker?

HTC Desire


decent contract

Depending on your usage, there's a good Orange deal available about half way down this page http://mobilebeep.co.uk/contract/orange/htc/desire/index.html

it's a free phone, 400 minutes and unlimited texts and data for 18 months.

OpenOffice 3.2 is on tap


Copy and paste.

Type your comment here — plain text only, no HTML

I wonder if this version will let you copy a selection from Calc and paste it into a Writer table without having to do some ridiculous amount of clicks, selections and [eventually] deleting the pasted Calc table?

The Googlephone - there's more where that came from


Revenue stream...

Will it listen in to your phone conversation and insert context suitable audio adverts?

Government rubbishes ID card hack report



"design and security features that are extremely difficult to replicate." < But not impossible.

"the most secure of its kind, fully meeting rigorous international standards." < Meeting standards does not automatically make the card secure.



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